coronavirus vaccine

US test first vaccine of Coronavirus

The first human trial of a vaccine to protect against pandemic coronavirus has started in the US. The first coronavirus vaccine testing in humans began on Monday; the first person to get the jab on Monday was a 43-year-old mother-of-two from Seattle. “This is an amazing opportunity for me to do something,” Jennifer Haller told AP.
As much as we are excited about the coronavirus vaccine, the biotechnology company behind the work says the vaccine has been made using a tried and tested process. The doctors say they are still not sure about this and how long it will take to affect its truthiness in humans. They have a feeling it will take many months. Scientists around the world are fast-tracking research. In Uganda here however we are also trying to keep our hands off the wheels for the mean time to find the successful vaccine for this pandemic. More about Related stories the coronavirus Travelers taking advantage of cheap flights coronavirus and travel safety In Uganda What the world health organization recommends
how the virus looks like
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