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Travel in style through Uganda where our story begins and East Africa while discovering Africa’s most pristine travel destinations and never sacrificing safety, comfort and authenticity. Uganda& East Africa offer inspirational, conversational and sustainable travel, far beyond big game wildlife viewing to a diversity of wide travel authentic experiences.

In the world of Creativity while Conserving & giving back, our travel experts pour artistry into every journey they create and when you Stick with us, we’ll astonish you at every turn. Our Uganda & East Africa well crafted journeys have Character, designed to impact & live you completely different, inspired and joyful.

Whether you would like to join one of our inspirational Group Trips, opt for Family Adventure trips or prefer to Travel Solo, Talk to our travel experts and we will craft a tailor made itinerary designed just for you  live you completely different, inspired and joyful.

Gorilla safaris Uganda

Gorilla Safari Uganda: The Ultimate Wildlife Encounter

Ascend on foot into the heart of Bwindi impenetrable National park and watch these incredible, endangered creatures from Upclose and personal. There is completely no mistaking the existence between man and the endangered Mountain Gorilla in uganda. Where to see mountain Gorilla?

Gorilla safaris Uganda

Kenya’s extraordinaly spectacle: The Wildbeast Migration.

Spectate in amusement to the worlds Living and spectacular Natural Wonder witnessing every year as hundreds of thousands of wildebeests and zebras including their newborns make their annual migration across Masai Mara river. Watch predators with a safari guide taking advantage on the shores during the great migration

Tanzania Safari

Tanzania’s Roof Of Africa: Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro:

Scale to the roof of Africa with mountain experts in Tanzania. Experience the extraordinary biodiversity along extraordinary scenic routes. Double your spectacular hike with a vibrant Tanzania safari through the famous Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater drives. Be rewarded visiting the Hadzabe people who are the last Africa bushmen and See Mount kilimanjaro peak

Gorilla safaris Uganda

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking: Visit Human Closest Relatives

Discover and travel into the heart of a thousand hills or endless spectacular landscapes and great culture. Pause in the Virunga mountains and see these incredible, endangered Rwanda gorilla safari from an up-close and personal encounter arguably in the “country of a thousand hills”. With no doubt Part of the worlds mountain gorilla population lives in the famous virunga Mountains.

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