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Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp Bwindi, is a luxury facility in Bwindi National Park Buhoma Region. It’s just minutes away from the park headquarter or the starting point. The lodge blends well with the environment of the African mountain rain forest. This is proved by the once in a while visitor the mountain gorillas appearing around the lodge.

The Camp is composed of 10 luxury tents, providing exclusive services to the visitor. The lodge also allows interactions with the local people around and has benefited the community around by funding some local projects like schools and hospitals. The lodge has support chairs which can be used on weak and less able guests to be carried in the park and track mountain gorillas.


Their spacious tents are made using indigenous prints and furniture made from natural materials. More over the beddings are draped in neutral toned linens and local artefacts to ensure a memorable experience while at the lodge. The Bathrooms are ensuite stone walled and a free-standing bath for feeling relaxed from the exhausting activity. The morning sun shine will beautify the place the more when the trees around the lodges starts to shine plus different noise of birds around the area.

What to see and do in Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp Bwindi

Gorilla Tracking:

This is the Highlight of visiting Bwindi National Park. People come from different countries and view the close the Relative of humans. The camp is just few minutes away the starting point giving it a green light to be the perfect place to spend nights for the great adventure.


Bwindi have biodiversity of species and birds is part of the species. The forest is known for 350 species of birds and some of them are endemic species. For birders, the lodge can arrange an experienced guide to take you through the experience.

The Batwa experience:

These are indigenous people who used to live in the forest before it was gazetted into a national park. Currently they live around the park. Interacting with the local community is superlative, the full day activity involves a 3-hour walk followed by one hour spent with them. Walking back to the camp its two hours. They do hunt techniques, music and dance and etc.

Nature walk:

The camp offers a guided Nature walk to Munyaga water fall, the walk takes approx. 3 hours to and from and starts from the park headquarters. On the walk, you may see different types of monkeys like black and white monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees and etc.

Community and Philanthropy Tour:

The tour will pass through a tea farming project, here you will see the tea pickers and experience the way they pluck out the tea leaves, visit the Bwindi women bicycle enterprise and bead making, continue to the Ebenezer Nursery and primary school and Bwindi community Hospital and Nursery school.

Restaurant, Bar and Spa

In a strategically location area, the lodge have a designed communal place with a stocked bar and beautiful dining area. Many visitors sit around the fire place interacting and sharing experiences about different adventures. The place is overlooking the spectacular forest which gives a visitor an assurance of nature feeling.

Meals have simple flavors fresh local ingredients are also available to taste, for instance the traditional smoked beef in peanut source with Millet bread. The chefs are experts in cooking different types of food just feel free and enjoy the stay.

The camp offers the services of massage, it is a good way to end day and to relax from gorilla tracking activity and etc. The spa breathes the spirit and environment of the forest and it’s a natural enhancement of the gorilla experience. The specialist uses herbal hydrating facials pedicure and manicures and etc.

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