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Africa Safari Tours and Gorilla trekking in Uganda is the best activity to do on your travel buckets list. Gorilla Walking Safaris has for the past 10 Years Mastered the art Of Africa safari tours, we absolutely understand that an inspirational journey isn’t just about an Africa Safari tour. We understand it’s also about comfort and style not loosing any and taking into detail of every trip.

From Spectacular savanna teemed with immense herds of game, snow capped mountains to the famous and finest ultimate African wildlife encounters In Africa’s Thick forests, Our Team has put together some inspirational Africa safari tours & Trips with a combination of awesome top-notch safari Lodges

Whether you fancy Luxury Africa safari Tours, slumbering in Africa iconic safari lodges and camps, our Professional staff will create African safari tours to Match Your Interests ready at any time to provide you with everything you need for an ultimate and inspirational gorilla trekking Uganda safari

Kindly take all the below crafted itineraries as tailor made ideas for better planning. Treat all pricing as a guide only while you get in touch for a perfect tailor made itinerary and pricing on Luxury Africa safari Tours,

More Inspiring Luxury Africa safari Tours

Browse & Choose from Luxury Africa safari Tours ideas, craft your own signature fully planned expeditions with our East African Safari Experts who provide enriching and in depth Africa safari destination information.

Combine an Africa safari tour Beyond Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda and explore Kibale Forest National Park, famous for highest primate density than any other region on earth. Trek Chimpanzees and mountain Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda while combining this with either Kenya & Tanzania on One African Safari tour while slumbering at some of the Top notch Africa safari lodges and camps.

4 Days Gorilla Safari Uganda | 4 Days | 3 Nights From $ 1750 per person

The 4 days gorilla safari starts from Kigali Rwanda and ends in Kigali Rwanda but trek the mountain gorillas in Uganda. This Gorilla Uganda Safari is an ultimate short trip for those that want to have the gorillas off the bucket list and prefer to do it in style. It also presents an opportunity for local encounters.

6 Days Gorillas & Classic Uganda Safari | 6 Nights | 5 Nights. From $ 2680 per person

Embark on a journey towards Bwindi forest trekking the mountain Gorilla. The Gorillas and Uganda Safari presents a chance to Trek Gorillas but also see more wildlife in the bio-diverse Queen Elizabeth National Park including the Kazinga Boat cruise & chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura Gorge.

11 Days Fly-in Luxury Gorilla Safari | 11 Days | 10 Nights. From $5560 per person

Would you like to treat yourself a little more and see Uganda’s highlights including the mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Forest? Fly from One destination to the other with the best aerial views on your domestic flight. Fly till the gorilla in bwindi and fly-out to kampala for an awesome luxury Uganda Safari.

9 Days Primates in-style Uganda Safari | 9 Days | 8 Nights

Exclusively follow on foot the Chimpanzees of Kibale National Park. Descend into the jungles on a uganda safari deep in Bwindi searching for humans closest relatives, The mountain Gorillas. Double the adventure with Inspiring but yet adventurous authentic local experience including vibrant but yet spectacular wildlife encounters.

7 Days Sounds Of The North | 7 Days | 6 Nights. From $2420 per perso

Discover the hidden treasures of karamoja Region in an exclusive 7 days uninterupted Adventure. Be part of a cultural and a scenic Wildlife Safari through the unspoilt, lush green and Still virgin unique lands.

12 Days Best Of Uganda Impressions Safari | 12 Days | 11 Nights. From US $ 4560 per person

This Journey will take you through the vast Savannah & wildlife scenic treasures_Uganda’s pride and absolutely get you up-close and personal with the mountain Gorilla, Chimpanzees doubled with spectacular Wildlife encounters while slumbering in some of Uganda’s Top-notch_ fine Lodges

10 Days Rwanda_Uganda Impresions | 10 Days | 9 Nights. From US $ 3426 per person

Are You interested in Visiting Rwanda but would prefer to do the Gorilla Trek in Uganda? Then this is the program you would find Awesome. Visit Rwanda and uganda for the gorilla trek while staying at awesome Lodges led by very professional guides.

14 Days Fly-to Kidepo Uganda Safari | 14 Days | 13 Nights US $ 4826 per person

Fly to Kidepo valley National park, on the northern boundaries in the hidden treasures of the wilderness to start an authentic Uganda Safari and end it in Rwanda. Embark on a journey in style through the pearl of Africa.

8 Days Primates & Wildlife Classic Safari | 8 Days | 7 Nights. From $3240 per person

Start a trip in Rwanda, be witness to an inspirational journey through the land of a thousand hills Rwanda and ending in Uganda. Trek Gorillas in Uganda and embark further on a wildlife safari in Africa’s premium parks.

Fly In Double Gorilla Trekking 4 Days | 3 Nights. From US $ 3800 Per Person

Charter a plane to & from a Gorilla safari while getting up close and personal with the gentle giants. 4 Days of Double Gorilla Safari Uganda are very extraordinary rewarding

Wings Over Uganda Safari | 8 Days | 7 Nights. From US $ 4980 per person

Travel in style with magical encounters on a Uganda safari. Fly from one destination with unique experiences to the other and touch base to extraordinary encounters. Spend your evening on a lit camp fire in our well selected fine lodges

Fly In Style Uganda Safari | 12 Days | 11 Nights. From $ 5760 per person

Fly from one destination to the other in search for primates & wildlife. Fly amidst super aerial scenic views and visit the mountain Gorillas, while staying at awesome lodges.

