Gorilla Walking Safaris


Destination Management Company In East Africa

It Only Gets Better With personalized Experience

Gorilla Walking Safaris is a local travel outfit while the owner is a Ugandan living in Uganda. Guma Alex, alongside a dedicated team at Gorilla Walking Safaris, are always available for travel consultation while our transparent ways of handling on ground travel, conservation & sustainability is a passion that has enabled us to offer extraordinary trips to travelers through Uganda and east Africa for extra ordinarily safari experiences a perfect destination management company in Uganda.

Why Work With Us?

Intimate Traveling.

We understand the need for tailor made itineraries, As a destination management company in Uganda We understand the need of personal interest to travel, we understand the Need to be special. We like to hear out the travel choice preference and we are here to guide and design you and your guests the perfect journey meant just for you with every detail taken care of.

Authentic Experiences.

Off The beaten path Experiences it is!. We understand how you like to travel and understand the new world you would like to discover with our Safari. On some of our tailor made itineraries, We include Authentic local experiences so our guests can have a complete new understanding of East Africa, something different from the normal touristic routes.

Expertise Attention:

Our professional expertise is given with first-hand information, We have visited and continue visiting places we recommend our guests to travel. We expertly listen to understand the main goal of travel or our whole seller’s guest major goal of saving the dollar to travel to Africa. We endeavour to deliver.

Financial Stability:

Since 2009, Gorilla Walking safaris has been tested and tried by many of our past Guests and whole sellers/Partners around the world with the ability to absorb financial risk.

Passenger protection Program:

This is in addition to our partnership with the famous East African flying Doctors as part of our passenger protection program, Gorilla walking safaris has Liability Insurance for its guests whenever need arises.

Responsible Travel:

While travelling through destinations our guests are lucky to travel, We leave a mark, we protect our planet, we support the local communities, and we like it  when we influence the travel community in leaving the world the same way we found it.

Responsible travel, Conservation & sustainability As a destination management company in Uganda

Our Own Fleet With Extra Room

Gorilla Walking Safaris Operates its own fleet of 4-Wheel customized Safari vehicles with Enough extra room, Popup roofs for game viewing, Bean Bags for stabilizing long lens, A freezer for cool drinks while each guest is guaranteed a window seat to maximize safari Pleasure.

Meaningful Travel Partnerships

Gorilla Walking Safaris is proudly a Ugandan local Destination management company, a proud member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators, A proud member of Uganda Tourism Board while we support a number of conservation wildlife projects and a responsible travel member of Travel against Plastic and Uganda conservation Foundation.


Elephant Conservation Safari

10 Days | 10 Nights | From US $ 8,980 Per person. Embark On an Elephant conservation Luxury safari through Kenya in support for the Conservation of the biggest land mammals. Be Part of the Elephant conservation journey through Kenya.

Primates in-style Uganda Safari

9 Days | 8 Nights. From $3396 per person. Exclusively follow on foot the Chimpanzees of Kibale National Park. Descend into the jungles deep in Bwindi searching for mountain Gorillas. Double the adventure with Inspiring but yet adventurous authentic local experience

Migration & Gorilla Safari

10 Days | 9 Nights. From $4186 per person. Are You interested in the famous wild beast migration and Gorilla Safari? This fly-in safari starts from Kenya for the wild beast migration and Gorilla tracking Safari in Uganda while Staying at Top-notch lodges. Conservation and sustainability Trip.