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It is found in Murchison falls National Park; Nile Safari Lodge is strategically located offering visitors a magical escape in the luxurious setting. Escape the ordinary by choosing this lodge and get a chance to see one of the longest River in the world. The lodge has trained staff delivering quality services to visitors.

At the lodge, they believe in conservation and with this passion, they aim to protect, conserve and teach the local people around about wildlife and eco system. This makes the communities involved in the conservation system by encouraging tours which include communities around. This promotes sustainable tourism and more measures for conservation of wildlife.

Some of the community initiatives include Adungu wild Band. Once you are at the lodge, you will enjoy the musical Band and Dancers called the Mubako sounds of the river Nile. The group entertain visitors with good sounds of the Adungu following cultural songs. Tipping these people, you will be helping the local people around the park directly.

Borehole Construction and Maintenance. The lodge modernized and restored the important boreholes for providing water around the people near Mubako. This is very beneficial to the local people around as they can get safe water easily.

Bandas and Family Villas.

They have 8 Luxurious bandas designed to make visitors feel at home, the Bandas have modern interiors giving privacy and comfort. Since the lodges aim at responsible tourism, the bandas have thatched roof, with seating and bed areas.  The toilets and Bathrooms are ensuite and a private viewing with a swing chair.

Deluxe Bandas:

They provide quality and luxury services, the 6 Deluxe Bandas have traditional freestanding bathtub, indoor and outside showers designed to appreciate nature.

Exclusive Banda

This offers fabulous views floating in the plunge of pool, on one of the longest rivers in the world.  The rooms allow you to enjoy the sunrise and sunsets, as the night comes a private candlelit dinner is offered at the bank of the river. At night, a visitor will start gaze on the outside bed setting.

Family villa

The family Villa is suitable for the groups, it has master bedrooms, and four single beds, it can take 4 adults and four children. It is a perfect room for families, group tours, friends and etc. Among the hidden treasures of the Villa include, spacious living room, private terrace, private camp fire, private swimming pool with beautiful view of the surroundings.

What to see and do in Nile Safari Lodge

Game drives:

This is one of the main activities in Murchison falls National Park. With a nice stay at Nile safari Lodge, visitors can enjoy game drive on the biggest park of Uganda. The drive may reward visitors with sightings of the residents of this park. Some of them include, elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards, antelopes and different types of birds.

Boat cruise at the bottom of Murchison falls:

This normally do not miss out on the itineraries of visitors coming to this park. The thrill of sailing on the magnificent falls on one of the longest rivers in the world, there is no enough words to explain. Along the cruise, enjoy the crocodiles basking alongside the river, different bird species, hippos, and the powerful falls

Visit the top of the falls:

Some visitors prefer to go there by boat, then hike to the top of the falls, while there is also another option of going in a safari car. Here you observe plenty of water trying to squeeze into a narrow gorge. The experience is spectacular.

Rhino Tracking:

This can be visited on the way to Murchison falls or back, it is done on Ziwa Rhino sanctuary in Nakitoma. Rhino viewing is done on foot followed by trained guides. Enjoy them while looking out for different birds and antelopes around the bush.

Chimpanzee Tracking:

This amazing activity can be done in Budongo forest just near Murchison falls National Park. Starting with briefing by trained guides, visitors enter the forest to encounter the close relatives of humans. Budongo is a natural forest also known to be home to many birds and butterflies and not forgetting the natural trees and plants.

Spot fishing:

The experience of catching a Nile perch or Tilapia on river Nile is superlative, for this activity, visitors are advised to carry their own fishing equipment and booking in advance is paramount.

Bird watching:

Murchsion falls is a birders paradise, on the birding watching trip in Murchison, you may see birds like African fish eagle, crested crane can be spotted.

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