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Meet Gorilla Walking Safaris Team

Meet the great team at Gorilla Walking safaris, meet the team that puts every bit and touch of your trip all together, Meet Persons with a passion for Uganda & East Africa safari travel and yes, meet the team that are willing to share every single detail and put together a very successful, inspirational journey and meaningful journey through Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Gorilla Walking Safaris travel Consultants are all dedicated travellers who work closely with you professionally to create a typical Tailor made journey, optimized to make sure you get the most out of every single moment in  a uganda and East Africa Safari, Very eager to learn how you like to travel and what kind of activities make your holiday meaningful. And whenever you are ready to start planning your next journey, we’re ready to provide the same personal, one-on-one service.

Gorilla Walking safaris (U) Ltd, is a fully registered Local tour operator, Destination Management Company by Uganda registrar of companies, fully registered member with the Association of Uganda Tour Operators and Uganda Tourism Board . We are also proudly affiliated with prestigious associations like Adventure Travel trade associationFamily Travel Association , Association for the promotion of Tourism in Africa continuously aiming at catering for flexible individual & Group travellers, Practicing Sustainability, responsible travel & offering meaningful journeys through Uganda & East Africa.

From The Team Leader

My Love, Attachment & Connection to Uganda the Pearl Of Africa and East Africa, a place i call Home is absolutely Unmatched. I spend most of my time discovering new places, products off the beaten track, formulating new products and experiences, inspecting lodge establishments. All this is done for you so  you can have an extra ordinally experience when you travel with us.

The desire to leave the world same way we found it while travelling responsibly is one of our core values at Gorilla Walking Safaris. We would like to be at the forefront of making the world a better place when we travel, we would like to continue practicing sustainability and responsible travel through educational programs to the young generations and supporting conservation work to we create positive minds because we know the power of travel can absolutely change lives.

As the Founder Of Gorilla Walking Safaris Ltd i have learnt before from the many years working with other DMC’s as a tour guide the real need of a company to get involved in conservation and sustainability practices leaving a positive impact, be felt and be appreciated for the work to the community. This makes the world a better place. This truly defines us, our core values and who we really are:

gorilla walking safaris

Alex Guma Tibanyendera   Founder & C.E.O

The Great Team Behind Gorilla Walking Safaris

gorilla walking safaris

Shamim Kulabako

Position: Director & Finance
Joined: 2012 till today

gorilla walking safaris

Innocent Tibanyendera

Position: Admin & Human Resource
Joined: 2016 Till todate

Guma Alex Tibanyendera

Position: Co Founder & CEO
Founded: 20o9 till to date

Jonas Deman

Position: I.T Consultant & Marketing (Belgium Contact) Joined: 2016 Till todate

Fred Abunyanga

Position: I.T Consultant
Joined: 2014 till todate

gorilla walking safaris

Jan Deman

Position: Travel Consultant & Marketing (Belgium Contact) Joined: 2015 Till Todate

gorilla walking safaris

David Alonya

Position: Head Guide
Joined: 2015 till todate

Micheal Rasta

Position: Head Guide Tanzania
Joined: 2016 Till Todate

Dismass Mally

Position: Tanzania Team Leader Joined: 2015 Till Todate

Travel & Positively Impact

Responsible Travel

Each of our well crafted trips facilitate travelers to combine adventure safari with aw’inspiring authentic local encounters while sustaining, conserving and protecting the destinations they visit.

Our expert crafted trips in Uganda and East Africa are designed with a “never sacrificing of safety or comfort” niche while keeping in mind sustainable travel practices through our philanthropy projects. So that when you travel with us, You Can be rest assured that your travel impacts positively the well being of communities and saves the wildlife you visit there. See our Responsible travel & Conservation initiatives

Why Choose Gorilla Walking Safaris

Professional & Creative Guides

Get 1st hand insightful information from Our handpicked, Trained, professional and creative Driver guides.

Authentic Local Experiences

Discover the real life on one of our Journeys. Get off the Normal tourist routes to the unbeaten-off tracks and discover the Real African life. Understand the countries deeper.

Un - Matched Safari jeeps

Travel in Comfort in one of our well customized safari Uganda vehicles. Feel the essence of Comfortable Uganda safaris in East Africa.

Cross – Boarder Safaris

Extend your Uganda safari from country – country under one professional destination handler. Be waved off and received in another country under one roof.

We Are proud to be associated With...

To love, Respect and Conserve Nature

Our ancestors took good care of nature and it gave them all they ever dreamt of from food, shelter, medicine and money. Nature is human, meaning without nature there is no us, when we cut down all the trees we do not have food, money medicine to mention a few. In all ways we must preserve what our great grandfathers did to in harmony with nature.