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This is among the smallest parks in Uganda and among the famous due to the fact that it is a home to one of most attractive creatures in the world. Mountain Gorillas are residents in Mgahinga National Park. They are rarely seen elsewhere except in Virunga’s and Bwindi National Park. This makes the park special in the world and Uganda at large.

The park is located in western Uganda on the border of Uganda, Rwanda and democratic republic of Congo. It is managed by Uganda wildlife Authority and very committed to conserve the creatures and the environment as one of the main objectives.

Besides Mountain gorillas, the park has many wonders. It is made up of 3 volcanoes, Mt Muhabura, Sabyinyo and Gahinga where it derived its name. the parks is also a home to another endangered species called the Golden monkeys and daily visits are conducted from the park headquarters to view the magical creatures.

What to see and do in Mgahinga National Park

Gorilla Tracking.

This is the main activity in this park, daily permits are available at the Uganda wildlife Authority for the activity. Tracking starts in the morning, and it requires prior preparation and booking plus purchasing the gorilla permits. The park is home to Nyakagezi Gorilla family and coming into close look at the group is breathtaking.

Golden Monkey Tracking

This is another endangered species in Mgahinga National, rarely seen elsewhere except in Virungas. They are very active though habituated to daily human visits. Be prepared to follow them in the bamboo. They live in troops led by the Alpha male. They are very unique creatures with Golden color

Volcano Hiking

The parks is made up of 3 volcanoes, Mt Muhanura the highest, Sabyinyo and Gahinga. Daily visits are conducted to these volcanoes and each provides different attractions as you hike and also at the peak.  Sabyinyo Hike is the most common one.

Batwa experience

The Batwa people used to stay in Mgahinga forest before it was turned into a national park. They were evicted from the park after being gazetted. They live around the park trying to get used to life outside the forest. There is Batwa experience activity at this park conducted by Batwa guides, the activity includes following the Batwa trail where they show some sighs that they were residents here. There is Ngarama cave where they used to hide in case of war and where their king used to stay. They sing meaningful songs and dance to demonstrate their culture. A visit to the Batwa you will be contributing to wellbeing hence conservation.

Best time to visit Mgahinga national park

The long dry season in Mgahinga is the best time to visit and starts in June to August. The short dry season occurs in the months of January and February, and is again a very good time to travel in Mgahinga Park.

However generally mgahinga being a tropical rain forests the weather is every chilly and rainy if you are OK with this, you can visit all year out.

Our Hand Picked LuxuryLodges in Mgahainga National Park

gahinga lodge

Gahinga Lodge

The Traditional design used to build the spacious lodge; the hand-built Bandas reflect traditions of the local tribes around the area. Each room have ensuite luxury shower, fire place and etc. The dining, the lounge and the gardens all represent the Traditional techniques. The lodge offer luxury services to visitors. The lodge has 8 beautifully established Bandas facing the Virunga Forest

Lake Chahafi Resort

Lake Chahafi Resort

The Resort is located near Kisoro town on the shores of Lake Chahafi. They offer a fine dining, restaurant, good ensuit cabins built using local materials and blend well with the environment. The cabins are named basing on the different birds seen around the place like the Heron, warbler, pelican.

Our Most selling Trips That Include Mgahinga National Park

Luxury Safari Uganda

6 Days Hiking in Mgahinga Gorilla Park

Discover an enthusiast nature adventurer with 6 day Hiking Mgahinga Gorilla park that will set you to hike or climb. Trek and see the rare endangered Mountain Gorillas up close in their natural habitat, then this is just your Safari pick.

fly in luxury safaris

14 Days Fly-To Kidepo

Fly- Kidepo National Park Authentic Uganda Safari, on the northern boundaries of Uganda in the hidden treasures of the wilderness to start Uganda Safari and end it in all way down in Rwanda.