Can Airline Travel or Domestic flights keep people apart While on Travel?

Can airline travel keep people apart while on travel? The covid-19 pandemic has given airline travel a different view in the window as Shoulder to solder sitting may be apparently risking travelers to exposure to the covid-19 virus.

Booking an airline travel comes with a special seat number; this pushes me to sit in that particular seat not knowing where my neighbor comes from and with what diseases him/her caries

Solving social distancing, Yes social distancing as the recommended new norm on curbing the spread of Corona virus in airplanes — currently attempted by leaving middle seats open. How much am I going to pay? Am I paying also for the middle sit as well or what? These are a few questions that are posed to the airlines travel. But the airlines have to stay in business even if they must survive so I personally believe we may have to dig a little bit in our pockets to travel, Is the travel Worth it then or should we wait? Same qn awakes another… “Until when is the corona virus over?”

We are seeing cheap flights being advertised for now, and travelers booking. But what are we looking for. Are we looking at minimizing and getting the best out of this covid-19 pandemic in the travel side though we are still not curtain on when to travel amidst the pandemic.

And here we wonder how The Future of Travel will be. How the tourism industry will change after the pandemic. will airlines keep people apart and also make profits as their business?

“There will be smoking-hot deals,” said R.W. Mann, an industry analyst and consultant. Here in Africa or Uganda to be precise we have not got such privileges because we travel less outside. We depend on incoming travels meaning we will pay more in case we travel or travelers may be paying much.

We expect airlines to be very clean, fumigating every after a flight or something of a sort, general cleaning and sanitizing the seats. All these are operating expenses to airline companies. How sure are we that the fees will drastically be reducing or getting high?

Should testing become compulsory to the public before you travel as the yellow fever vaccine? Testing would go a long way in reassuring the public, of course, but so far a few air lines have out to put such measures in place like the emirates. Though they are also testing the cooperates and the pilots.

Most of the airlines around the world have put up digital thermal camera to test temperatures before you go through even when you are not aware. These somehow assure passengers of the first No Corona Symptom for now.

Travelers are however warned by the world health organization to stay home for now and travel later. Though as we see this may be falling on deaf ears as many travelers are stressed with the already imposed lock-down and many loosing jobs.

How is the check-in part on travel?

Social distancing and Health screening for Covid-19. How are the airlines redesigning the check in system?

Entebbe International Airport in Uganda has built a new airport recently, ok let’s say renovated it. And this has come in an error of the covid-19. This has given a chance to the contracted engineers to change a few things in the airport. Creating an atmosphere for the new error of post corona travel.

This provides a window into the future of airport screenings. Its new thermal-imaging cameras screen arriving passengers, triggering an alarm when a temperature above 36.8 degrees or higher is registered. Feverish passengers would be taken aside for evaluation.

This may be easy in the cooperate side what about the normal or economic passengers. Domestic flights in many parts of the world are also being changed to the best like abroad; airports across the world are being expanded to engage fliers who were required to spend more time there.

Old airports are being expanded; we expect the brand new airports to be remodeled by the architects on ground to adopt the new trends in travel.

Space will be vital to ensure passengers aren’t in crowded security lines.  All it takes and it needs in the new travel error is space.

However for a fact, As scientists work day in and day out on a possible vaccine with recent news indicating a 99% chances of a possible vaccine, All travelers around the world have their hopes higher than ever before that the Corona virus Pandemic will soon become history. We at Gorilla Walking Safaris have started receiving inquiries for the second quarter of 2020.

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