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Did you know, Uganda has half of the worlds remaining Mountain Gorillas?

Mountain Gorillas

98% DNA Human

How Much For A Permit

USD 700 / 1500

Where To Trek Gorillas

Bwindi/Mgahinga N.Parks


Book a 3 days Gorilla Tracking

Uganda _ The Pearl Of Africa

Uganda a land of wild and vibrant contrasts, eye sight grasslands, tropical plains with hills, and the mighty gorilla tours Uganda, The landlocked Uganda is a wildlife safari destination with over 52 indigenous tribes with the most welcoming men and women.

Gorilla tours uganda  is home to variety, from elephants to zebra and more birds than what your eyes can admire a wonderland to the great gorilla tours Uganda. With numerous national parks and reserves, gorilla tours uganda  is a absolutely a natural choice for wildlife enthusiasts, a one on one with the mighty Gorillas, chimpanzees and primates. If its nature and authenticity you’re looking for, The Pearl of Africa is the right place.

 A land full of contrasts, from the rain forests, rift valleys, hills and mountains passing distant volcanoes and crater lakes,  which most are extraordinarily stunning in lush green rolling hills enveloped in beauty. With an impression, Uganda – The pearl of Africa is Beautiful, blending unspoiled countryside, rural communities with complete lifestyle and traditions with vibrant wildlife sightings you’d be lucky to repeat in a lifetime ruling out the ultimate & the mighty mountain gorillas.

What to do in Uganda: Our Highlights Guide

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Gorilla Tours In Uganda

The pearl of Africa is an all round and all year visiting and touring destination. Blessed with the ever improving methods of travel from well improved roads to the more flug destinations, traveling by water and a new affordable domestic scheduled flights for the hard to reach destinations and luxury outfits.

It is a pristine safari and Gorilla tours destination presents the possibility to connect from one destination to the other with ease. You can opt to fly from Entebbe to the far corner hidden treasure of the wilderness Kidepo Valley National park or connect by road from Murchison to queen Elizabeth and the rest gets easier.

The most common Circuit route recommended is traveling in an anti-clockwise circuit building expectations while the road to the Mountain Gorilla tours in Bwindi forest national Park is a smooth and a little bumby towards the mountains. And by road in company of our professional driver guides, you get to see a large portion of the country and its shifting landscapes.

Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

There are more than 1,000  mountain gorillas left in the world, and Uganda is home to half of them, now under strict protection. Several families of around 15 to 20 gorillas reside in this impenetrable forest in the southwest corner of the country, four of which have been habituated to humans.

Despite the challenges, walking through this truly impenetrable forest is still a highlight. The anticipation builds with every step as you make your way around tangled trees and thick, snake-like roots.

Other wildlife sightings and sounds — the forest is one of the most biologically diverse in Africa, home to red-tailed and colobus monkeys, bush buck, over 350 bird species and even the odd forest elephant, which are rarely seen but leave behind tell-tale tracks. FIND OUT MORE OF THE UGANDA GORILLAS

Uganda Information You May Need To Know

Best time to travel to Uganda

The best time to go on a Uganda safari: uganda can perfectly be visited during all seasons and throughout the Year while the weather is perfect all year around. Please keep in mind though that July and August are peak seasons for tracking the mountain gorillas and therefore gorilla permits are more difficult to obtain.

The Dry season months are also good to visit for wildlife viewing as the grass is short and animals are easier to find. Gorilla trekking is also rewarding in the dry season as the terrain is manageable for both cars and trekking experience.


Uganda Lies on the Equator and presents an awesome weather for all visitors all year around, In The south, combined with high altitude ensure a pleasant, temperate year-round climate. Temperatures therefore hardly vary throughout the season, with an average of 23°C during the day and slightly cooler at night.

However it is a little Cooler in the southern parts of Uganda and hotter in the northern parts of Uganda. The climate in the southern uganda which is also the mountainous areas range between 13 in the most cold and 28 in the hottest. In the northern you could experience about 30 degrees to maximum while on a uganda safari.

