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Latest travel trends in 2024

2022 and 2023 travel trends were all about a return to travel, while in the middle of 2023 we started seeing a little bit more. Travellers have been in full gear with the skies, rails, roads, and seas to cross off goals on their bucket lists with luxury safaris and extreme adventures.

In 2023 we have been able to witness traveling for the very first time in the first tourist trip into space.

We expect travelers In 2024 travel trends to be now more relaxed after covid and putting their personal needs first. Valuing deeper experiences that leave a positive impact, time spent with loved ones, and wellness moments that last well after checkout.

Taking time to choose destination carefully and understanding what is really important to them in that travel destination. Luxury is expected to be more and more advantaged because people like  to enjoy the silence and the stars, indulging in our love of food in new and interesting places, and immersing ourselves in wellness practices that help us live longer.

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Here are some of the new travel trends in 2024

1 – Sustainable travel

Like in 2023, sustainable travel trend is still very much on the agenda, with many travelers weighing up their destination options and considering alternate modes of transportation. With the world changing there is so much desire to travel and connect as well as travel to maintain.

Sustainable travel is all about connecting with what we find as well as leaving it intact and well preserved for future generations. This is through various ways like, choosing to reduce carbon footprint.

Guma T Alex, CEO for Gorilla Walking Safaris, says “Sustainability efforts in Africa are driving more of the local communities to preserve there attractions , this is in return forcing the travel community to jump on travelling more in support of these community works as well”.

People are choosing to travel in large numbers, group travelling this means sharing a ride and reducing the carbon prints and travelling off-season to avoid large and potentially destructive crowds.”

New itineraries are attractive to those wanting to step a bit off the main tourist trail and walking itineraries will continue to grow as an alternative way to travel in a certain destination other than driving around it.

2 – Longer Stays

travel trends

Most Africa destination for example are increasingly becoming more and more expensive, in addition to the airfares becoming increasingly more and more expensive. Travellers are opting for longer holidays to rinse more value out of their fees by staying longer, than coming and having to come again.

Prices will not be going down any time soon, depending on where you are coming from, this is due to different economic aspects of life. Travellers who are willing to spend more on these tickets have to think twice of the destinations.

It seems travellers are taking longer breaks in 2024, and during these longer breaks they are planning on ticking a few bucket-list countries off the list at once. Cross border safaris are on arise from countries that are close to each other like Gorillas of Uganda and Kenya wildlife safari.

This travel trend has always been prevalent in east Africa due to the short distances between the countries of Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania, compared to the rest of the world and of the African countries.


3 – Safari

Safari Vehicles

Uganda was ranked number of top travel destination on 2024 by the bradit guides, not only Uganda but also a lot of African countries are increasingly gaining travel momentum. Travellers are growing interest in wildlife-centered tours, and more travellers headed to Africa, it’s no surprise that Safari tours are back on the menu!

Transportation used to be a hindrance in the travel industry to Africa safaris but now with the increase in airlines Africa is a hot cake dessert. What was once considered a travel style for the Western elite is now affordable to all.

Africa destination countries have created good roads, alternative ways of transport, affordable accommodations and sustainable attractions to pullout the big numbers. However, Africa safaris are quite pricey and will not easy if not planned well. We can see that this increase, will keep going up as they feel the only way to reduce touristy places increase in prices and allocating money to conservation.

The common conception that Safari tours were for older couples has now shifted to young generation that are in sustainability travel and visiting local communities and learning more about the vast cultures within.


4 – Bleisure – blending business and leisure

This travel trend maybe one of those that will increase steadily every year will out a slow back. Thanks to remote travel and more and more companies giving their employees work from anywhere allowances. ‘Bleisure’ (that’s business + leisure) is the hottest travel trend taking off, especially in younger demographics who have perfected the art of the work life balance.

This travel trend has been more embraced by the young generations. It is very easy for them to combine work and travel at the same time. Studies have shown that in lodges and hotels clients have increased to ask foe wifi, privacy like a working area alone, conference rooms and more of quite.

These are signs of working while we travel


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