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How to Go on Vacation in East Africa without Going into Debt

When we talk about a vacation in East Africa all people think of it is very expensive. Yeas east Africa is not cheap at all nor is the expense that one of taking you to debt. Different reason why we travel and these will determine the costs and rates of a vacation in east Africa.
Whether you’re planning to head on a Uganda gorilla safari or Kenya masai mara, the serengeti in Tanzania ,the whole east Africa or planning ahead for your dream vacation in east Africa into a more exotic safari destination, going on vacation doesn’t have to mean going into debt.

In fact, with a little bit of planning, you can enjoy your next holiday without worrying about how much it will cost but how much will you enjoy.


Did you know these, on vacation in east Africa?

How much will my trip cost? This is not about the air tickets and accommodations in uganda but a whole lot of each expense. These will include the following.

• Passports and Visas – If you have a valid passport make sure it is allowed in that state and get all the visa fees and If you need special documents. In east Africa let’s say you are not allowed to enter without a yellow fever vaccine.

• Luggage – Visit your airline’s website to determine any restrictions and additional fees in case of excess, you should be aware of before you start packing.

• Vaccinations – Check whether or not you will need vaccinations, and for any other health documents like the covid 19 certificates ate pcr tests to be aware of in advance, as this may influence the items you purchase to pack for your trip.

• Insurance – Before you buy insurance, check if you can get any special or if the facilities you’re going to use offer insurance for something’s to help .

• Car rental or Public Transportation – Think about getting to and from the airport, airport parking, getting to and from your destination, local transportation. East Africa Car rental or a full east African safari package.

• Activities and Sites – Research the attractions and activities you would like to do. How much does it cost for foreign national, things like a Gorilla permit in Uganda and a gorilla permit in Rwanda. The costs are completely different though these are just cross border animals.

• Beverages and Food – Think about your meals, snacks and treats throughout the trip .Are you in for full board arrangements of accommodations in uganda or you feel like buying simple meals all the time. Actually these cost a little higher that what you think.

• Spending Money – How much extra cash do you want to keep aside for shopping and/or souvenirs?

• Exchange – You will likely need to exchange some money in advance, so be sure to check the rates with your bank. Rates change over time, but it is useful to remember that this will be a factor in the cost of your trip.

• Miscellaneous – Do you need a new bathing suit? Special hiking shoes? International chargers? Extra data? Or these you can improvise with your own hiking boots, swimming suite as well as jackets and stockings.

The objective here isn’t to overwhelm yourself; it is to simply make the most realistic estimate of your costs so that you can plan more effectively and what extra fee would you need just in case. Once you’ve got a clearer picture of the overall price tag, then you’re good to go.


How will I pay for my trip or vacation in east Africa?

The best way to me to travel in east Africa would be saving up some cash for sure. But according to research and all the digital error now you can with the following to travel.

Cash/ money – To me this would be the best in east Africa because here it is s till a developing country and those things of credit do not actually work. They want to be paid there and then.
While this is obviously the ideal option, it will also take more planning and working as hard for some time as you save up this cash. After finding out how much the trip cost now its time to save up as you book the trip for those months.

Savings and credit– Given the circumstances of your work and the period when your trip will be. Having some cash may speed up the process as you pay for the air fear and accommodations with credit cards.

Credit only – I do not recommend this at all but some people have got a plan and how to work and sort this out. A debt-free lifestyle is unbeatable at all times.

Travel in law season


Managing your costs while traveling can be tricky – it can be easy to get carried away and tempting to use your credit card, but you can set yourself up for success. Plan ahead. Make all your payments ahead of your trip and carry some cash for souvenirs and a few un predictable issues.

This helps when you reach on ground not to be forced paying extra for this and that and you well know what activities you paid for and accommodations to use.
When you choose a self-drive safari that has no booking at all, you will be surprised to find a lot of expenses waiting for you to your trip. Because it was neither planned nor booked in advance so you actually do not know how much you will be spending.

Starting each day with a number in mind, it is much easier to stay on track. Being flexible and creative in travel most especially in the vacation of east Africa should be a priority. Timing is everything, especially when it comes to safaris. Dealing with wildlife in their natural habitat is kind of hard. The more flexible you can be with your travel dates, the more opportunities you can exploit for east African safaris.
If you are already in debt I suggest you plan and save for the next time as well as talking to tour operators for better deals and low season offers.