The Long rainy season takes place from March till June and there is a short rainy season around October-November and a little of December. Jan and feb is a little humid dry than most months of the Year.


A Tourist visa to Uganda is $50 per person in combination with a valid passport. Your passport must remain valid for at least 6 months beyond the completion of your trip.

Tourist visas for Uganda safari can be purchased either on arrival or by applying in advance through a visa processing service. While there are additional costs involved in using these services, we encourage you to obtain your visa ahead of time, as long lines can be common and a little frustrating upon arrival.

Can i get an East African Visa?

If you are planning to have a combined Uganda safari with a visit to Kenya and Rwanda or having combined fly luxury Uganda safari only, it is recommendable to request for the East African Tourist Visa. This special tourist visa costs US $100 per person and allows 90 days single entry to Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. Regretfully, Tanzania is not (yet) a member of the East African community and therefore not part of this arrangement for the East African visa.

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Uganda Safaris You May Be Interested In

Our Most Selling Destinations

With more than 10 destinations to Ugandan safaris, we arrange trips throughout east Africa. You could choose to explore a single country or several. If you travel with us, you can be assured that your trip will be 100% made for you.

Gorilla Safari Uganda

With over 1000 mountain gorillas living in the volcano mountains that  include Uganda, Rwanda and DRC. Bwindi Impenetrable national park holds half the number-  this attracts more number of tourists for gorilla tours uganda trekking and hundreds to be habituated at$ 1500. The great apes live in harmony with  over 100 other mammals to spot including forest dukers, rare monkeys, olive baboons,    bush bucks and black and white colobus, monkeys, elephants. Discover incredible sighting of over 220 species of    butterfly and 330 species of wild birds in the jungle. Read More

Murchison falls national  park is home to large herds of buffalo, elephants, good concentration of lions as well as leopards and several antelope’s,  specie from grey duiker and Ugandan kob to Oribi and hartebeest, Murchison falls is one of the few places in Uganda where you can find giraffes and the rare ground dwelling patas monkey. Set out for Birding that’s excellent and see the endangered shoebill stork, a rare creature that sits at top of many birders. The best time to visit Murchison is between the months of January and March on the delta cruise boat ride. Murchison falls national park is part of the greater Murchison falls conservation Area which incorporates the Bugungu and Karuma reserves as well as chimp trekking in Kaniyo Pabidi Forest. Read More

Queen Elizabeth has various mammal species including wetlands, swamps and crater lakes, Tropical forests, woodlands and open Savannah, which supports a diverse range of wildlife from 95 mammals and 10 primates to more than 600 species of birds. Queen Elizabeth National parks has many animals that can easily be spotted like Elephants, buffalo, Uganda kob, giant forest hog while at the top of the list is the tree-climbing lions found in the south of the park, In addition to game drives on the open savannah you can do a boat cruise to see hippos and crocodiles. You can do a hike through the rain forest to find chimpanzees. Read More

Destinations combining rugged mountain scenery and compelling wilderness atmosphere with spectacular beauty of the pristine impressions that make it for visiting bird.Kidepo Valley national park boasts a bird of over 475 species a total second only to Queen Elizabeth national park. Among the host of dry eastern species not found in any other Ugandan national park are some of East Africa’s rarest and most sought after birds like the black breasted barbet and Karamajong Appalls

The Dominant habitat of the Narus Valley is open grassland studded with tall sausage trees (Kigeria Africa) and massive elongated fruits of palms. Kidep national park protects most of the outstanding mammal species with over 650 Elephants today. Read More

Kibale National park harbors the greatest variety and concentration of 13 species of primates found anywhere in East Africa, The bird and primates combined with easy access. The park is home of the Kanyanchu that offers superb forest birding and monkey viewing with the commonly run Bigodi wetlands Sanctuary.

Visit the Bigodi top birders spote and famous wildlife such as chimpanzees, red colobus, Black and white colobus, Red tailed monkey, Bush bucks as well as Mongoose. Kibale National Park has about 138 bird species seen on nature walks within.