Awesome Kenya Safaris

Kenya Classic Safari: 12 Days | 11 Nights

Enjoy A vibrant wildlife encounter safari on a 12 days Of typical African safari. Be Rewarded and be Inspired with Family In Kenya.

Kenya Migration Safari: 14 Days | 13 Nights

Be witness to the worlds magical spectacle in Masai Mara. Watch as Thousands and Millions of wildebeest cross the crocodile fested River.

Best Of Kenya Safari: 8 Days | 7 Nights

Discover The best highlights os kenya in an 8 days circuit. be inspired with e spectacular wildlife including the famous masai mara.

Fly In Masai Mara Expedition: 3 Days | 2 Nights

Visit the iconic Masai maara in a 3 days expedition by air. Arrive to a spectacular wildlife encounter and slumber in very iconic safari lodges.

Ambesoli & Masai mara: 6 Days | 5 Nights

Discover the Shadow of Kilimanjaro and the famous Masai mara in a five days Classic safari. Watch home to hundreds of elephants grazing and millions of Wilderbeasts.

kenya safaris

Ambesoli, Samburu & Masai Mara: 10 Days | 9 Nights

Be rewarded to a 10 days through kenya’s iconic destinations. Spectate to the worlds Specatcles in masai mara, the elephant populated Ambesoli and the Still virgin Samburu N.Parks

Awesome Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania In Style: 8 Days | 7 Nights

Discover & Embark on an inspirational & authentic Tanzanian safari adventure, watching for wildlife in famous wildlife zones.

Tanzania Northern Circuit: 9 Days | 8 Nights

Be rewarded with an inspirational authentic Tanzanian safari journey watching out for the Big 5 through the lands of safari.

20 Days Out Of East Africa Magical Safari: 20 Days | 19 Nights

Trip Starts: Nairobi _ Kenya
Trip Ends: Tanzania _ Dar
Destinations: Nairobi | Amboseli N.park | Masai Mara Reserve | Entebbe | Bwindi Forest N.Park | Arusha| Manyara | Central Serengeti | Northern Serengeti | Dar

Tanzania Northern Circuit: 9 Days | 8 Nights

Be rewarded with an inspirational authentic Tanzanian safari journey watching out for the Big 5 through the lands of safari.

wild beast migration

Great Migration safari: 12 Days | 11 Nights

Travel and watch as hundreds of thousands of wilder beasts & zebras with thier young ones make their annual river crossing in search for food

Family Tanzania safari: 14 Days | 13 Nights

Discover with your family on safari the best Tanzania safari destinations. Laugh and bond with family on an extraordinarily 14 days.

Awesome Rwanda Safaris

Luxury Gorilla Safari: 4 Days | 3 Nights

Get upclose & personal with human’s closest relatives in The vfamous Virunga ranges as You slumber in Rwanda’s finest safari lodges.

Rwanda impressions: 8 Days | 7 Nights

Discover Rwandas best kept secrets and dine in Rwandas famous Lodges. Embark on an 8 days visiting Rwandas top Impressions Including the virungas

Gorilla Trekking Uganda & Dian Fossey: 4 Days | 3 Nights

Ascend into the Virunga volcanoes in search for Gorillas and be rewarded to an inspirational jourrney with a double visit to the Dian fossey caves

rwanda safari

Rwanda & Uganda Travel In Style: 13 Days | 12 Nights

Start in Rwanda and end in Uganda with a magical and inspirational safari. venture into the Most spectacular destinations of Rwanda and uganda.

rwanda safari

Gorilla Trekking Uganda & Cultural Safari: 7 Days | 6 Nights

Enjoy a well blended 7 days Rwanda safari with the unique Culture including kinyarwanda Intore Cultural Dance and wind it tracking the mountain Gorillas in Virunga.

Luxury Rwanda Safari In Style: 8 Days | 7 Nights

Travel & Slumber in style on A luxury Rwanda tour. Be rewarded with the best safari experience visiting the best highlights and staying in Rwandas finest safari Lodges.

Tailor made Cross Boarder Luxury Africa safari Tours That May Interest You

9 Days| 8 Nights

Trip Starts: Entebbe – Kibale National Park
Trip Ends: Masai Mara Kenya – Nairobi Kenya
Destinations: Entebbe | Kibale National Park | Bwindi Impenetrable National Park | Nairobi | Masai Mara

11 Days | 10 Nights

Trip Starts: Entebbe – Kibale National Park
Trip Ends: Masai Mara Kenya – Nairobi Kenya
Destinations: Entebbe | Kibale National Park | Bwindi Impenetrable National Park | Nairobi | Amboseli N.park | Masai Mara.

13 Days | 12 Nights

Trip Starts: Kenya – Amboseli
Trip Ends: Entebbe – Uganda
Destinations: Nairobi | Amboseli N.park | Samburu N.Park | Masai Mara Reserve | Entebbe | Bwindi Forest N.Park

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