6 Days Mount Kenya Burguret Route

6 Days Mount Kenya Burguret Route

6 Days Mount Kenya Burguret Route


6 Days Mount Kenya Burguret Route will set you Climb Mount Kenya by the route made famous in the book ‘No Picnic on Mount Kenya. Ascending the wilder and less travelled Burguret route to Point Lenana and then descending via the Chogoria Route. This is a more challenging wild ascent and a camping route. The Mount Kenya Burguret route begins on the west side of the mountain near the Mountain Rock Lodge and the whole route takes six days over about 76 kilometres.

The itinerary is based on starting and finishing in the nearby market town of Naro Moru but we can accommodate any travel preferences including private transport by Gorilla walking safris  from Nairobi, Accommodation off the mountain, extra nights on the mountain, safaris or a visit to our Moving Mountains projects.

Tour Summary

Safari Day 1: Arrive Mountain Rock Lodge, 1950m. Aclimatise and nature walks

Safari Day 2: Mountain Rock to Giant Bamboo, 2600m.  Drive for 1 hour. Trek for 10kms, 4 hours

Safari Day 3: Giant Bamboo to Highland Castle, 3700m,  5 hours, 8 kms

Safari Day 4:Highland Castle to Shiptons Camp, 4235m, 6 hours, 10 kms.

Safari Day 5: Point Lenana, 4985m, 4 hours, 6 kms.
Nithi Camp 3300m, 6 hours, 10 kms.

Safari Day 6:    Meru Bandas, 3000m, 2 hours, 7 kms.

6 Days Mount Kenya Burguret Route

Safari Day1: Transfer from Nairobi

Transfer from Nairobi or your starting point to Mountain Rock Lodge at 1950m. Rest and acclimatise in afternoon. There are plenty of local walks and you can also visit one of the Moving Mountains schools nearby. Today you can also get your park permit from Naor Moru park gate, because the Burguret does not have an official park gate.

Safari Day 2: Giant Bamboo Camp

After a morning breakfast Drive 15 kms to the Gathiuri Forest in one hour and start the trek to Giant Bamboo Camp at 2600m (10 kms, about 4 hours) through montane forest, hagenia and giant bamboo. Elephant and buffalo are prevalent here.

Safari Day 3: Highland Castle camp at 3700m

Giant Bamboo to Highland Castle camp at 3700m, a hike of about 5 hours through montane and onto moorland. The bamboo forest gives way to pencil cedar forest and podocarpus, ascending through a hagenia rosewood zone at the edge of the high moorlands which are much more open and exposed. After lunch the route continues past the famous giant lobelia and groundsels to the campsite which is close to the lava cliffs of the “Highland Castle”

Safari Day 4: Hausberg Col camp at 4600 metres

Highland Castle to Shiptons Camp at 4235m, a hike of about 6 hours over 10 kilometres and passing over the 4600 metre Hausberg Col through moorland and high alpine desert with marvellous scenery of volcanic peaks, beautiful tarns and high glaciers around. Shiptons Camp can be busy with other trekkers, but it is in a very scenic spot.

Safari Day 5 : Nithi Camp at 3300m

Ascent of Point Lenana at 4985m and down to Nithi Camp at 3300m, a total hike of about 10 hours with an initial height gain of 750 metres to the summit and then a big drop of 1685 metres. From Shiptons Camp the ascent starts early at 4am and allows a dawn summit and then a drop to Hall Tarn in the Gorges Valley for a breakfast, followed by a further three hours to the track head through a landscape of chasms, waterfalls and lava flows.

It is possible on this day to descend all the way to Meru Bandas, a further 7 kms in 2 hours. It is also possible to get picked up at the track head in a 4×4 and get to Meru Bandas but this pick up needs to be organised in advance, it cannot be called on the day.

Safari Day 6: Meru Bandas Back to Chogoria town to Nairobi

From Nithi Camp to Meru Bandas at 3000m is a short hike of a few hours back into moorland and giant heather. The cabins here have showers and facilities and you can see plenty of wildlife nearby. It is possible to either spend a night here or get a 4×4 straight to Chogoria town (10kms) and onward transport to Embu for example, or even Nairobi.

What to wear on the trek

To successfully summit Mount Kenya you’ll need kit which keeps you warm, dry, protected from the sun/rain and comfortable in the various environments that you’ll find yourself in on the way to the summit. There is a detailed list on the Mount Kenya trek kit list’ page.

We provide all group equipment such as tents and bed mats, plus all the cooking equipment for providing your meals. Our porters will carry about 15kgs each.

When to climb Mount Kenya

You can climb any time of the year in theory but best to avoid the long rains in April and May when there will be afternoon rain and potentially a lot of snow on the high slopes. A really good time would be January and February and then in the months from July to September, before the short rains in October. November can still be a bit wet and December is once again good weather.



The price is the per person cost based on a minimum group of 2 people.


  • Return private transport from Naro Moru and Embu
  • Return 4×4 transport from Chogoria to the park gate
  • Park fees, camping fees and park rescue fees
  • Accommodation at Meru Bandas
  • Accommodation at Austrian Hut (if required)
  • Park certified guides (ratio of 1:4 minimum)
  • Porters and cooks
  • All group equipment including mountain sleeping tents
  • Meals on the mountain
  • Guide and porter transport


  • International airfare
  • Kenyan Visa
  • Uganda Visa
  • Vaccinations and malaria tablets required
  • Personal expenses and travel insurance
  • Airport transfers and / or transfers to and from Embu and any accommodation needed in Nairobi or Embu
  • Mountain Staff Tips paid in local currency to main guide for distribution in Chogoria after the climb

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