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Google Celebrates Africa Day with Cultural Art, African Music and Stories

As the world prepares to celebrate Africa on the 25th may 2023 Google is celebrating Africa day with its music, art and stories. What do I really think about this, it’s great very great because? It’s the different music; the different cultures the different art that makes us Africans. This time around the year 2023 Africa day celebrations will be hosted by Idris Elba in collaboration with MTV Base Africa. At 7 PM CAT (central African time) experience the new Africa generation starts portraying the preserved cultural heritage features through music and art. According to the headlines by the editor “Google is unveiling a range of programs and activities to celebrate Africa’s diverse cultural heritage and provide opportunities for people all over the world to experience and engage with the creativity and richness of Africa.” Let me talk about east Africa and especially Uganda, a few people think about this day or even know that it exists. They are not aware that somewhere in the world we are being celebrated of our culture and art. The fact that it will be including the local names and culture aspects from Kenya, Nigeria and other countries it will create awareness of the existence of this day. According to that article by Google we expect to see a lot of 360-degree view of artworks and artifacts, allowing everyone to be able to view and see the Africa’s cultural scene from wherever they are. Most of the times people know Africa on the other side of life, the wars and instability that is always there. However if you look deep into Africa the richness in culture is far beyond the words that we express it with. Africa day has got the pure virgin cultures that we have greatly relied on to nature and grow our children in the hero’s we know of. Tits because of our cultures that we get to the greatness of art, you will develop an artistic pieces from you and within your heart. Because this is all that know of or all that I think about the art from Africa is from the hearts. Some one told me those days when learning in school, that any mistake in fin art is a design, I guess now that am a little bit understanding art is different from design. Art is a heart while design is creating from the head.   Music is plays on funerals, parties, celebrations, small gatherings and literally everything we do we have music playing. This kind of art work and the dressing that goes with music is really pleasant. Google will show case African music to the world as well and playing African movies on YouTube for people out there to see the variety of content and lifestyle Africa has. The celebrations will also highlight African storytelling traditions, the old ways how Africa story telling were the stories of Chinua Achebe in writing, an extensive collection of African movies not forgetting personal content that African create and show case out there through a lot forms lie YouTube and other Google platforms.   As tour operator we tend to create a lot of cultural safaris in Uganda, Kenya Tanzania and Rwanda. Let say the whole of east Africa safaris all come with some a few aspects of culture, music art and wildlife. It becomes hard for me to talk about Uganda and not talk about the cultural foods the local and staple food, the dressing, and music all together. All tourist leaving after their east African safaris take gift back home in form of art pieces ,food and local pictures to tell the stories of Africa, Let’s us celebrate Africa with Google through diversity and sustainability because we need the Africa that is celebrated today to be there we celebrate it tomorrow.  

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