The people living around Kibale Forest National park are mostly Batoro and Bakiga. The Batoro are native to the region while the Bakiga are just immigrants from the thickly populated southern part of the country-the Ethical Heritage ancient of the Tooro kingdom. Read More

Each of these countries protects its own portions of the Virunga. The entire park is in the Bufumbira county Kisoro District. Mgahinga gorilla national park is 33.7 sq.km and consists of the partly forested slopes of three extinct volcanoes, huge cones of the Virunga volcanoes dominate land scape, The Virunga are home to a large variety of wild life, Birds and half of the worlds endangered mountains gorillas live.

Uganda Tourists come to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park-Uganda’s most popular destinations to track the magnificent apes (More than a hundred of which have been habituated) which involves an adventurous hike tracks through the mist tropical rain forests. In this park only one group (Nyakagazi Group) is habituated-It comprises of 9 members, 2 silverbacks, 3 females, 2 Juveniles and 2 infants.   Gorilla tracking can be more strenuous and may take the whole day trekking the mountain gorillas. Read More

What You Need To Know About Uganda

MONEY/ currency

The official currency of Uganda is the Ugandan Shilling, notes which come in denominations of 1,000 through to 50,000. However a dollar rules the whole world as it dominates the Uganda market too. Most of hotels and travel agencies take dollars only – 2009 year of printing and above.

As a rough guide US$1 = 3,700 and £1 = 5,000 Nearly all tourist lodges will accept $US notes (newer than 2009) however if you wish to purchase anything locally (souvenirs, snacks etc…) you will need Ugandan Shillings.

The best idea is to change $US upon arrival in Entebbe – notes of $50 and $100 attract a better exchange rate. Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards are becoming more widely accepted, we can advise you on which lodges do or do not accept them.


If you are planning to travel to Uganda for a gorilla safari, We recommend taking a visit to your local travel clinic or Doctor for advice on vaccinations and medication. For an overview of the typically recommended vaccinations, the CDC Traveler Health page is a good place to start.

Most parts of Uganda contain a malaria risk and a preventative medication is considered mandatory for travelers. Consult your doctor or travel clinic for the best  medication for you.

Yellow fever vaccine is a must upon entering Uganda. Please consider getting one while on travel to Uganda.


Uganda is largely a peaceful country and the vast majority of tourist visits are enjoyed without incident. Crime  is rare and occurs generally in form of petty theft. We advise to always carry your money securely in person and use room safes in the hotels and lodges that you visit.

Please consult your government’s Travel Advisory Page for Uganda and feel free to ask us for clarification on any thing regarding travel to Uganda.


The pearl of Africa straddles the Equator so experiences a tropical climate of “wet” and “dry” seasons. Changes to the global climate in recent years means seasonal changes are less predictable than they once were, however seasons are generally:

Dryer: January to February & June to September.

Wetter: Apirl to May & October – November till Mid December. Travel is possible and enjoyable all year round, rain does not usually hinder travel and can produce some dramatic vistas and a welcome coolness in hotter areas.


Traditional Uganda food consists of starch staples such as maize flour, matoke (plantain), cassava and potatoes. These are served with beans, vegetables and meats such as fish, beef, chicken or goat. Most lodges and restaurants serve western dishes incorporating some of the above local ingredients.

Drinking water is widely and inexpensively available; we do not recommend drinking tap or river water in Uganda. Sodas and beers are widely available and safe to drink. The best value wine/GIN is UGANDA WARAJI.

Fly in Luxury Safaris


A number of major international airlines fly to Entebbe, we can advise you on the best one to suit your location and budget as well as flight timings  most especially on a gorilla tours uganda safari that will help you make the most of your time here. From Europe a number of airlines fly direct, via the Emirates, or via major African cities. From North/South America major airlines connect with the above-mentioned airlines coming out of Europe.

