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Kenya Safari: 5 Top Reasons Why you Should visit Kenya

If you have already set your heart for Africa, with no doubt you have your mind set to the right adventurous Kenya safari and fun of a lifetime when you finally decide. Ohh and have you made up your mind for which African safari destination you have opted for, maybe you would love to understand why we love Kenya and the famous Kenya safari experiences. Seen those magical Nat Geo escapades on Tv and wondered where these were filmed, there are chances that these are from the different wilderness Kenya safari magical expeditions, the many special wilderness places Kenya prides with. Here are some beautiful reasons why we find Kenya so special and 5 awesome top reasons why you may need to consider visiting Kenya.

Luxury Safari Kenya

Great Migration Kenya Safari: The 8thWorld Wonder:

Of course this would top as the major reasons why you must Visit Kenya and absolutely do a Kenya Safari. Let’s take a keen look. Where in the world would you visualise sited in a safe zone and in a wilderness witnessing actions of nature excite your inner feelings? The wildebeest migration is a famously known worldwide as the 9th world wonder, We are talking about the 9th most beautiful and spectacle thing to spectate at in a wilderness. We are talking about thousands and hundreds of wildebeests, zebras and impalas making their annual Move from one country to another, not in safe zone but rather scrambling for survival as predators await them in the river, which some cross and other predators on the land await for the survivors of the deadly Crocodile fested brown river? This migration safari is a one in a million must see in a lifetime and if you don’t get addicted to the action, you will definitely return. The wildebeest migration takes place between June and October each year. Its magical and its phenomenal.

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Tropical Nice Weather

Kenya is one of the countries positioned on the equator, one of the countries cut across by the Equator line from Uganda side on the west and into the ocean on the east side. What does this mean, Super great weather all year around including hot sunny days. If you are one that would like to have a different weather, while you get rid of the woollen winter jackets, long pants, scarfs around winter times, then Kenya is just the perfect place to be. A Kenya Safari and the hot dazzling bright clear skies of the numerous beaches is something you would love to do. From safari straight to relaxing at the beach immersed in free clear air. Its been groaning of the wildebeests or roars of the lions and cries of hyenas to listening sounds of water waves and spectating at sparkling bright skies at dawn. Doesn’t this feel refreshing and special?

Variety Of Accommodation Options.

There will never be lack of accommodations in Kenya and they will always be so available in all price ranges. Whether you are a looking for Midrange accommodations, High end luxury outfits, Tented camps or would like to rough it out a little bit, There are also extensive camping options and very well located in centric areas with easy access to wildlife sighting areas. The budget for any Kenya safari comes with the consideration of the kind of accommodations preferred, basically you would never run out of ideas for accommodation options anywhere during a Kenya safari. However, recommended to book in advance because the best ones fill up so quick.

Luxury Safari Kenya

Vibrant Wildlife Encounters & Its people

If there is any place I have personally seen and been close to any wildlife action experience was on a Kenya safari and if there is any place, I have found beautiful nice people like in Uganda, that was in Kenya. Being a wildlife safari destination with all sorts of wildlife game from national parks to conservancies, Kenya is blessed to present the best wildlife encounters to any safari lovers. On a single game drive safari, be sure to see lions stalking their prey, or witness hyenas trying steal lions’ fresh prey, jackals playing hide and seek to steal Cheetah prey, thousands of Vultures flying in circles around predators’ meals to take a share or more so witness an elusive leopard quietly stalk their prey, succeeding and see how  it hurriedly hauling it up in the tree hiding it from other predators. The people in Kenya are some of the friendliest people on the African continent. From day you arrive in Kenya during safari and at the beaches, you will never feel different and yes, they make the experiences in Kenya memorable.


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The Kenya beaches

Never under estimate the luxury of laying back at a beach after a week of sunny and dusty safari in the Mara, Tsavo West & east, Amboseli or Samburu Kenya safari adventures. Kenya presents a wide variety of beach holiday destination that can be combined with safari in any of the national parks. From Mombasa, beautiful Lamu, Diani and Malindi beaches with many others offer a quiet ambience of relaxation any beach lover would fall for. The coastal beaches are a place to indulge in cultural and the special Arabic cuisines with the special street foods and the great Swahili old town historical architecture. Then there is the Taraab music roaming the Kenya’s coastal beach city streets something that winds and marks up a Kenya safari as unforgettable.

When is the best time to Visit Kenya for Safari?

Kenya is an all year around tourist destination country and has all year good weather for visiting. However, the best time is always the summer season and the time for the wildebeest migration Safari. The “Gnus” wildebeest with zebras start congregating on the grummet river in Tanzania ready to cross the river into the Mara national reserve Kenya. So, a Kenya safari is great in the months of start June till October when they start returning back to Tanzania.

Kenya has two rainy seasons and these are from November till mid-December and march till mid-May. The roads in the national reserves are slippery due to the heavy rains but dry out so quick with a little sunshine over the skies. So, the summer season is absolutely the best time to travel to Kenya.

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