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Mountain Gorilla Trekking Uganda or Rwanda?

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda or Rwanda?

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills can be seen only in the volcanoes national park at $1500 per person on a one time basis. Driving from the capital kigali/ the international airport of Rwanda to the volcanoes national park takes you a few ours less or plus three hours. (-/+ 3hours)

Virunga National park can also be accessible my aircrafts. This arranged earlier prior to your arriving, this may be totally impossible if not booked in advance. Most likely you will see the gorillas and spend about one hour with them in the wild as a conservation measure to avoid stressing the gorillas in their natural habitant..

Bwindi impenetrable national park in Uganda the pearl Of Africa is a home of the biggest number of Mountain Gorillas in world. You can trek mountain gorillas of Uganda at $700 per person for 1 hour and a habituation experience for $1500 per person for 4 hours max.

Driving from Entebbe to the park takes roughly -/+ 8 hours. The drive however is so beautiful with a lot of nice scenic views with Lake Mburo national park along the road that gives you a sample of the wild life along the way while driving past

Not only by is it by road, you can access the park by Charter flights in case you would love to fly to Bwindi. Easy to book though it is recommended booking in advance to be sure have a chance on the scheduled flight.

Uganda however has another place for gorillas in Mgahinga national park in kisoro. Both Gorilla trekking national parks are bumpy and dusty roads while approaching with long hours of driving. Regardless, it is worth it as Bwindi has the advantage over Rwanda of having more to do with additional experiences with wildlife and cultural community projects.

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So Is it Gorilla Trekking Uganda Or Rwanda?

This is totally not a personal my personal opinions considering different tastes and preferences but this is a guideline to personal decision making however anyone can undertake a gorilla trekking experience any where in either Uganda or Rwanda but physical demanding shouldn’t be underestimated. One thing to put out though is that in Uganda and Rwanda there is a possibility for the “African Helicopter” for those that cant handle hiking and long walks. This is a stretcher like chair that local communities carry you on to and from the gorillas that comes at a fee of $300 per person so not to be left out if you prefer to Go this way. This are community initiatives that communities benefit from.

Gorillas in Rwanda are much more accessible due to having very short treks; the forest is not as steep and dense as well giving much older persons or the disabled a chance not to tire out. Even when the treks are short the altitude here is high, keeping this in mind will help if you know the effects it comes along with. Mountain gorillas of Uganda however need some tough trekking gear and a very nice and warm breakfast. With the true natural dense thick forest is where the Bwindi gets its name of Bwindi impenetrable forest.

It is thick and dense, steep, slippery and long treks giving the whole gorilla trekking experience meaning, though you will not take long to find the giant apes at the end which is also 99% chances.
Whichever country you chose to trek the mountain Gorillas it is a life time achievement and worth all the troubles. Here below are some of the Highlights and lowlights for each country that can be helpful in making decisions for Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Safari Uganda
Baby Gorilla In Bwindi National Park Uganda

Gorilla Trekking Highlight Part Of Uganda:

Uganda Gorilla Permits cost USD 700 for tracking by Uganda wildlife Authority while Habituation costs $1500 per person. Discounted gorilla permits cost $400.

The Jaw dropping scenery to and from the Gorilla trekking in Uganda is magical which includes lakes, terrace rolling hills and lush green vegetation.

In Addition, Bwindi is home to more than 400 of the 1063 registered endangered mountain gorillas Meaning almost half of the worlds mountain Gorillas.

Uganda Gorilla Lodges are Top Notch with a variety of Budget, midrange & Luxury accommodation facilities near or around the national parks.

Uganda Has special resident and foreign resident rates. The amounts paid are absolutely favourable

Uganda is blessed with much more wildlife, birdlife, and exciting activities offered in Uganda. So there is a lot for choice to do in combination with Gorilla Trekking in Uganda.

Uganda’s Bwindi Forest with Mgahinga has more families habituated for human presence while more groups are coming up. Meaning, there are more chances for getting a Gorilla Permit.

Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks can be easily accessible while flying in through Kigali or through Entebbe. It only 3 hours drive from Kigali airport to The Uganda boarder where mghahinga Gorillas can be tracked and its an hour flying from Entebbe.

Uganda Gorilla permit price 20% revenue goes to community development which creates sustainability of the communities around the park.