From Australia / New Zealand the best way is via the Emirates or South Africa – we recommend an overnight stay here to break up the journey and arrive in Uganda feeling refreshed. From most parts of sub-Saharan Africa you can reach Uganda using one or more regional airlines. We offer air/ flights direct from areas such as Kilimanjaro, The Masaai Mara or The Serengeti National Park. Even internally we do fly in safaris from Kampala to most destinations like the gorilla tours safari in Bwindi,Murchison Falls, kidepo, and Queen Elizabeth national parks,. FIND OUT MORE OF OUR FLY IN SAFARIS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Between June and September is the dry season and wildlife encounters is at Top, The grasses are down, The access roads are clear and magical sightings are guaranteed. The Heavy rains come-in in April and may while a few mild rains pop in November. Mid December till march is perfect For Both Gorilla Trekking Experience and wildlife viewing.

The East and Northern Uganda is best visited for safari between November until March as the most Dry season with Magical Wildlife sightings in Pian Upe wildlife reserve, Matheniko, Bokora and Kidepo valley National Park.

Security? Uganda has experienced Safe travel for many years including the recent Covid Restrictions where SOP’s were well observed. Upcountry tourist destinations and Lodges are well protected by the Uganda wildlife Authority Rangers with help of Uganda defense forces and Uganda Tourism Police. Like many destinations in the world, There are possibilities of petty theft, Credit card fraud and in house robbery occur but this is more common in cities like Kampala and rare case for upcountry destinations.

For LGBTQ travelers, Uganda and its people do not police or much criminalize persons of the LGBTQ when not practiced in broad day light or recruiting any young generations into the act. Guests around the world can come enjoy the wildlife, The Mountain Gorillas, The Mountains, The lakes, The Sights and sounds and much more but Do not promote or preach the Sexual rights to the peoples of Uganda as Stated by the law.

Other than the Hyped media and Politicians, Ugandans do not care about sexual orientations of other people traveling in Uganda. Ugandans are private people and never discus or attack anyone who respects their rooted cultures. Described as the most friendliest people in the world by Expat Insider Ugandans are yet to adopt to the western cultures but it is a matter of time and is humbly respected by the people of Uganda.

Yes, For many countries you require a Visa to visit Uganda. It is very easy to acquire a Visa online with a fee of USD 50 for a single entry visa which is very much recommended and can be gotten in within 24hours. Check on visas.immigration.go.ug

However if you plan on Visiting more than one country i.e Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda, we recommend applying for an a single Entry East African Tourist Visa at USD 100 per person

Absolutely Yes. The big 5 Can be seen in Uganda’s protected areas of Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park offer a wide range range of wildlife including the 4 members of The Big 5 which are African Elephant, Buffalo, Lion and leopard as must see Wildlife species.

The Rhinos which are Number two under the Big 5 Safari can be seen at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary In Uganda en route Murchison Falls National Park.

Light Breathable clothing are more recommended for the dry season Months. Shorts, Hats and short sleeved polo shirts would come in Handy for Wildlife game drives. For Gorilla trekking Experience in Bwindi Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park, Long Sleeved pants and Shirts are much more recommended.  Good walking Shoes and socks for trapping in the Long Pants are recommended. There are sometimes safari ants to protect your body from hurtful bites.

Insect Repelants and sun screen are a must have for any Ugandan or African safari. Read more on Safari packing List.

The Yellow fever vaccine certificate is the most asked upon arrival in Uganda. A certificate is always required upon boarding to or Arrival into Entebbe international airport for passengers arriving from High risk yellow fever transmition countries and very recommended by World health Organization

It is very important to make sure that all your vaccines are up to-date before you travel to Uganda. Please consult with your clinic or Doctor for possible vaccines before you travel. 

Malaria in Uganda is a rare case now all thanks to the Ugandan government however not completely free. Mosquitos that cause malaria are also rare in areas of high altitudes like Bwindi Forest but more chances in Low altitudes with waters and swamps like Lake Victoria. Make sure you have the right treatment against Malaria before you travel to Uganda or have carried enough Malaria Pills when you travel To Uganda

When is the best time to Visit Uganda By Our Experienced Travel Consultant

Trekking to see mountain gorillas and chimpanzees is a wonderful authentic and lifetime experience given any time of year. Between June and August, is a great time to travel to Uganda as roads are in better condition while primate and wildlife visibility is good for game viewing.

Guma Alex T  –  East Africa Safari Specialist