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Mountain Gorilla Trekking And Slumbering In Luxury Lodges

“The Only man i envy is the only man that hasn’t been to Africa” quotes Rich Mullins but “the only man that is most envied is the man that hasn’t been upclose and personal with the endangered Mountain Gorillas in Uganda while spoiling themselves in Uganda’s Luxury Lodges”  further adds our Founder and Director Alex Guma Tibanyendera. He further states that the initial experience of tracking mountain gorillas and standing Infront of a silverback that is much heavier than a human is un comparable and there would never be mistaking the bond that exists between man and a mountain Gorilla which are also undoutably human’s closest relatives.

It is most travelers dream to realize how these forest creatures are gentle like human beings, How close they are related and how similar to human they can be.  The thrill of tracking a mountain gorilla starts right after securing a gorilla permit that costs USD 700 per person in Uganda and USD 1500 in Rwanda. Uganda- also the pearl Of Africa is a home to almost half of the worlds mountain gorillas and are natives to Bwindi forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park.

After securing and booking your Gorilla permit with a trusted tour company, choosing to sleep in the luxury lodges around gorilla parks is another added enthusiasm. Luxury lodges are accommodation facilities offering luxury service to travelers who prefer the finer things in life.

Since Bwindi forest National Park and Mgahinga National parks are hilly forests, gorilla tracking activity is quite strenuous, everyone would need the extra care to be given after such an activity, that’s what exactly luxury lodges around Bwindi and Mgahinga offer. You would love the pamper right from when you arrive until when you leave. It’s with no doubt these safari Lodge rates are always high but the lodge experiences is worth the stay and are always Top Notch.

Upon securing the gorilla permit, add to travel emotions opting to spoil self while taking on the daily path of a mountain Gorilla in the forest. Choose to spoil, relax and slumber in the luxury lodges around Bwindi Forest or Mgahinga National park  before and after Mountain Gorilla Trekking. The good facilities like the food, good rooms with classes, good reception, good bars and relaxing lounge, sauna and spa, ambiance and much more

Most of the luxury lodges are located near the park headquarters, this is absolutely an added advantage arriving on time for a Gorilla briefing session early in the morning. The views that come with the location of the Luxury Lodges is jaw dropping. From waking up to see the misty Bwindi just from your room to the chanting sound of different birds around the lodges. Preparing for the trekking will be easy without panic as the briefing point is just nearby and you do not have to drive further or wake up so early to prepare. Some upmarket luxury lodges like sanctuary gorilla forest lodge in Buhoma, Gorilla Forest Camp, Clouds lodge or buhoma Lodge are right on the boundaries of the forest..

Safety is paramount on every Uganda trip and so is it for a mountain Gorilla Trekking trip. Some Guests travel with some crucial things and while going for Mountain Gorilla tracking that requires you to carry your own stuff or give it to a porter, you will need a safe place to leave such things. Luxury lodges tend to have storage safe with a complex lock to keep valuables for clients. This is a relief as you will enjoy tracking mountain gorillas in Bwindi or Mgahinga national Parks knowing that your valuables are safe.

Luxury lodges give job opportunities to local people around gorilla parks and some of them support local communities for instance they support in building community hospitals, schools, craft making and much more while empowering the community. This improves the life of the local people around hence protection and sustainability of the endangered species.

Some of the luxury lodges around Bwindi and Mgahinga include, Sanctuary Gorilla forest camp, Bwindi lodge, 4 gorillas lodge, clouds mountain gorilla lodge, Gorilla Heights lodge, Mount Gahinga lodge in Mgahinga National park and Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge. Here is a look into them.

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Gorilla Trek Info

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest camp

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest camp is found at a unique location in Buhoma region of Bwindi Impenetrable national park right at the boundary of the forest. The lodge is frequently visited by gorilla families. It has 10 private luxury tents in the heart of Bwindi gorilla park, located just minutes away from the starting point of gorilla tracking, this lodge respects eco system and blends properly to the environment of the mountain land scape.

How the lodge supports the community and the park

-The lodge gives opportunities for community interaction with local people around Bwindi Forest national Park

-The lodge has established philanthropy projects at Bwindi community hospital where the locals get medical treatment

-The Lodge established sedan chairs with support and harness which makes less able guests to be carried and track mountain gorillas.

In 2023, the lodge charges between USD 540 and 930 USD USD per person sharing. The Lodge has high season and low season rates on per person, per night based on 2 people sharing in their Cozy cottages.

Bwindi lodge

Bwindi Lodge is Located in Buhoma region of Bwindi impenetrable National Park with stunning views of forest canopy across the serene stream, Bwindi lodge is just perfect for your relaxed stay before and after mountain Gorilla Trekking. The lodge is a nice place to view some forest attractions like monkeys and birds hidden in the foliage around the lodge.

Bwindi Lodge has 10 elegant hand built guest bandas facing Bwindi forest national Park, The Lodge enables guests start their gorilla trek from the lodge with their direct private foot path to access gorilla tracking trails.

Volcanoes safari partnership bar trust set up award winning Bwindi local bar in the high street of the village nearby which doubles as the most stylish and colorful bar in the area, Visiting Guests before or after mountain Gorilla Trekking can make their Rolex wrap and delicious cocktail a must have after gorilla tracking in Bwindi – Maybe you need that small bar and local beer celebration. The bar was set up to train disadvantaged local young people in hospitality industry, Isn’t this an awesome initiative?

