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The lodge is found in Kibale National Park just next to the starting point for most of the activities in the park. This makes Primate lodge Kibale to be number one choice in Kibale. They have 9 luxury cottages deep in the forest. Imagine sleeping privately in your cottage, and in the morning, you wait to be welcomed by the different melodies of different birds in the forest and chimps.

The cottages are ensuite, with sitting area and comfortable chairs for you to relax and enjoy the good views of the forest. There is also a honey moon cottage. This is spacious and suitable for honey mooner and also for other anniversaries. The cottage also is privately built in the forest with private veranda facing the forest.

Both international and traditional African Dishes are served here, the chefs have experience and they are trained to prepare different types of food. Delicious meals are served in the dining room with a lot of love and care.  The lodge has a well- stocked bar with different drinks, like coffee and etc. All these are located in the lush green forest and you will be taking food and drinks while appreciative the magical forest.

At primate you will be listening to the chattering of red- tailed monkeys in the forest while in the open lounge area with comfortable large chairs and sofas. The lounge will make you relax from the different activities in the forest like chimpanzee Tracking and habituation. The camp fire will also enable you share stories with fellow visitors, it may be about different activities or destinations.


They have spacious dining terrace, a well-stocked bar, a massage parlor, a secluded lounge area with a small library, complimentary room service, camp fire, free Wi Fi and free laundry services.

What to see and do in Primate lodge Kibale

Chimpanzee Tracking:

This is the main activity in this park. For most of the visitors coming to Kibale, chimpanzee tracking is the pulling factor. The activity starts from Kanyanchu visitor center in the morning. Tracking time is unpredictable as it depends on the movement of primates but after finding them, spend 1 hour enjoying the magical creatures.

Chimpanzee habituation:

This activity is enjoyed by visitors who prefer to enjoy more the primates, The activity involves going with researchers and rangers who are on the team of habituating chimpanzees. They will be doing their work of making the chimpanzees familiar to human presence, the visitors will also be enjoying following the group and noticing different behaviors.

Bigodi swamp walk:

Bigodi swamp walk is becoming popular to visitors, most of clients after exploring the chimps, they head to the walk. Bigodi walk is guided and the guides will be explaining each and every attraction in the swamp. There are different animals like monkeys Red Tailed Monkey, Grey Cheeked Mangabey, Olive Baboon, and different bird species.

Nature walks:

After enjoying the Chimpanzee tracking or habituation, there is another interesting activity in the forest “the nature walk”, This will may reward you with other forest residents which you missed seeing on chimpanzee tracking some of them include, forest hogs, butterflies, duikers, elephants and etc. For this activity, visitors should be accompanied by the ranger for security.

Community visits:

After Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale, A visitor can decide and spend the evening with the local people around the park, Bigodi Community offers cultural village walk, Tinkas Homestead, traditional meals and handcraft demonstrations.

Birding in Kibale

Kibale National Park is a spot for birds, many different forest birds are residents in this great forest. The recorded birds are 375. Some of the birds include, green breasted pitta and many others.

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