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Gorillas And Masai Mara Safari: The Ultimate Secret Why This Is A Magical And Life Changing Trip

Nothing beats the magic openly enveloped in a Gorillas and Masai Mara Safari. Thinking of the beautiful Golden sunsets seen just above the endless savannah horizons with thin misty clouds above creating the golden lights reflecting on the acacia dotted endless savannah plains and combined thoughts of the thick impenetrable but old rainforests of Africa while following the footsteps of human closest relatives -The Gorillas is an unmatched Safari Experience. The magical and inspirational journey of Gorillas and the Masai mara is a journey to reckon. Ever closed your eyes and imagined the true Africa? The virgin natural lands populated with big game or some of those Africa reflections you have watched in Africa travel Movies? Hearsay, travel series or stories of the Masai mara in Kenya and Gorillas of Bwindi impenetrable national Park in Uganda cannot do any justice in explaining these experiences.

There is absolutely no safari destination in Africa that beats Masai Mara for the big game and vibrant encounters while there is absolutely no long-standing rainforest in Africa that beats Bwindi impenetrable National Park with its vast population of the endangered mountain Gorillas, Two of the best ever sought Safari destinations in the world.

 How to get to Masai Mara and Bwindi Forest National Parks

Masai Mara is located in Kenya possibly the land of magical wildlife encounters south west of Nairobi city the main entrance hub into Kenya while The Gorillas are located in Uganda Bwindi impenetrable national park and volcanoes national park in Uganda sharing boarders with Rwanda.

The two big highlight safari destinations can be combined or connected with a domestic flight from either Masai mara or Entebbe or vice verser. There are domestic flights that depart Masai mara to Entebbe Uganda on the other side of the lake Victoria boarders with an easy continuation to the Gorillas either by land or by a scheduled flight to Kisoro airstrip or Kihihi airstrip in southern Uganda, the boarders of Bwindi forest where Gorillas call home.

From Nairobi, It’s a 5 hours’ drive to the first entrance of the Masai mara and when you enter the sekenani famous gate, Big game awaits and what you have dreamt to see will be open to spectate. You can also opt to save time and take on a 45 minutes flight from Nairobi Wilson airport to airstrips in the Masai mara or mara triangle.

On the Other side in Uganda, the Gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park can be accessed by road from Kampala a 9 hours drive or opt for the 1 and half hours flight while this would save you more time and energy for the active and awesome experience of trekking the gorillas in the Bwindi jungles.


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What to expect in the Gorillas and Masai Mara Safari

Gorillas and Masai mara safari trip present one of an all-in-one Africa dream safari, From the moment you enter into the mara wildlife gate or when you descend into the jungles of Bwindi.

Inside the Masai Mara, while you start early for a game drive, anything or any action can happen a few meters away or in distance along those tiny but passable game tracks. Somehow, You can witness a lioness stalking a wildebeest, A leopard stealthily stalking an impala, hyenas scavenging or watch Scavenger vultures tearing apart what was a fresh lion kill left over in just minutes. For the many times I have been lucky to visit the mara on one of the group safaris on the scheduled 10 days Gorillas and Masai mara safari, I have been many times lucky to witness world class wildlife safari actions. It has been the former Tano Bora brother coalition (unfortunately now only 3) hunt down and feed on a Jacksons heartbeat all in our presence and around our jeep, Guests have witnessed leopards stealthily stalk and wrestle down a Thomson gazelle few meters away and hauled it up a tree. In the Masai mara during the months between June and September, Chances are that you will witness one of the best safari spectacle the Great wildebeest migration where thousands and hundreds of wildebeests, zebras and antelopes cross the crocodile fested mara river from the famous Serengeti national Park in search for fresh pasture. The Lions and crocodiles are always waiting on the other side of the River to prey on the innocent wildebeests, zebras and impalas, This is also the 8th ranked world wonder.

Other than the wildlife actions in the Masai mara, The Endless savannah plains dotted with umbrella shaped acacia trees are super breath-taking, at some point in the Masai mara, you would throw your eyes as far as you can and never see the end or mountain but see flat beautiful plains and bright blue skies. For good experience of the Gorillas and Masai mara safari as cross boarder safaris we recommend minimum 3 nights and 2 full days of safari and more and this way you will absolutely utilize or maximise and live to treasure the magnificent Masai mara safari destination.

How about ascending into the quiet natural environment of a thick Rainforest knowing you are about to encounter the Great apes of mountain Gorillas? The Mountain Gorillas on the other hand are simply phenomenal. From the briefing time in the morning with the Ranger guides to walking, ascending and descending the small hills within the forest, Penetrating the thick rain forests, crossing rivers, pulling and pushing each other until the gorilla Family. Like always said, there is no mistaking the bond that exists between man and a mountain gorilla when you go Gorilla trekking and finally meet these gentle giants. The whole best experience lies in the effort you put to find the great apes and stealthily find them snacking on tree shoots, leaves or playing around, Fornicating or resting. Mountain Gorillas are a true reflection of human while the surroundings in the forest reflect the ancient environment on how the world looked like before in ancient times. Its a re-birth of mind and soul.