For the years 2023 through 2024, Bwindi Lodge charges between USD 665 per person sharing and 1725 USD single occupancy. There are low season and High season rates. The room rates also depend on the number of people single or Double occupancy etc. There is a community fee of 50 USD per person per night already included in the rates provided

A Short Video Insight On Gorilla Trekking In Uganda

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge

Tucked on the boundary of the Bwindi Forest national park and Buniga Forest, Clouds Mountain gorilla lodge feels like someplace else with soaring ceilings, massive exposed wooden beams, big picture windows with endless views of treetops, volcanoes and mountains clearly seen when lying on the cozy comfortable bed. Clouds lodge is also a partnership with African Wildlife Foundation and International Gorilla Conservation Project

With the gentle and warm welcome, the quiet dedication of the personal butlers and the smiles on the faces of virtually all the staff, is  welcoming and top Notch.

The cottages are Built of local volcanic stone, Most or all cottages have a large sitting room with fireplace, vast overstuffed armchairs, and hand-woven carpets. Clouds Bwindi Mountain Gorilla Lodge is probably the most comfortable lodge in the southern sector of Bwindi Forest National Park. It has Great food, fresh food, much of it grown in their own organic garden

Since the start of 2023 the beautiful lodge charges between 805 USD per person sharing and 1650 USD single occupancy. The rate depends on the kind of the room and the months when you stay at the lodge.

Mount Gahinga Lodge

Mount Gahinga Lodge is the perfect base to go gorilla tracking on the Ugandan side of the Virungas Volcanoes. The beautiful hand-built bandas reflect the magic of the aesthetic traditions of the Bafumbira people – ewho are the local people of Bufumbira. Each Banda has an ensuite luxury shower room, fireplace and private porch.

Mount Gahinga lodge offers Exceptional hospitality and locally-inspired food. Personal butler service for all guests. Wifi throughout the lodge and all-inclusive premium drinks menus.

The Luxurious Gahinga Lodge 2023 and 2024 rates charges between USD 665 per person sharing and 1725 USD single occupancy for the standard Luxury cottages. There are low season and high season rates. The room rates also depend on the number of people single or Double occupancy and much more. The Lodge also has a community fee of 50 USD per person per night that goes to the sustainability of the communities around Mgahinga and the Community around the Lodge.

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4 Gorillas lodge Bwindi

4 Gorillas Lodge is located at the peripheral bounderies of Bwindi National Park Rushaga sector with perfect perfect accommodation facilities fit for mid-range and luxury outfits. Staying at the lodge, feeling the soft breezes and breathtaking views, smooth sounds of birds, and rustling tress. The lodge is just 10 minutes away from the starting point/ briefing center for Mountain Gorilla Trekking departures. Their signature cottages are surrounded by dense and future upscale elegance.

4 Gorilla lodge have African rare styles that give a memorable experience during your stay at the lodge. The interior of both the cottages and the main building are blended up with modern and traditional designs coupled with beautiful timber finishing that provides a cozy, homely atmosphere.

4 Gorillas Lodge has an atmospheric restaurant and bar. Designed to be eco-friendly, it is elegantly integrated into a rain forest setting where the Bwindi Forest is just seen from the balconies which are just a stone throw away. Four Gorillas Lodge charges between USD 324 per person sharing and 500 single occupancy and 800 USD for family cottage, 4 people sharing. The rates also depend on the kind of the room, high season and low season months.

Travel Tips When Choosing A Safari Lodge

To us it is for conservation, sustainability and life changing, Travelling and leave a positive impact on the destinations and the people we find around these awesome destinations. Choose a safari Lodge that impacts the community in a sense that when you stay on these lodges, You have indirectly or directly touched a life and left a positive impact.

Here are some of our well-crafted conservation journeys that include Mountain Gorilla Trekking and staying at some of the best Luxury Accommodations while you leave an impact on the people and destinations. You can be sure your stay at these lodges has changed a life and contributes to sustatnability

Oldonyo Chyullu Hills kenya

Luxury Trips That May Interest You

7 Days Bwindi Gorillas & Kidepo Safari.

Exclusive 7 Days of ultimate Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi forest, Community tours with the Batwa people who double as the God fathers of the forest. Rough up the Trip in kidepo Valley National Park, The undoubtably hidden treasures of the wilderness. All Private & exclusive. See Detailed Itinerary

7 Days Mountain Gorillas & River Nile

Fly into the Bwindi forest On the remote, beautiful and intimate Clouds Lodge for the Ultimate Gorilla trekking while Roughing it up listening to the silent flowing river Nile on the beautiful Wild waters lodge in Jinja. 7 days of uninterupted peace of mind to reflect on an inspirational journey. See Detailed Itinerary

7 Days Chimpanzees & Mountain Gorilla Safari

Step back in time and exclusively enjoy secluded and intimate Semuliki Safari Lodge with a private safari off the beaten path. Double the experiece tracking mountain Gorillas in Bwindi at the ridge of Nteko in Nkuringo and engage in a Batwa community tour for an authentic cultural immersion. See Detailed Itinerary

7 Days ishasha Wilderness & Bwindi Gorillas

Be rewarded to an exclusive wilderness experience in ishasha sector with awesome safari encounters including the tree climbing lions while slumbering at ishasha wilderness camp. Double the exclusive experience with the ultimate Gorilla trekking while slumbering in the clouds at the Nteko ridge. See Detailed Itinerary

7 Days Bwindi Gorillas & Murchison falls Safari

Take on to the ultimate Gorilla trekking in Bwindi while staying at the exclusive mountain Gorilla Clouds Lodge. Be inspired with the community tours around Bwindi and double the experience with a reward to an exclusive wildlife safari. Slumber at the exclusive Bakers Lodge on the edge of river Nile. See Detailed Itinerary

7 Days Bwindi Gorillas & lake Mburo Safari

Fly to Bwindi Forest and track Mountain Gorillas. Be part of a community tour and learn the african life of the Batwa people famously known as the God fathers of the forest. Double the experience with awesome but exclusive safari moments in lake Mburo while staying at the famous Mihingo Lodge. See Detailed Itinerary

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