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Planning your own luxury safaris may seem like a tremendous task or even impossible on a modest budget. East Africa safaris seem cheap to most people think that these are developing countries anyway, but my dia they are quite very expensive.

There’s no question that having and African safari on the bucket list of travel is a must. Though the initial inquiries can quickly put you off once you realize that it is not as straightforward as you would have imagined.

The Quotes and costs quickly add up, making it so had beyond the budgets for those on budget Uganda safaris. Instant online quotes from Tour Operators  may not be the exact quotation’s for a safari in Africa but may give you a clear picture of what exactly you may be lessing or adding some dollars to.

Around 80% of all safari tours are custom-made because of the wide range of options to consider and we at gorilla walking safaris highly recommend spending a little time you’re your travel consultant planning your trip to suit your individual needs rather than taking an off-the-shelf package tour

What to consider on luxury safari trip

  • Time of year

The time of year plays a significant impact on the cost of your safari trip. In Africa we got the high and low seasons depending on the weather how many tourists travel to Africa. The high season is January & February and then June to October where tour prices and accommodation are typically up to 80%.

This is because of the too many tourists flooding the travel destinations in Uganda or east Africa. If you can travel in November or December, .arch and April when game viewing conditions are still excellent then you can save some dollars.

The low season can grantee you sleeping and using luxury safari accommodations at the price of a full budget in high season.

  • Number of days

A day of a luxury safari may be between $400-1800 per day, For the actual safari trip, this means you can spend more in many days and less for a few days. However if planned well a luxury safari should be between 5-10 days.

3 nights in one area would be the perfect amount of time to explore without feeling like you’ve spent the whole trip in transit from one place to another.

  • Fly in/out or domestic flights

International flights to the country of your destination may not be managed by a local tour operator. Cost of Domestic Flights to and from national parks of east Africa vary depending on where you are flying to and how many persons on route.

Because these places are so remote the craft needs to carry a certain number of passengers to create space for fuel to and from.

Kidepo valley national park chatter is the most expensive route in Uganda. Because of its distance and they have a minimum number of persons though the example trips of flying safaris are massive.

  • Standard of accommodation

Some tour operators run their own lodges and will charge you accordingly, but do not forget that they may own it in one place and not the other. Getting a luxury safari would mean considering the best tour operator good at beating down prices.

For a true safari experience, I would heavily recommend staying on permanent lodges with at least permanent tents pitched in or temporally structure kind of setting. Many of these have hot running water and are pretty much as comfortable as any hotel.

Did you know that standard accommodations in Africa offer quite a lot even more than the presumed luxury lodges at service delivery because of completion?

  • Quality of tour guide

Depending on the tour operator that your using quality guides play role in the luxury safaris in Africa? We have different kinds of local languages here that we take time to teach English as a common language through some countries don’t.

Guides are priced according to the specifications, a normal English guide in east Africa will go for about $50 per day and more for a few days.

A few qualities like: language, specialty (birders, reptile, mammals), time spent doing the job and the company they work for. Determine the price of a guide. Usually specialized guides range from $100 t0$300 per day.

  • Your expectations

Expectations of safaris will highly affect the price and quality of your trip. A luxury trip in Uganda will give you more than expected though at a big expense, this may not be the same as Kenya.

Private and exclusive safaris are very well maintained and will come in handy will special guides, well maintained safari jeeps, private tours, fly in insurance doctors, airport transfers and exclusive accommodations.

luxury safaris are very much affordable but did you plan?? Talk to our experts and plan your next luxury safari in east Africa.

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