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How Much Is A Gorilla Safari and Wildlife Safari?

Gorilla Safari and wildlife safari cost? Ever heard or felt the desire for a thrill of an African safari or are you planning for one soon? Are you however wondering how much it would cost you? Have you had the chance to find out how much it would cost you to be in the open Savannah plains or maneuver through thick forests in search for endangered mountain Gorillas? On the Savannah plains spectating at towers of Giraffes, huge herds of elephants crossing the path way meters away, Lions lazily hitching on top of the fig trees or a random leopard carefully stalking its prey in the middle of endless plains? Ohh while staying at awesome top notch lodges in East Africa?

However, much as we share ideas on costs for a gorilla safari and wildlife safari through east Africa, Most safaris are tailor made, to us Trip planning and guest engagement is important as we love to create journeys made just for you. Here is us happily sharing rough estimates and ideas how much an East African Safari would cost.

Uganda Gorilla and wildlife Safari. How much does it cost?

Its with no doubt, Uganda is so beautiful, its with no doubt Churchill named this the Pearl Of Africa and this is absolutely right. Being a developing tourist destination, Uganda is still virgin & lush green, still pure and authentic and so are the costs for a safari. With over 10 national parks and game reserves, Uganda prides as the home to half of the worlds mountain Gorillas found in Bwindi national park and Mgahinga national parks. The costs for a gorilla permit cost US $ 700 per person in Uganda purchased in full from Uganda wildlife authority but costs more to $1500 in Rwanda as purchased from Rwanda development Board. The price different makes a big impact on the total price cost. So is it Gorilla trekking Uganda or Rwanda?

Gorilla Safari

Other expenses include lodging where mid range lodges are averagely $180 per person per night while Luxury high end Outfits would cost averagely $800 per person per night and even more. Could be less or more depending on what facility to consider by your Genuine Travel agency. Other expenses included are Chimpanzee tracking permit at US $50 in kyambura gorge and US $ 200 in the famous kibale rain-forest national park, the primate capital of the world. Most agencies would include free airport pickups and drop-offs from Entebbe international airports. For fly in to destinations, domestic flights cost averagely $270 including all taxes.  Depending on how many days you would like to stay on holiday, a mid-range Gorilla safari travel budget would cost averagely between USD 377 per day to USD 455 per day while a high end luxury trip would between USD 694 per day and USD 1400 per person per day as an all inclusive package without flights. A lot of factors determine this price.

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Rwanda Gorilla and Wildlife Safaris: How much does it cost?

Unlike Uganda, Rwanda has in the past few years branded its self as a high end destination with international brands strategizing in Rwanda and Majorly for a luxury Gorilla safari. With a rich historical and cultural background Rwanda has seen its country grow from a very poor state to a fast growing high end tourist destination. With international organizations like Wildlife parks taking over and running of the national parks, Rwanda has become one of the high-end destinations. Rwanda is blessed to be a home of the Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes national park costing $1500, chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest costing $90 and the Kagera national park. Midrange accommodations range from $378 per person per day while luxury high-end outfits would go upto USD $2500 per person per day. However, in Rwanda some of these Luxury prices include a gorilla safari permit as part of the accommodation fee especially with high-end luxury lodges like Bisate Lodge. Hotels in Kigali are affordable and can range averagely between USD 150 to USD 220 on a bed and breakfast arrangement.

Putting all costs together, A Rwanda trip including the Mountain Gorilla as an all inclusive trip would cost you between USD 488 to USD 524 per person per day while a high-end luxury trip would cost between USD 920 to USD 1200 per person per day on a sharing basis.

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Kenya safari

Kenya and Tanzania Wildlife Safari: How much does it Cost?

Famously known as the land of safaris, its with no doubt Kenya and Tanzania outmatch a dream safari, The imaginable time amidst endless plains, the vibrant wildlife that roam the savannah plains, while the views enveloping the endless dotted Umbrella formed acacia trees. Its either you are spectating at a huge herd of elephants crossing the brown dusty road headed to a waterhole, Watching lions take a prey down while hyenas scavenge in a distance or watch silently the elusive leopard stalk its prey between thickets. Seen those national Geographic actions that bring on goose bumps, it comes to reality and that’s how good Kenya and Tanzania present themselves as best wildlife spectating destinations.

So how much does it cost making a safari in Kenya or Tanzania? First things first, The lodges in Kenya or Tanzania are a major determinant in the price of a safari in these two countries. Midrange lodges in Kenya or Kenya cost averagely -/+ USD 350 per person per night while luxury accommodations go up to -/+ USD 1200 per person per night. Normally there are also budget Lodge but poorly positioned for a safari start. A few kilometers away, a few minutes late could make you miss the greatest show on earth and wouldn’t that be a pity? So Yes, Midrange lodges are well positioned for an on-time quick encounter.

Other expenses to consider are park entrance fees, Domestic transfer flights if any, walking safari fees, balloon safari fees, hiking fees if any and concession fees to game reserves.

Basically, A midrange trip through Kenya or Tanzania costs -/+ USD 470 per person per day while a same luxury trip would cost upto -/+ USD $1500 per person per day.  All rate determinants depend on duration of trip, travel and style preference, lodging and season of travel. Its is also very important that season matter and determine price. High peak seasons like the Wildebeest migration summer time attracts high prices while low season times attracts lower prices especially for the lodges.

Do you want to start planning a trip through Uganda, Kenya Rwanda or Tanzania or do you want to do cross boarder trips. Here is an idea of different trips and guidelines how much they cost. Gorilla Walking safaris is flexible to tailor a journey made just for you within your budget.

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8 Days Wings Over Uganda Safari From US $ 4980 per person

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