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Gorilla Trekking And What You Need To Know About Mountain Gorillas

Gorilla trekking: famously known a one in a lifetime wildlife encounter. Gorilla trekking still ranks as the most wanted or desired wildlife encounter in the world after the famous Big 5 safari in Africa, Or let’s say East Africa. Gorilla Trekking is absolutely possible in Bwindi forest national Park Uganda, The virunga volcanoes Rwanda and the Virunga mountains in Congo. Trekking and knowing mountain gorillas is a super ultimate once in a lifetime experience, but is this what it is for many enthusiastic travelers to Africa or more so to East Africa? Lets brainstorm some awesome facts about Gorilla trekking in-depth understanding of the Mountain Gorillas.

Gorillas are strong and muscular: Visible on a gorilla trekking safari

Absolutely misunderstood by many that haven’t been first hand encounters of the Gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda. Some would mistake this for a tiny monkey that lives in the forest but to a surprise, Gorillas born are always mascular. Well, some things are very hard to understand if you are not a scientist. Gorillas spend a whole day eating greens as in green grass, foliage and fruits but they are very strong and muscular. Does that say the benefits of going green or being vegetarian?   For many we know here that eating greens or vegetables will help you lose weight which is not the same way with our close relatives in the jungle. A giant male Gorilla can weigh up to a whooping 250 kilograms for lifetime of grass feeding.

Don’t get it wrong, Gorillas are much stronger than the average human, so they could easily hurt us if they choose to. That being said, if you keep your distance and don’t make eye contact or behave threateningly, you are likely to have a peaceful Ultimate Gorilla trekking experience with a mountain gorilla!

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Vigorous Chest beating.  Mountain Gorillas have about 16 ways of communication and the common and mostly known to us is chest beatings and making noise. Have you seen that some where in movies or pictures illustrating this?

Mountain Gorillas use their palms to beat their chest up in excitement or anger when they sometimes stand on their legs and can do a very big harm if you are so close in that state of anger. However, the mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable national Park and Volcanoes National park are well habituated for human presence hence no harm. While on a gorilla trekking experience in uganda or Rwanda, Mountain Gorillas’ act of chest beating is an exciting and rewarding encounter to marvel at. You should definitely go on a gorilla trekking experience sometime. You will definitely love it.

Mountain Gorillas are Apes not monkeys, That’s for a fact!!

Mountain Gorillas are closely related to humans in many ways, the DNA proved at least 98%. They are 5 groups of great apes and a Mountain gorilla is one group that is neither a monkey nor a chimp. They have specific details like not having a tail. Is that’s an awesome finding? You thought its some kind of monkey, but No they aren’t, They Are Apes and in the primate family.

Unlike the other four types of apes a gorilla eats very less banana and even if they try, they eat almost row bananas. The mountain Gorillas will also go past fresh or meat and concentrate 98% on shrubs, tree backs and shoots unlike some other primate like chimpanzees that will definitely rush for fresh meat.  On record, A community of chimps can tear up a baboon or monkey in pieces and in micro seconds for a meal. NOT for the Mountain Gorillas.

Gorilla Safari

A Mountain Gorilla does not make good pets.

Noo Not a pet atleast: Ever seen one of those little juvenile mountain Gorillas in movies or pictures? They look adorable and sweet but same time in reality not be as cute and exiting at the same time as it seems. Hmm they will stop at that because we are almost the same in everything and the thinking. They wont make good pets that’s for sure however much a pet they seem to be. Ever lived with a stubborn kid in the house that likes to do what he prefers and not mind what others think of him or her, being in own world we say? Thats a kind of Mountain Gorilla behaviour.

You will not see it as a pet at home. A mountain Gorilla will behave just like human or just like you and competing for everything, did you know that a mountain Gorilla is very huge and heavy than any human being? The most last attempt to think about is marking their territory inside your house. you don’t want to start this kind of trouble, do you?

They have habits you likely don’t want in your house—like when they reach an older age they isolate themselves at the same time youth full gorillas are heads of the family not you in this case. You don’t want that, I doubt you do.

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Mountain Gorillas do not eat bananas. Never!!!

As we all know that monkeys like eating a lot of bananas well it’s not the case with the Mountain Gorillas. Yes, they may eat a little bit of the bananas but they spend most of the time eating fresh vegetation’s and foliage leaves. That’s been a long eating behavior of mountain Gorillas and a common sighting when you go gorilla trekking.

The types of bananas they eat are mostly the raw ones and less fruit eating as well. It’s very hard to admit but gorillas do not eat too much fruits. Actually, the kind they eat may not even be tested by any human being. Those tiny bits that grow on trees in the forests and shrub stems.

Going for a gorilla trekking experience in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo is something you would like to add to your bucket list sometime so you can have firsthand information about more facts on Mountain Gorillas. The Guides with you on the mountain Gorilla trekking experience have a lot to share with you on these awesome gentle giants.

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