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Tips for Walk Tours at Home during Quarantine of COVID 19

Walk tours: Going into a self-quarantine due to the corona virus  (COVID-19) Pandemic can have many complex issues including and not limited to complications beyond having enough food and supplies. Every person is independent in their daily life of leaving to the extent that someone can’t stay in one place let alone for as short … Read more

Booking Gorilla Tracking Permits in Uganda & Rwanda

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A Gorilla tracking permit is a license issued to the traveller allowing them to be guided in the gorilla jungle for the ultimate wildlife encounter to find a habituated gorilla family and spend close to 60 minutes in their presence. This activity is done in three neighboring countries of– Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. Gorilla … Read more

Murchison Falls National Park_ A World Natural beauty under threat

Murchison falls national park

Ask me about the most beautiful place in the world, I would say Uganda, Ask me about my favorite place in the Pearl of Africa_Uganda and i would proudly say Murchison falls National Park. Uganda is the pearl of Africa, I guess this you know but what makes us pride with this name are some … Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Masai Mara _ Kenya: A Personal Experience

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Visit Masai Mara Kenya I wouldn’t want to throw this again and again after so many other people have done right into your faces. Having to repeat and insisting on how Kenya and the Masai Mara national wildlife reserve position themselves as the 8th world wonder or more less wanting to answer questions like when … Read more


Where to see Mountain Gorillas in Uganda Africa Mountain Gorilla tracking tours in Africa Mountain gorillas in Uganda- Where to see Gorillas in Africa is the most asked question, here is the answer! Gorillas live in the volcanoes of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo on Volcanic Mountains. The low land gorillas live in … Read more