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Virunga mountains is shared between 3 countries, Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo. It’s a chain of Volcanoes in East Africa. It’s part of the Albertine rift mountains which border the western branch of East African rift. Virunga mountains is composed of 8 Volcanoes include Muhabura, Sabyinyo, Gahinga, karisimbi, Mikeno, Nyiragongo, Nyamulagira, and Bisoke. These volcanoes are shared between 3 countries forming 3 National parks. Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda, Mgahinga National Park of Uganda and Virunga National Park of Democratic republic of Congo. The common attraction in the 3 countries the mountain gorillas is among Uganda Rwanda impressive attractions

Mgahinga National Park.

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This is located in Uganda and is comprised of 3 volcanoes, Muhabura, Gahinga, and Sabyinyo. This park is a home to one habituated gorilla family called Nyakagezi. Some visitors like to visit this park because it’s part of the Virunga mountains. 8 Visitors are allowed to visit a gorilla family per day. The gorilla permit in Uganda cost 700 USD.

Volcano Hiking: This is done on the 3 volcanoes, Muhabura, Sabyinyo and mgahinga national park. The most popular one is sabyinyo which has the point where you will be standing in 3 countries Rwanda Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo. When hiking, you will go through hike, mountain slopes, swamps, different vegetation and etc.

Golden monkey Tracking: These rare species can also be tracked here. They are known to be found only in Virunga mountains. It’s another activity mostly done in this park after the Gorilla Trekking.

Volcano National Park.

This is found in Rwanda also part of the Virunga mountains, it is comprised of 5 Volcanoes, karisimbi, Bisoke, Muhabura, Sabyinyo and Gahinga. Gorilla Tracking is the main activity here. With the shorter distance between the park and Kigali city, this park is visited by many international tourists. The gorilla permit in this park cost 1500 USD. The park has over 10 habituated mountain gorilla families and 8 visitors are allowed to visit per day per gorilla family.

Volcano Hiking: Hiking the 4 Volcanoes can be done in this park, for Sabyinyo it is not possible to hike it from Rwanda side because of its sharp ridges and other obstacles. It can only be hiked from Uganda side. Visitors can Hike Muhabura, Bisoke, Karisimbi and Gahinga. Karisimbi hike can be done in two days, visitors spend the night on top of the volcano. It is necessary to go with camping equipment and food. Other volcanoes can be visited in the day.

Golden monkey Tracking: They are also residents in this park, when you miss tracking these Albertine rift endemic creatures from Mgahinga, you can track them in Volcano National Park.

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Virunga National Park

This park is located in Democratic republic of Congo, it is part of Virunga mountains. The park is a home to Mountain gorillas and some families are habituated for visitors. Virunga National Park is comprised of Volcanoes like Nyiragongo, Mikeno and Nyamulagira. Mountain gorillas are the same, it doesn’t matter where you have tracked them but you can decide to track mountain gorillas from more than one country to compare the nature of parks, topography, forests, different gorilla families, park guides, and other activities and attractions offered in the parks.

Nyiragongo: This is an active volcano and it last erupted on in May 2021. The crater is about two kilometers wide and contains a lava lake. For 2021 Eruption, Lava approached the Goma airport and moved towards the city center of eastern Goma. Authorities urged residents from the city of Goma to evacuate, causing thousands of people to leave their homes. There was also an electricity cut across large areas following the eruption.

Nyamulagira: This is also an active Volcano in Virunga National Park. It’s located near Goma. It has been described as Africa’s most active volcano, erupted over 40 times since 1885.

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After introduction of Rhinos and lions in Akagera National Park, Akagera now is equipped with the big five. When you add other animals native to the park, it’s turned into one of the best wildlife national parks in East Africa to encounter wildlife. Great primates like Mountain gorillas can also be seen in another magical park of Rwanda like Volcanoes National Park. This Luxury safari presents the best of Rwanda’s wildlife and staying at Top Notch Luxury safari Lodges

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