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Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

Bwindi forest national Park is located in Uganda’s south western Uganda.  Below the equator lies the lush, mountainous forest of Bwindi Forest national Park conserves the country’s most alluring natural apes-550 mountain gorillas and half of the world’s remaining wild population-the primates.  In the year of 2018 its confirmed that there are over 1000 mountain gorillas living in the volcanoe mountains that include Uganda, Rwanda and DRC all thanks to Gorilla Conservation and sustainability initiatives.

Uganda Tourists come to Bwindi forest national park- Uganda’s most popular destinations to track the magnificent apes (More than a hundred of which have been habituated) which involves an adventurous hike tracks through the mist tropical rainforests. There are over 100 other mammals to spot including forest duikers, rare monkeys, olive baboons, bushbucks and black and white colobus, monkeys, elephants. Discover incredible sighting of over 220 species of butterfly and 330 species of wild birds in the jungle.

Last updated information by Uganda wildlife Authority, Update as of December 2020, The two Gorilla habitants host 18 habituated gorilla families for human presence and while one group is reserved for research. Mountain Gorilla Families in Uganda include Mubare, Katwe, Habinyanja, Oruzongo, Kyaguriro, Rushegura, Bitukura, Muzika, Nshongi, Mishaya, Busingye, Kutu, Kahungye, Bikingi, Nkuringo, Christmas, Bushaho, Bweza, and Nyakagezi found in Mgahinga National Park.

Bwindi Forest national Park is proud home to over half of the world mountain Gorillas in the 331 square kilometers protected area.

Gorilla trekking Uganda-There’s absolutely no mistaking the bond between man and the great apes when you go gorilla trekking Uganda in Bwindi Impenetrable national park. The Gorillas are the world great apes and only half of these remaining gentle giants are found only in Uganda. Gorilla walking safaris offers guided Uganda gorilla tour safaris to Bwindi impenetrable park, Mgahinga gorilla national parks, and enjoy gorilla habituation experience in the thick rainy forest.

What To See & Do In Bwindi Forest National Park

Gorilla Trekking
gorilla safaris

Gorilla Trekking is an experience that allows a guest stay with the Mountain Gorillas for an hour unlike Gorilla habituation that allows upto a max of 4 hours with the gentle giants of Bwindi forest national park. The same same route of different route would be used getting back for the Gorilla Trekking or Gorilla Habituation in Bwindi Forest National Park

bird watching

Be the first to see the most famous bird species that include Red-winged Francolin, Red-chested Flufftail, White-naped pigeon, Green-breezed pitta, African Pitta, Joyful Green-bull, Grey-winged Robin, Abssinian Ground Thrush, Grey-throated Flycatcher, Masked and Black-capped Apalises, Uganda woodland Warbler, Chestnut-winged starling, Orange-tufted and Tiny sun birds, Grey-headed Olive-back.

Nature Walks
Gorilla Walking safaris

Bwindi forest national park is widely considered to support the greatest diversity of Africa’s thick forests. The Buhoma area that has more to offer than Gorilla tracking. Five different trails ranging from eight hours from Buhoma offering the opportunity to enjoy the humility of the dense forest and monkey species. There are over 190 bird species recorded in the Buhoma area.

Community Walk
batwa tribe

The Batwa are nomadic hunter-gatherers who once roamed widely across the forest areas. Forced into smaller and smaller areas of the forest over the centuries by other ethnic groups who were farmers and who cleared the trees, the Batwa populations managed to preserve their traditional way of life until relatively recently.

What you must See in Bwindi Forest National Park

Uganda Gorilla Safari

Mountain Gorillas

How to see a group of mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest national park tops the main reason as to why travellers to Uganda come to Bwindi impenetrable National park. On record Gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest national park tops as a tourist destination. A big number of tourists are foreign non residents who pay for gorilla trekking experience a cost of US$700 per person that involves hiking an assigned habituated group.

Gorilla Groups In Bwindi Forest National Park

Ruhija Sector

Ruhija Sector has 4 Groups, with 32 permits available

 Bitukura family—habituated in 2008, 13 family members with Ndahura the dominant silverback.

Oruzogo—habituated in 2011, 22 members, 2 silverbacks with Tibirikwata as the dominant silverback

Mukiza (Kyaguliro B)—15 members with Mukiza as dominant silverback

Kyaguriro—often observed for research purposes, 9 members led by Rukina

Buhoma Sector

Buhoma sector has 4 Gorilla Groups, with 32 available permits

Mubare family—named after the Mubare hills, was the first group habituated in 1991, has 18 members and is led by Ruhondeza Silverback.

Habinyanja family—at one time had over 30 members but split, now 18 member led by Makara Silverback.

Rushegura family—split from Habinyanja, now has 20 members led by Mwirima silverback.

Katwe—has 9 members with Katwe silverback leading the group

Nkuringo Sector

Nkuringo sector has 3 gorilla groups, with 24 permits available

Nkuringo family. leader Rafiki was killed in 2020, family has 12 members led by Rwamutwe Blackback. The hike for tracking the Nkuringo is the most challenging but undoubtedly worthwhile, as it is the most pleasing.

Christmas family—split from Nkuringo, has 6 members led by Christmas Silverback, Rafiki’s brother.

Bushao family — Family has 12 members led by Bahati Silverback.

Rushaga Sector

Rushaga has 8 gorilla groups, with 64 permits per day

Nshongi family—originally the largest group to be habituated, now has 25 members with 2 silverbacks

Mishaya family10 members led by Mishaya Silverback.

Busingye family 10 members let by Busingye Silverback.

Bweeza family 9 members and was habituated in 2011.

Kahungye largest group with 18 members, habituated in 2011.

Bikyingi—12 members and currently being habituated.

Muchunguzi—has 8 members.

Mgahinga Sector

Mgahinga has got 1 gorilla family, with 8 permits available each day

Nyakagezi—has 10 members who are quite big in size.

The Gorilla rules prepare you for Gorilla trekking and gives you guidance on conservation of the mountain Gorillas. Gorilla permits can be obtained at the UWA headquarters in Kampala-Uganda’s capital city.

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Safari Lodges In Bwindi Forest National Park

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge

The Luxury Outfit lodge is a walk away from the Gorilla trailhead of Nkuringo Gorilla Family. The award winning lodge presents one of the most stunning views over the Congo and the Virunga volcanoes.

Nkuringo Mountain Gorilla Lodge

The Gorilla Safari Lodge cottages and lounge presents a double vintage of the jaw dropping scenic views of the Bwindi forest national park and the Virunga Volcanoes on the other side.

Four Gorillas Bwindi Lodge

Four Gorilla Lodge is a small exclusive semi luxury outfit that present serenity, forest feel, privacy and rejuvenation in Bwindi Forest National Park. The Ensuite signature Luxury cottages are surrounded by a dense rainforest of Bwindi


Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp Bwindi, is a luxury facility in Bwindi National Park Buhoma Region. It’s just minutes away from the park headquarter or the starting point.

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