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Our Safari Vehicles

Designed for Comfort and Convenience

Gorilla Walking Safari vehicles are designed for Comfort while on Safari. We major in maintaining the 4×4 safari Vehicles designed specially for African Safari roads. We own a fleet of 10 safari stretched land cruisers designed by Hanspaul and RSA Tanzania re known vehicle conversion companies with first class safari Vehicles. The land cruisers are designed with enough leg room, inbuilt freezer, comfortable seats, charging ports, High ground clearance, upgraded suspension and popup roof for game viewing.

Our Other vehicles include Shorter GX land cruisers for smaller groups that come with comfort ability and safety too.

Vehicles designed with safety.

Our Safari Vehicles are designed with safety standards to ensure safety of our clients on board. From the smaller but important things like First aid kit boxes and fire extinguishers are well fitted in the safari vehicles. The Upgraded suspension and 4WD enabled, the comfort on off roads is guaranteed. Our Safari Guides are accustomed to these land cruisers and make driving easier and comfortable on the roads.

Well Maintained every after and before dispatch, The 10 Stretched landcruisers are enough for our current demand every month in the peak seasons and you can absolutely be assured of a backup incases of breakup.

Game Viewing.

Safari Vehicles designed comfortable for Game viewing is paramount. The Spacious safari vehicles are designed with a Pop Up roof comfortably standing 6 persons at the back and a front hatch for the 7th person with the driver at the front. Comfortably fitted with water bottle holders and bean bags, you can absolutely count on a comfortable game viewing in our pristine National Parks

Safari Vehicles

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