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Masai Mara Kenya : 5 Top Reasons why You Must Visit

Better mentioned as the heart of a little piece of paradise or do we just simplify by saying in the Masai mara, one is a witness to beauty, Vibrant wildlife, exotic aura, adventure, all of these and many more in just one single location. Isn’t this magical or do we call this phenomenal? That’s just a convincing reason for one to include the Masai Mara on your adventure list. In our article today, we share insights on the Top 5 reasons out of the many awesome reasons why you should visit the Masai Mara Kenya.

First: The Wildebeest Migration Safari:

For those that would like to hear this once again!! One of the most spectacular, unbelievable, extraordinary, awesome nature wonder and ranked as a world wonder is the famous Wildebeest migration. Considered NO.9 world wonder, The migration is a nature driven wildlife movement that will see you witness as millions and thousands and hundreds of Wildebeests with zebras and some antelopes roam from Tanzania making their annual migration from Serengeti ecosystem to the Mara eco system in search for fresh pasture. This involves congregating together at the Grummet and make a move all together crossing the crocodile infested river. Many of the “struggling to cross” are left as food for the diet changing hungry crocodiles, as if that isn’t enough there are predators chasing them from the back and others waiting from the front after crossing the brown hippo populated river defending their territory space. Doesn’t this sound a dream imagination of how nature unfolds? This is definitely in Masai Mara Kenya


The Big 5 & Big Cats

Heard of the BIG 5 safari before? Oh yes, Masai Mara is an un-matched wildlife tourist destination in Africa. Speaking of The Big 5, the most 5 dangerous wildlife by the spot hunters to kill in order that include The gigantic Elephants, The Rhinos, The Buffalos, The Lions and the Leopards can be seen and found in one location of the Masai Mara eco system. The 1500 sq.kms famous Masai Mara eco system prides in harbouring some of the big cats any safari lover would love to see or encounter. Anyone would side with me that starring closely into the eyes of a lion or a leopard on kill is unmatched experience? Right? The Masai Mara reserve in Kenya surprisingly offers beyond the imaginable. On a one day game drive, There are chances to see the Big 5 and see lots of more wildlife including wildlife actions. Seen before those lions on Tv trapping over an antelope tearing it apart? There are high chances to encounter the same and much more like the elusive leopard carefully stalking its prey, succeed and hauling it up a tree?, hyenas trying to steal a lions meal while thousands of Vultures wrapping, tearing apart and reducing a huge dead elephant into nothing but carcus only? This you can be sure to witness during the Masai Mara safari…


The Landscape & Great Scenery

Seen those open plains before on the sea and can’t see the end while on a lake or sea? presents the same.. that’s the endless savannah plains as well. The pictures, the videos and stories can never do any justice to describing the beauty that beholds the Masai Mara not even hearsay would make a single justice to description. The only man that has travelled, is the man that has been to Africa and with Africa I guess they meant some part of the Masai Mara. The dawn sunsets, the single lonely standing umbrella acacias, the blue lightening hills in the background enveloping huge herds of Giraffe towers and much wildlife beneath is exceptionally magical. You need to be here: That’s a live personal experience fact and not a hearsay.

Well Maintained Reserve & Accommodation Availability

Being a high and famous tourist destination, the infrastructure is as super as great. The roads in the past 4 years are a true representation to paradise. The Tracks in the parks for wildlife viewing managed by kenya wildlife service and the masai managment are a perfect combination for wildlife viewing, It is easier to fly into the Mara and land between the game reserve presenting an opportunity to start viewing wildlife from the skies. There are a number of different accommodations in and outside the Masai Mara national reserve while you can absolutely be assured of a place to slumber before and after a magical Safari. Talk about luxury safari Lodges, tented camps for safari experiences and 5 star hotel establishments in and around the Masai Mara with every budget catered for and for any traveller. Either way its paradise in heaven.

Cultural Encounters

The Masai people and culture are something of great interest to learn and visit in the Masai Mara. The “Maa” speaking people are referred to as the Maasai or Masai  being an ethnic group of Nilotic speaking people living in southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania. The Pastoralist tribe which still remains authentic represents a true definition of “Africa”. This Pastoralist tribe has a wide range of cultural norms and beliefs you would like to know and learn. They offer culture encounters to the Masai villages and demonstrating how they have lived in the early centuries until day to date. The Masai Mara national reserve sits in the pastoralist land of the Masai people and have been involved in conservation practices to have a great and famous Masai Mara every traveller feels proud to visit.


Aren’t these reasons enough to visit Masai Mara? So what next? Lets see answer some two questions below


How Do you get To Masai Mara?.

Masai Mara is located 5 hours drive from Nairobi and 40 minutes flight from Nairobi. Guests that are interested in seeing a bit of the country roadside can access the Masai Mara by road and moved in 4-wheel safari vehicles through the escarpment with great authentic Africa sightings enroute. It takes roughly 5 hours to arrive at the main Sekenani gate and different extra time (s) to arrive at your particular lodge or tented camp.

Guests with recommendations from their travel agencies can access the Masai Mara by scheduled flights into the Masai Mara and at different locations depending on the lodge selections. this increases time for the mara expeditions. There is a saying, one minute late, a few kilometres away would let you miss the best wildlufe encounter or action, wouldn’t that be a pity? Different domestic flight companies operate into the Masai Mara connecting to different destinations including Uganda for mountain Gorilla trekking on the western side.

When is the Best time to Go to the Masai Mara?

All year around the Masai Mara is open for travellers and presents spectacular wildlife viewing. If your major intention is to encounter the wildebeest migration and the action related to The wildebeest migration, Then plan in advance your trip between End of June through October when the same beasts start making their way back to the Serengeti eco system. You will definitely love it.

Here are some Itinerary ideas that include the masai mara for exceptional experiences. Completely tailor made.




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