The Gorillas can be seen on a habituation experience that starts as early as 6am and allowed for 4 hours walking with the Gorillas or the trekking experience that starts at 8am and allows you 1 hour when you finally find the the Gorillas. One of the best feelings about endangered mountain Gorillas is the time you are with them, 7metres or less while you both marvel at each other, Their bright brownish red eyes and the I don’t care look from them is a memory planted to take back home and forever. One hour spent with the mountain gorillas will pass quick seeming like a 20 minutes while the Ranger after sharing with you all about the mountain gorillas, will lead you back to the starting point. You shall always reflect on this magical moment with these great apes.

Other than the Gorillas in Bwindi forest national Park during the trekking experience, Chances are you will encounter other primates like Monkeys, baboons, Birds, forest elephants, Wild chimpanzees and duikers that call Bwindi impenetrable national Park home.

After the amazing experience, The Bwindi neighbourhood has a wide range of safari Lodges with super great views either of the Bwindi forest or the chain of Virunga mountains to the south. This is the time you would like to unwind the day chatting away and reflecting at the awesome experience encountered in the forest while gorilla trekking.

Since gorillas are trekked starting from where they were left the previous day, time for trekking and finding the gorillas is unknown, it can be 3 hours, 7 hours or even 10 hours depending how near or far the gorilla family was left the previous day or will be found. Lunch boxes with enough drinking water are recommended for the ultimate wildlife experience.


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Where To stay For the Gorillas and Masai Mara Safari

The most beautiful part of travelling on the Gorillas and Masai Mara safari is the best selection of Safari Lodges in these pristine destinations that are well nestled or positioned to spice up the experiences.

Budget travellers to the Masai Mara can stay at Aruba Mara or Rhino Lodge for between $80 and $120 per room while midrange Travelers can stay at Zebra plains Mara, Ashnil, kekerok or intrepid lodges for between $150 t0 $300 per person per night. There are a wide high end lodges to stay in the Mara that are really nice to stay like sand river, Bush camp, Olare mara, base camp Mara that would range from $300 to $1500 per person per night

The Gorillas and Masai mara safari for the gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park offers a wide range of Accommodations as base for the gorilla trekking. Normally we recommend minimum two nights in Bwindi for the gorilla trekking experience.

Budget travellers have options like Gorilla valley lodge, Nshongi camp in the south, Bakiga lodge or buhoma inn on the north and western parts of Bwindi forests as bases for gorilla trekking experience. Budget accommodations range from $130 or less per room per night. Gorilla Walking safaris partners with Awesome top notch lodges that we believe are a great combination with Gorilla trekking experiences. 4 gorillas Lodge in Rushaga, Nkuringo Lodge, lake Mutanda, Clouds lodge and Gahinga lodge are our favorite lodges on the southern sector of Bwindi. Accomodation Rates to these Top-notch lodges range between $190 and $ 1500 per person per night. With service and ambience at these lodges, you would never go wrong with the Gorillas and Masai Mara safari.

Best Time to Go for the Gorillas and Masai Mara safari

The best months to travel through these hidden gems are typically the dry seasons when wildlife viewing and primate trekking is at its best. Starting June until September are the most ideal months to travel to Kenya for the Masai mara famous and great wildebeest migration and trekking through the Bwindi forests for the ultimate Gorilla trekking experience. Other good months to travel for the gorillas and Masai mara safari are December to February when the rains are minimal.

The Rainy seasons of March until May and October until November are most times avoided because of the heavy rains. Game tracks become slippery for the game drive vehicles while the gorilla trekking and walking tracks become more slippery. However, these months offer also a completely different experience and sightings like uncrowded lodges and destinations, it normally feels special and authentic for those that don’t fancy crowded tourist destinations.

The lodges are quit demanding in the peak season especially the Wildebeest migration months in the Masai Mara. The gorillas are no different, Gorilla safari Lodges tend to fill up so quick during the months from June until August and so are the Gorilla trekking permits. Very much advisable to plan and book the Gorilla permits and Gorilla safari lodges way in advance like 6 months in advance. During the low season or rainy season lodges tend to be available and run good special rates.


 How To Book This Trip

Because this trip requires on ground expert and property screening of service providers, Gorilla walking safaris would like to make this trip a reality for you. With over 10 years of crafting journeys in East Africa and by East Africa’s Travel experts, Its with no doubt Gorilla Walking safaris would professionally and expertly deliver on our most selling Gorilla and Masai mara Safari Trip.

Gorilla Walking safaris will adequately book your best Accommodations, Domestic flights, arrange transportation, secure Gorilla trekking Permits and all entrances to the Masai Mara as you sit back and enjoy a well planned journey. You can send an email to Alex Guma on guma@gorillawalkingsafaris.com as the Gorillas and Masai mara safari expert for more insights on this magical trip.

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