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Cross Border Safari Experiences: The Three trending And Unique Journeys In East Africa.

Visiting two countries on one trip is absolutely possible under one Roof. Leaving no untapped experience, traveling between two or more countries on one trip is one of the trending journeys in East Africa todate. Cross border Tailor made journeys give one a chance to explore more than one country on one booked trip. Visitors who come to East Africa tend to combine 2 or 3 countries, the longer the package or itinerary depends on the number of attractions to be visited, cost of the trip, period of the holiday and much more.

Visitors to Uganda tend to combine an Itinerary with Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Each of these countries in East Africa have special attractions that draw tourists in their territories. Since these three countries offer primate tours, wild life, other unique attractions, plus the easy crossing of land and air border points makes it easy for clients to Combine itineraries on one organized trip.

Uganda & kenya Cross Boarder safaris

Mountain Gorillas call Uganda home while The Wildebeests roam the savannahs in kenya’s national Parks. Guests to Uganda can visit mountain Gorillas with a much more variety of wildlife in the country but later combine it with a Kenya safari.

Mountain Gorilla trekking and many other tourist attractions can be found in Uganda. These include the Bwindi impenetrable national Park, Mgahinga National Park for the Gorillas, Wildlife national parks include Murchison falls national Park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Kibale national Park for the chimpanzees and much more. Crafting out an itinerary in Uganda can be combined with an extra one or two safaris in Kenya.

The Masai Mara is a vast land of contrasts with spectacular wildlife to spectate at. It is also home to the famous Great wildebeest migration which is also the world’s 8th wonder. Guests can choose to visit the top highlights of both Kenya and Uganda on one journey

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Masai Mara Great Migration safari
Wilderbeests crossing the Mara River In Kenya

Connection Between Uganda And Kenya

Kenya lies on the west of Uganda and has Jomo Kenyatta airport as its main entrance and exit point of the country. Uganda has Entebbe international airport as the its main entry and exit of the country.

There are many flights that depart and arrive at the both country airports daily. Kenya airways and Uganda airlines operate daily flights from Kenya and Uganda on a daily basis and sometimes twice a day. This means there is a high demand of travel between the two neighboring countries. This further means guests on safari in Uganda or Kenya can use one of the many regional flights to connect to or from the two countries as part of the cross-boarder safaris.

A number of other domestic flights operating in Uganda and Kenya are another option for connecting the two countries as part of the Cross-border safaris. Aerolink Uganda and Air Kenya are a major domestic airline company that operate flights from Masai Mara and Entebbe or vise-verser. Normally on arrival at either destination, you can connect easily by flight or by road in a comfortable 4×4 safari jeep.

Here are suggested Uganda and Kenya Cross boarder safaris

Uganda Primates

10 Days Great Migration & Gorilla Safari

This journey will take you through the Masai mara for the wild beast migration and spectacular wildlife sightings in a combination of the ultimate once in a lifetime wildlife encounter. Mountain Gorilla safari,& Chimpanzee encounters in the kyambura Gorge while staying in iconic safari Lodges.

Kenya Tsavo

9 Days Kenya & Uganda Safari Impressions

Travel in style through Uganda and Kenya safaris tracking Uganda Chimpanzees and mountain Gorillas, Flying in style with Uganda Airlines to Nairobi and connecting to the famous Masai Mara reserve while slumbering in Top Notch Luxury Lodges.

Kenya Tours

13 Days Luxury Kenya Safari & Mountain Gorillas

Discover a luxury Kenya safari and Uganda mountain Gorillas in style under one roof at gorilla Walking safaris. This journey presents Kenya’s prestine destinations and a chance to track Mountain Gorillas in Uganda. This trip is awesome for wildlife lovers and also presents The ultimate Gorilla habituation experience and slumbering at Top notch Luxury Lodges.

Uganda Rwanda Cross Boarder Safaris

Mountain gorilla tracking in Rwanda has one of the easiest accessibility Since the distance between Volcano National Park and Kigali is shorter, most visitors prefer to land in Kigali, do gorilla tracking in Volcano National Park and then cross the border to Uganda for wildlife. Its approximately 2 hours’ drive from Kigali to Volcanoes national Park. This is short and for some visitors who prefer not to sit in a car for long hours it works as a better option. Mountain Gorillas are the same in 3 countries, Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo but differentiated by only the cost for permits changes.

Another experience in Rwanda before crossing to Uganda is Chimpanzee Tracking in Nyungwe forest. The forest has much to offer but the highlight activity is Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking. The activity takes place in Cyamundongo which is also part of Nyungwe forest. Starting with briefing, visitors enter the forest with park rangers and guides to search for primates. On the way to the magical attraction, the forest will reward you with different bird species, monkeys, and much more.

Connections On Uganda Rwanda Cross boarder safaris

Crossing to Uganda over to Uganda are two borders for crossing depending on the location you are headed in Uganda using either Katuna border and Cyanika.

