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What is a luwombo?

What is Luwombo? Oluwombo or Luwombo is a traditional Method of Cooking in Uganda mostly the baganda in the central although all meals in most parts of uganda are steamed but not called the luwombo. It is both a classic dish of royal dinners and a dish popular throughout Uganda, especially at holiday time. It is often said that oluwombo dates to way back in the 50s though most popularly recognized in the 1880s  when, during the reign of Kabaka Mwanga, the dish was introduced by his chief cook, Kawunta. The basic plantain (banana)-leaf cooking method has been common across tropical Africa for centuries and is also much used wherever bananas or plantains are grown. It can be made with Meats like beef Luwombo, chicken Luwombo, goat Luwombo, pork Luwombo, and mushrooms. typically they can put everything in those leaves and steam it up.

Traditionally in Uganda having a luwombo is like having the biggest celebrations like x mass or a wedding name it. as most people enjoy this delicacy here on such occasions as it is very much respected and honored to the extent of kneeling from the preparations to eating and even gathering ti remove all the things used in the preparations. In February i had a group of Belgium tourists led by Christel Houthuys,  we decided to treat them to a typical uganda meal the luwombo This meal is prepared my my mother the trip was not going through our home so somehow we have to take it in kasese as they travel from kibale forest national park  the land of chimpanzees to Queen Elizabeth national park. They all liked the meal although it was too much for them to handle as it can be too sweet and a variety of all our main foods.

Some how on a safari in uganda its not only about animals its about all that is to know about uganda and yes am proud to say that most of them after coming they fell like they should be back for the second time, one client told me he surely wants to stay here for good and yes he is staying here now.


Preparing the luwombo takes these few steps.

It starts a previous day withe roasting of the banana leaves , they are cut and roasted on small fire and after cleaned very well and folded very well as they need to get a good sent by morning.

On this same day the beef, chicken cut it into mouthful pieces, groundnuts   are also roasted, however the beef can be roasted some days before. the ground nuts are roasted and pounded in the pounding motor their soaked and kept until tomorrow.

On this same day the juice from the plantain is also made to accompany the meal to eat tomorrow,this juice van be made also some days earlier to get different tastes as it ferments with time.

Select which plantain will be used in the plantation and prepare to cu it down for tomorrow,mostly the peeling is done early in the morning to avoid starch pilling in the plantain. even this seems fresh on the eating part.

Blanch tomatoes and chop finely

Chop Onions, Green pepper, coat meal, carrots,Irish potato,and garlic and all spieces of your choice.

Heat margarine in a sauce pan and fry onions until soft

Add all other chopped ingredients and salt then cook until tomatoes are soft.

Add Royco, curry powder spices, stock curbe or seasoning cube, like meat masala (Optional) add little water until it starts boiling stirring occasionally until it is ready for use.

Lay the luwombo leaf in a basket  commonly known as ekkibbo in luganda, this is a basket made purpose to serve and tie luwombo. we have a variety of baskets but they all do serve different purposes..

Put in half of the meat,pour half of the prepared mixture, place the rest of the meat and then pour the remaining mixture.

Cover with a small piece of Luwombo leaf.

Wrap and tie up the leaf with a small banana fiber.

Place in a prepared steaming source-pan:

    • Cut small pieces of banana leaf stock
    • Place in a sauce-pan
    • Cover with a banana leaf
    • Pour boiling water

Place the meat in Luwombo in the sauce-pan and cover it with at least two banana leaves nicely in order to conserve all the steam then cover on top with another sauce-pan.

Put to steam on any source of heat like Charcoal,firewood ,gas or electricity e.t.c.

Cook for about 1 to 3 & 1/2 to 5 hrs

When ready serve in a basket lined with steamed banana leaf and remove the banana fiber used for fastening, but do not open it.

This is about how our luwombo is made in Uganda however we can do this for you as it was done for cyatel and the group.

Do you want to see this in pictures?


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