Mount Elgon at 4,321 meters high is an extinct volcano with Wagagai as its highest peak, and it first erupted over 24 million years back. Actually several thousands of years ago, this mountain stood higher than today’s Mountain Kilimanjaro.

Covering a 50 X 80 kilometer area, Mt. Elgon is a among the best Uganda safari destinations, having the biggest surface area of all extinct Volcanoes on the planet although it is the  4th highest mountain in East Africa.

Mt. Elgon it’s found at Uganda’s border with Kenya although Wagagai which is its highest peak at 4321 meters is found in Uganda and it is best climb on the Uganda side.

Mt. Elgon in addition has a collapsed crater Calder that covers more than 40 kilometers at the summit and this is actually the largest known natural crater, and it is bordered by a number of rocky peaks.