Golden Monkeys in Mghahinga can be combined easily with Gorilla tracking while in Mgahinga National park.

Uganda is blessed with much more wildlife, birdlife, and exciting activities offered in Uganda. So there is a lot for choice to do in combination with Gorilla Trekking in Uganda.

Uganda Offers a opportunity for gorilla habituation, A Gorilla encounter for 4 good hours at a cost of $1500.

The two Gorilla National Parks ( Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National park) are UNESCO world herritage sites

Uganda’s artificial language is English which is commonly spoken by natives, The rangers for the Gorilla trekking, site and driver guides

Gorilla Trekking Lowlight Part of Uganda:

Uganda’s long driving distance from Entebbe International Airport (EBB) to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is Roughly 10 hours however, the same distance is possible in ½ hours by a charter domestic flight that’s costs roughly $290

Uganda’s Bwindi forest is still remote and mountainous, This makes the roads bumpy and some others are unaccesible. In the rainy seasons, landslides are common.

Unlike Rwanda, Uganda Bwindi Forest doesn’t have a Baby Gorilla Naming ceremony. Some special occasion with Rwanda.

As the name suggests, Bwindi impenetrable forest :, The vegetation is dense which makes it tricky taking pictures, You need concentration, a good camera, great walking shoes, long sleeves. But when you are ready for the experience, The Photos in the Bwindi with less sun are magical.

The Local charter flights from Entebbe tend to be Expensive, but with a travel agents you can get you good rates withing your total package.

Unlike Rwanda, Bwindi Gorilla trekking points are different which require you to book the right Family next to the lodge. Rwanda’s briefing points are different.

Gorilla Safari Tour
A Baby Gorilla In Virunga national Park

Gorilla Trekking Highlight part of Rwanda:

Rwanda Virunga National Park is is not dense which presents an awesome opportunity to take very great photographs.

Golden monkey tracking can be done in the same park. More reason to stay more around the Park and engage in different activities

Being a small country, Rwanda’s roads to and from the park are super good asphalt easily accessible and in very good condition until the briefing point

Rwanda has the famous baby naming ceremony where babies born during the year are collectively given names.

Rwanda driving distance to the Gorillas Park is short as -/+ 3 hours from the airport unlike the -/+ 9 hours from Entebbe to the Bwindi. Also its more shorter to drive from Kigali Airport to Bwindi in Uganda.

There is a possibility to hike the volcanoes as an added activity in Rwanda including hiking the Nyiragongo volcano _ One that is still active.

All Activities for gorilla tracking Gorillas, Golden monkeys and, hiking are done from once central office which makes it easier to coordinate all activities

Uganda Gorilla Safari
Adult male Gorilla in Virunga National Park Rwanda

Gorilla Trekking Lowlight Part of Rwanda:

Rwanda unfortunately does not offer the awesome Gorilla Habituation experience as Uganda does. Its strictly Gorilla Tracking and costs same price as Gorilla habituation in Uganda (4 Good Hours with the mountain gorilla)

Gorilla Permits in Rwanda are quiet expensive and go for $1500 cutting across all kinds of citizenships. This More than doubles the Gorilla Permits in Uganda that go for $700 per person Foreign residents with reduced rates for residents and Citizens.

Gorilla permits in Rwanda are limited to only 80 permits a day in the ten groups. So last minute or few months to travel scenarios would be challenge securing a Gorilla Permit especially in the High Season.

There are limited accommodation facilities and these are also expensive in and around the park which in most cases cater for, and the ones available in the parks are pretty expensive, catering only for the luxury clients.

Rwanda’s Gorilla permit revenue Only 10% goes back to the community thereby experiencing a lot of Gorilla conservation challenges.

Rwanda does not have much to offer other than the Akagera National park and Nyungwe National park for the chimpanzees. There is basically few things to combine the Gorilla trek with.

Rwanda Communication is a challenge with the rangers, porters and conservationists. Locals speak a lot of French and Kinyarwanda only and rarely speak English

Since the park is on the Virunga volcanoes, The hike involves an elevation to find the Gorillas which is a little more difficult.

Since the park is on the Virunga volcanoes, The hike involves an elevation to find the Gorillas which is a little more difficult.

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