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On American Airlines,a Man filmed after punching woman’s reclined seat : Who is in the wrong?

“After much consideration, and exhausting every opportunity for #American Airlines to do the right thing, I’ve decided to share my assault, from the passenger behind me, and the further threats, from an American Airline flight attendant,” a user named Wendi Williams wrote on Twitter last week.

Whoever design this airplane I guess did not do it for specialized persons or Uganda’s as well, because to me I can do whatever I want with my sit after all it was designed to be reclined. However the other passage also has a right to sit comfortably in his/ he sit.

america airlines

Here is the fact!

In the red corner – the recliners. You’ve paid for your seat; it is designed to recline after all, so push the button as soon as you hit cruising altitude.

In the blue corner – the never-recliners. You are invading your fellow passenger’s space, which, of course, is already extremely limited.

Whether to recline the seat or not on American Airlines.

Traveling to counties like Uganda given the distance from America and most using the American airlines can be little bit hasty and tiresome imagine sitting for over 10 hours.

Someone will be forced to recline their sit if they feel deem fit. Over the years there has been a very good balance where people would ask to recline their seats and after putting the back on the meal times or anything at hand.

On a recent American Airlines flight in the US, one passenger decided to shame a fellow flyer who “punched” and pushed her seat after she reclined it. However we are not sure if before reclining her seat she had asked or not.

Williams posted a clip of the man after she said he hit her seat repeatedly.

A video of an American Airlines passenger punching the seat of a woman who has leaned her chair into what he considered his space went viral on the internet. The video shows this man who continued staring at his phone and punching the lady as well.

The viral video has revived an old debate: To recline or not to recline?

This twitter sparked a debate on who is wright and wrong.  The Evening Standard reported that the video was originally posted to Twitter by Wendi Williams, a passenger on an American Airlines flight from New Orleans to North Carolina on January 31.

[The man] was angry that I reclined my seat and punched it about 9 times – HARD, at which point I began videoing him, and he resigned to this behavior,” Williams captioned the video, which she uploaded on Saturday. She further wrote that the flight attendant had reprimanded her and offered alcohol to the man behind her.

But do we need to or we do not have any more humanity in us left. These hits hard on people like me who really board planes on what will happen if I take my maallo ge Uganda (funny behaviors) to America on what will happen.

When travellers come to my Uganda safari I tell them not only good but also the bad behaviors on the Uganda’s and will relate this to our very own  Uganda gorilla safaris where these mountain gorillas behave just like us and will attack if  continued to be treated bad but chose peace most of the times to solve issues.

american airlines

Some comments on twitter according to Hunter Moyler On 2/13/20 at 2:18 PM EST

“He is is being a jerk by punching her seat,” wrote Twitter user Elaine (@elbh). “She may recline. If it is making him uncomfortable, he may tap her on the shoulder and ask if she is willing to sit up. If not, that’s it. If she is willing to do so, she gets props for class. The punching is unforgivable & childish.”

“[S]he paid for her seat and can recline it if she wants to,” musician Sebastian Bach wrote. [H]e has no right to be an a**hole especially to a woman. I guarantee this punk wouldn’t do this if [I] was sitting in front of him.”

she paid for her seat and can recline it if she wants to. he has no right to be an asshole especially to a woman. I guarantee this punk wouldn’t do this if i was sitting in front of him #Bully

— Sebas

To me , The lady would have asked before reclining a seat  and then asking also not recline in his space would have been a mans option.

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