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When is the best time to trek mountain gorillas?

Gorilla Trekking is absolutely possible all year around. During the dry Safari months starting Mid June, July, August, September and October are the Perfect for the ground is less slippery when trekking. The rainy seasons of mid mid March, Apirl and may come with own advantages of clear air and less congestion but absolutely good too for Gorilla Trekking safari.

How Much is a gorilla permit?

Gorilla permits apparently Cost $700 per person in Uganda for Foreign Non Residents and $ 1500 per person in Rwanda for the same. While Foreign Residents pay $600per person in Uganda and pay $1500 in Rwanda

Where do mountain gorillas live?

Mountain gorillas in Uganda find their home in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and the Virunga conservation area a country boundary for Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Half Of The worlds mountain Gorillas live in Bwindi impenetrable National park with 17 gorilla families habituated for Human presence and trekking while the Mgahinga has one gorilla family and Virunga national park has 8 gorilla families habituated for human presence.

When to book for gorilla permit?

Trekking Gorillas Requires a permit to trek in the Jungles for an upclose encounter. It is recomended to purchase the Gorilla permit least 3-4 Months in advance so as to be certain of availability. Last minute Gorilla Bookings stand less chances for a Gorilla permit in most cases.

What is included and Excluded in a gorilla Permit cost?

The Gorilla permit Cost includes: Gorilla permit, Park entrance fees, Government taxes, Ground transport, Full-time English speaking Ranger guide & Escorts.

The Gorilla permit Excludes: Porters if any, Emergency stretcher, Alcoholic drinks, Ranger Guides tips, Flight Fares, Other personal expenses

What is Gorilla trekking age limit

Gorilla Trekking age Limit is 15 years for both Uganda and Rwanda. However if a child is approaching 15 years and surely wants to trek Mountain Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, A parent writes a consent letter to Uganda Wildlife Authority in approval to take responsibility for anything that happens to the child while on Gorilla trekking.

What to Bring for Gorilla Trekking/Packing List

Nice Gripped Walking/hiking shoes

Warm Clothing for the Bwindi sector

Insect repellants for bugs

Sun Screen

Sun glasses and hat to protect from direct sun

Rain Jacket and/or ponchos in cases of Rain

Long sleeved shirts, blouses to protect from thorny bushes

Long pants, Socks or gaiters (protection from Safari Ants)

Binoculars if you like

Backpack for carrying small luggage

Gloves if you want( But Not necessary)

How many people trek a gorilla family?

Each Gorilla family of mountain Gorillas is trekked/visited by a maximum of 8 persons. There will be an addition of 3 persons that includes a Ranger guide and two escort Guides.

How long time do I spend with gorillas?

Gorilla Trekking is allowed 1 hour when you finally find them while Gorilla Habituation allows 4 hours with the Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National park. The hike to find the Gorillas can last 30mins to several hours depending on the gorilla family movements.

What are the gorilla trekking do’s and Donts?

Disable your camera Flash

Do not throw rubbish in the park

Maintaining the required 7 meters distance from mountain gorillas

Staying within a group

Speaking at a low tone or keeping silent

Avoiding direct eye contact with the Mountain gorillas.

Keeping calm when a mountain gorilla charges

Do not feed gorillas

Do not touch gorillas

What About gorilla habituation experience?

Gorilla habituation Experience is an extended time for trekking Mountain Gorillas. This allows you start early and stay more with the Mountain Gorillas for about 4 hours. This is also an act of habituating one of the families for human presence and requires you to stay longer. Normally this is a new Gorilla Family being prepared for human presence. This also apparently costs $1500 per permit and always limited unlike the $600 per permit trekking permit

What if I fail to see gorillas?

Montain Gorillas present a 99% chances of seeing them. Very rare cases where travelers fail to see mountain gorillas, A second chance to trek visit gorillas the next day is given to trek again without a single pay. This is however different if a traveler fails to see gorillas due to physical unfitness or sickness, No refund is reimbursed as this isn’t the fault of the respective park management.

What is the Gorilla permit cancellation policy?

Gorilla permit Cancellation is possible with the Uganda wildlife Authority and is unavoidable due to some circumstances. Please Note:

Gorilla permit cancellation done 8 days or less, to the tracking date do not qualify for any refund whatsoever;

Gorilla permit cancellation done 3 months to tracking date are refunded 75% of the total cost of the safari package

Gorilla permit cancellation done 91 days to the gorilla trekking date are refunded 75% of the total permit cost;

Gorilla permit cancellation done 45 – 90 days expect 50% refund;

Gorilla permit cancellation done 8 – 45 days expect a 25% refund;

Gorilla permit reschedule of preferred gorilla trekking date calls for an extra $150 charged by Uganda Wildlife Authority.

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