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Cross Boarder Safaris

Our Cross Boarder Safaris are typical East African countries combined with abundance in particular destinations. Let It be visiting the mountain Gorillas on Rwanda safaris or chimpanzees in Uganda, Visiting the savanna masai mara in Kenya or Hiking the Roof of Africa in Tanzania Under one roof at Gorilla Walking safaris.

Kindly take all the below crafted itineraries as ideas for better planning. Treat all pricing as a guide only while you get in touch for a perfect tailor made itinerary and pricing

Trip Starts: Entebbe – Kibale National Park

Trip Ends:   Masai Mara Kenya – Nairobi Kenya

Destinations: Entebbe | Kibale National Park | Bwindi Impenetrable National Park | Nairobi | Masai Mara

Trip Starts: Entebbe – Kibale National Park

Trip Ends:  Masai Mara Kenya – Nairobi Kenya

Destinations: Entebbe | Kibale National Park | Bwindi Impenetrable National Park | Nairobi | Amboseli N.park | Masai Mara.

Trip Starts: Kenya – Amboseli

Trip Ends: Entebbe – Uganda

Destinations: Nairobi | Amboseli N.park | Samburu N.Park | Masai Mara Reserve | Entebbe | Bwindi Forest N.Park

Trip Starts: Nairobi Kenya

Trip Ends: Arusha Tanzania

Destinations: This tour visits Amboseli National park-Lake Naivasha-Lake Bogoria-Lake Nakuru-Masai Mara-Lake Victoria-Serengeti-Ngorongoro crater-Lake Manyara and Tarangire  to Arusha

Safari Starts:              Kigali Rwanda Safaris

Gorilla Trekking:        Uganda Bwindi

Safari Ends:                Entebbe _ Uganda

Destinations:              Kigali Rwanda | Nyiragongo Volcanoes Congo | Lake Bunyonyi | Bwindi Forest N.P | Ishasha & Queen Elizabeth | Kibale National park | Murchison Falls | Entebbe

Safari Starts: Entebbe – Kibale National Park

Safari Ends: Masai Mara Kenya – Nairobi

Destinations: Entebbe| Kibale National Park |Queen Elizabeth N.P | Bwindi N.P | Lake Bunyonyi |Lake Mburo N.P | Nairobi | Masai Mara

Trip Starts: Kigali Rwanda – Lake Bunyonyi Uganda

Trip Ends: Masai Mara – Nairobi

Destinations: Kigali | Lake Bunyonyi | Bwindi forest | Queen Elizabeth N.Park| Kibale N.Park | Entebbe| Masai Mara kenya

Trip Starts: Entebbe Uganda – Bwindi Forest

Trip Ends: Serengeti – Arusha/Kilimanjaro

Destinations: Entebbe | Bwindi Forest | Ishasha & Queen Elizabeth N.Park |Arusha | Serengeti

Trip Starts: Kigali Rwanda

Gorilla Tracking Location : Uganda

Trip Ends: Kigali Rwanda

Destinations: Kigali | Nyungwe N.Park | Lake Kivu | Bwindi Forest Uganda | Lake Bunyonyi | Akagera N.Park

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Which East African Country Would You Like To Visit?

Uganda Safaris

Looking into the eyes of Mountain Gorillas of Uganda , there is no mistaking the bond that exists between primate and man. Double & Marvel through the lush green, still virgin & wildlife rich beautiful lands.

What to do & see in Uganda

Tanzania Safaris

Embark on an Authentic Tanzania safari and be witness to Tanzania’s heritage through the plains of Serengeti with vibrant abundant wildlife of tanzania. Descend into the wildlife rich Ngorongoro and also Descend to Africa’s Highest peak

Things To See In Tanzania

Kenya safaris

From the famous Kenya Masai Mara to the elephant populated Ambesoli, Tsvo game reserves & more, Experience the Magic in Safari journeys through some of the best iconic Safari destinations venturing deep into kenya’s heritage.

What Is Kenya Famous For

Rwanda Safaris

Small but inspirational journey through the country of a thousand hills. Still rush green and beautiful un-ending landscapes, Ascend into the Virunga volcanoes and search for mans Closest relative, Get upclose and personal with the Mountain Gorilla.

Why Visit Rwanda More Awesome