Visitors from Volcanoes or Nyungwe mostly use Cyanika border connecting into Kisoro town and later to Bwindi Forest or Mgahinga national Park for Mountain Gorilla Trekking. Some Guests often do Double gorilla tracking in Rwanda and Uganda for full experiences. Mgahinga National Park is located near the Uganda and Rwanda borders which makes it easy for clients to connect to this park. Another option is by the regional flights operating between Rwanda and Uganda. Rwanda air has flights to Uganda daily and at different times. You can opt to fly from Kanombe international airport and into Entebbe international airport for a connection to either of the Uganda destinations. Wildlife National parks to visit in Uganda from Rwanda include.

Queen Elizabeth National Park: This park is known for its diversity and when you add the Magical Kazinga channel which is one of the largest concentration of Hippos and Nile crocodiles, Queen Elizabeth is a must visit when it comes to Uganda wildlife safari. Game drives are, look for searching for wildlife like elephants, buffaloes, leopards, lions, antelopes, and not forgetting the tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector.

The Kazinga Channel attractions can be seen on a boat cruise most especially in the afternoon, animals like, hippos, buffaloes, elephants, crocodiles, and not forgetting the High percentage of bird life. The Kazinga Channel in Uganda is a wide, 32-kilometre-long natural channel that links Lake Edward and Lake George. Lake George is a small lake and is fed by streams from the Rwenzori mountains. Its outflow is through the Kazinga Channel which drains into Lake Edward.

Murchison falls National Park; this is the biggest National Park in Uganda and it’s known for its magnificent Murchison falls where it derived its name. The park is a home to Giraffes, Elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes, Antelopes, different species of birds and etc. The boat cruise to the bottom of the Falls will reward you with hippos, crocodile, different species of birds and the beautiful falls on the one of the longest rivers in the world. River Nile.


There is flexibility with cross border Itineraries, landing in one country and then fly out from the other is possible or both can be done in same country of arrival. This depends on the flow of the Itinerary and also the clients’ preferences. For Instance, a guest might decide to arrive and start the safari from Kigali and then fly out from Entebbe.

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Uganda And Tanzania Cross Boarder Safaris.

Tanzania is a land of safaris with the most famous wildlife national parks in the world – The Serengeti National Park coupled with The Ngorongoro crater where big wildlife roams the savannah parks. Combining Tanzania with Uganda where Mountain Gorillas call home with a number of other attractions is always an impressive trip. If a great migration safari and primate trekking experience is a kind of safari you would like to take on, Combining Tanzania and Uganda for the best experiences would come in handy.

Uganda offers other destinations other than Mountain Gorilla Trekking like Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park, Budongo and kyambura gorge, Queen Elizabeth for the kazinga channel and tree climbing lions, The Murchison falls national park for a wildlife packed trip coupled with viewing the Murchison falls which is also the strongest water falls in the world. This is a 50m wide river reducing, squeezing and dropping 45m down causing one of the most Phenomenal sights.

Tanzania on the other hand has a wide variety of wildlife in other famous national parks like Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Ruaha and Selous on the south, the famous Kilimanjaro with amazing beaches to wind off your safari memories.

Connections Between Uganda And Tanzania Cross Boarder Safaris

Tanzania and Uganda can be connected by road through land boarders like Mutukula  and Namanga boarder through kenya busia/Malaba and to Uganda. After every safari in Uganda, You can opt to Travel through the land boarders with the comfortable 4×4 safari vehicles arranged by your tour operator. There is also an option of taking a ferry from Uganda Entebbe on Lake Victoria to Mwanza Tanzania and this is only possible with advance booking.

Uganda and Tanzania have international airports that habour regional flights on daily. Air Tanzania and Uganda airlines fly to Uganda on intervals of days. One airline flying a day after the other. This is basically offering an available flight each other day to and from Tanzania every day.

Another option is by the domestic flights like Auric air that fly’s around Tanzania and able to fly across borders, The best part is that you can opt to fly from the famous Serengeti Tanzania and to Entebbe or Bwindi with the same flight and possible with chattered flights.

Here are some tailor made itineraries for a possible Uganda and Tanzania Cross boarder safari.

Uganda Primates

10 Days Wildbeest Migration & Uganda Gorillas

The journey through Tanzania Wildebeest Migration and Uganda: Embark on a journey through the land of safaris witnessing the most extraordinary spectacle as thousands and hundreds of Wildebeest Migration, Zebras and impalas scramble to cross through the Crocodile fested mara rivers to the Kenyan side in search for fresh grass. Double the experience getting up close and personal with Humans closest relatives the Mountain Gorillas.

Uganda Wildlife

11 Days Uganda Safari & Serengeti Wildlife

Discover serengeti Tanzania and Uganda’s hidden treasures of Uganda and the famous Serengeti National park. This journey will see you track mountain Gorillas, spectate at the tree climbing lions in ishasha with boat cruises at the famous Kazinga channel, trekking chimpanzees and visiting the Famous Serengeti Tanzania.

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They all located in western Uganda. The parks are Bwindi impenetrable  and Mgahinga gorilla National parks. Visitors choose where they prefer to track or they are given advise by the consultants according to the flow of the Itinerary.

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