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Travel in Style, Be treated to a luxurious Uganda Safarikenya SafariTanzania safari and Rwanda Safari Flying & slumbering in Iconic and finest Destinations. Luxury simply means wanting to travel in first class but rewarding travel destinations and in completely finest Itinerary designed exclusively just for you while slumbering in famous but unique Lodges.

Every Gorilla Walking Safaris Luxury journey has been designed by on-the-ground experts who create itineraries that feature finest East African destinations. During our safaris, there is limited sharing or following a pre-arranged itinerary but
We absolutely focus on exclusivity, high-end & individualized travel.

Our Luxury travel trips are designed with a “never sacrificing of safety or comfort”  while keeping in mind sustainable travel practices through our philanthropy projects so that when you travel, You Can be rest assured that your travel dollar impacts positively to the well being of the communities and saves the wildlife you visit there.

Our Most Selling Fly luxury Trip - Since 2018

14 Days Fly-in Kidepo Authentic Uganda Safari

Fly to Kidepo valley National park, on the northern boundaries in the hidden treasures of the wilderness to start an authentic Uganda Safari and end it in Rwanda. Embark on a journey in style through the pearl of Africa. This 14 Days expedition journey presents Uganda’s best kept and top destinations in Uganda. Starting with a with a one hour aerial jaw dropping scenic views to kidepo by a domestic flight, this journey will reward you with an inspirational journey visiting the Hidden treasures of the wilderness, spectating at vibrant wildlife in savannah parks, encounter unique cultures & traditions with thunderous waterfalls while, getting upclose with Chimpanzees and the Endangered mountain Gorillas in Uganda doubled with relaxing at the best Top-notch Safari Lodges

Fly-in Luxury Safaris Examples

Kindly take all the below crafted itineraries as ideas for better planning. Treat all pricing as a guide only while you get in touch for a perfect tailor made itinerary and pricing

Fly In Double Gorilla Trekking: 4 Days | 3 Nights

Charter a plane to & from a Gorilla safari while getting up close and personal with the gentle giants. 4 Days of Double Gorilla Safari Uganda are very extraordinary rewarding

Wings Over Uganda: 8 Days | 7 Nights

Travel in style with magical encounters through Uganda safari. Fly from one destination with unique experiences to the other and touch base to extraordinary encounters. Spend your evening on a lit camp fire in our well selected fine lodges

Fly In Style Safari: 12 Days | 11 Nights

Fly from one famous destination to the other in search for big cats with vibrant wildlife. Fly above with the spectacular Aerial scenic views to the home of mountain Gorillas of Uganda , staying at Uganda’s best lodges and be rewarded to an inspirational journey.

Primates Wildlife & Nile: 10 Days | 9 Nights

Fly in style to Uganda’s pristine destinations and embark on an inspirational journey. Be witness to Vibrant wildlife, Primates in Uganda and relax along the River Nile.

Chimps & Gorillas: 5 Days | 4 Nights

Embark on a journey trekking Uganda Chimpanzees and Mountain Gorillas strictly. This journey is for those whose major interests are trekking Chimpanzees and Gorillas in their natural Habitant.

Predators & Primates: 12 Days | 11 Nights

Fly and see Uganda’s best kept secrets while slumbering in Top Notch Safari Lodges. Maximize time at each destination and trek the Endangered Mountain Gorillas.

Would You prefer a more private and exclusive safari in uganda for combined luxury Gorilla Safari Uganda with prestine destinations? We have some of the best well crafted luxury safaris for Uganda. We would definitely like to Hear from You. Tell us more how you prefer to travel and we will professionally Craft a trip made just for you.