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Uganda Gorilla
Gorilla walking safaris
Gorilla walking safaris

Conservation, Sustainability & Giving Back

At Gorilla Walking Safaris, we focus on promoting conservation & Sustainability with well crafted life changing journeys, Journeys that impact positively to the well being of the locals and wildlife in places our guests are so fortunate to visit.

While you travel with us, you can be sure of visiting inspiring and uplifting social projects with an absolute opportunity to learn and experience the daily life setting of the local communities. This we surely love to do with passion.

Gorilla Walking Safaris strategic plan is to make sure the trip journeys we run beat expectations of our travelers while also providing a positive economic, cultural and environmental impact on the communities and destinations we are so fortunate to visit. This directly means making smart financial decisions during trip planning level so that you can enjoy your trip knowing more of your travel dollar positively impacts the communities and wildlife.

Gorilla Safari

Conservation Trips

Bwindi Gorillas & Kidepo Safari

7 Days | 6 Nights. See Details

Exclusively Kidepo

4 Days | 3 Nights. See Details

Bwindi Gorillas & River Nile

7 Days | 6 Nights. See Details

Semuliki/Chimpanzees & Bwindi Gorillas

7 Days | 6 Nights. See Details

Ishasha Wilderness & Bwindi Gorillas

6 Days | 5 Nights. See Details

Bwindi Gorillas & Murchison Safari

7 Days | 6 Nights. See Details

Bwindi Gorillas & lake Mburo Safari

7 Days | 6 Nights. See Details

Whenever possible we prefer to stay at locally owned hotels and partner with creative local guides who represent a diversity of connections. We are always on the lookout for new ways to foster direct engagement and to promote long-lasting relationships with the locals.

For every trip with Gorilla Walking safaris in Uganda, kenya, Tanzania kenya or Rwanda a contribution is channelled towards funding educational empowerment to rural schools. sadly, the local girl child drop out in the rural areas has risen to 42.8% while the orphaned child school dropout has risen to 40.1% in Uganda. For 5 years down the road, we have seen our humble contribution impact positively the orphaned girl child attain Vocational qualifications while five (5) graduating as midwives.

Gorilla walking Safaris is not simply trying to be the most environmentally responsible tour operator in Uganda & East Africa but to continually raise the bar high on sustainability while being examples to other fellow tour operators in Uganda & East Africa.

We Are Carbon Neutral

While we continuously emit carbon dioxide on our transportation vehicles while carrying out our exclusive trips with our Safari Vehicles & during Flying Safaris, We have taken the initiative to calculate the carbon emitted from the adventures as a result from burning fossil fuels, in return, we fund projects that balance an equal amount to what is released during our transportation trips. An Example is our effort to reforestation of native tree species around the rain forests in Uganda.

Mountain Gorilla Coffee. Gorilla Walking Safaris supports former poachers who have apparently resorted to coffee growing as a source of income time since Bwindi forest became a world heritage site. Gorilla Walking Safaris supports a group of farmers in Kisoro region on the boundaries of Bwindi forest as part of our conservation initiatives and income for the local-former poachers hence by protecting the remaining numbers of mountain Gorillas. Our Travelers Visit and take part in an exclusive Farm – to – Cup coffee tour. They also receive a pack of traditionally roasted Mountain Gorilla Coffee beans we’ve purchased for each traveller to take back home.

Travel & offer a Trip: Twice a year at end of each year, Gorilla Walking Safaris positively sponsors school Kids to national parks. Many of these Rural school kids have not seen an elephant or lion and have not even been to a zoo. As part of our social & educative conservation measures, We organise for the rural school kids a 1 day or 2 days trip to a national park so they can see an elephant or lion in the wild while witnessing educative conservation projects. This is in company of an educative ranger guide.

In Addition to the educational support we extend to the school kids, we also believe that educational & Conservation exposure greatly impacts young lives positively.

So when you book a trip with us, You can be rest assured that you will enjoy your trip at peace while knowing you are positively impacting towards an educational & conversational exposure to the young & unable to travel generation.

Conservation and Sustainability Projects

conservation & sustainability

Reducing Plastic Waste

Spearheading the reduction of plastic during travel. We are not simply trying to conserve nature but also leading by example on the importance of responsible travel.

Giving back on Safari

Travel & Offer A Trip

Supporting the young generation travel to learn, visiting tourists sites while widening the knowledge scope on conservation

conservation & sustainability

Lorukol Cultural Village

Supporting community initiatives around parks where our guests are so fortunate to Visit. Life changing visits in lorukol Village.



conservation & sustainability

W C S Support

Supporting the Wildlife Conservation Society in the lead to conservation and support of the mountain gorilla population.

conservation & sustainability

U C F Support

Partnering with Uganda conservation Foundation as corporate members in supporting wildlife populations, promoting regional recovery reducing poaching and wildlife crime.

conservation & sustainability

Ride 4 A Woman

Closely Working with Ride 4 a woman, a community initiative on the boundary of Bwindi forest supporting women earn a living and support their families.

conservation & sustainability

Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary

The Chimp Sanctuary is committed to providing welfare to the chimpanzees at Ngamba Island as well as conservation of these endangered species in Uganda

conservation & sustainability

St. Bruno Vocational School

Supporting St. Bruno vocational School in isingiro district, school of the deaf and the dumb managed by a selfless catholic nun to empower young orphaned girls and boys.

conservation & sustainability

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Supporting the re-introduction of white rhinos in Uganda national parks through a yet to be breed & release program. The breeding & conservation program has seen number raise to 29 currently.

conservation & sustainability

Reforestation Support

Our efforts supporting reforestation of native tree species around the rain forests in Uganda. Each of our guests is entitled to planting a tree in areas we visit.

Uganda Safaris

Former Poacher Coffee project

Supporting & empowering former poachers turned Arabic coffee farmers in kisoro districts on the boundaries of Bwindi forest.

Our Philanthropy

We continuously believe that Conservation travel has a great positive impact on protecting the environment and promoting the welfare of local communities. Our conservation initiatives inspire our guests who when travel and visit these initiatives come to know it benefits communities, safeguards wildlife you want to see and preserves cultural heritage.

If You would like to know more, donate more or visit some of our existing Philanthropy projects, Please call or get in touch with our Director of conservation and sustainability Shamim Kulabako on +256 774 081731

conservation & sustainability

Batwa Covid_19 Relief Food

Uganda Safaris

Former poacher Coffee project

Uganda Safaris

Batwa School Project

Give A Trip When You Travel With Us

Our Covid_19 Philanthropy

Gorilla Walking Safaris Continues To Support

conservation & sustainability
conservation & sustainability
conservation & sustainability
conservation & sustainability

Gorilla Walking Safaris“Our Quality & Value Guarantee: We absolutely promise to do everything we can in our means to make your trip with us outstanding because we know over time and again, the mouth -to- Mouth recommendations have earned us the clientele & credit for who we have become today!”

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