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Luxury Safari Uganda

Unique, Beautiful and captivating is an understatement for the magical overview and awesomeness of Samburu national Reserve. Of course everyone likes to see wildlife and of course every traveller is looking forward to wildlife experiences in Samburu but there is more than just variety of vibrant wildlife accompanied by the

Masai Mara kenya

Better mentioned as the heart of a little piece of paradise or do we just simplify by saying in the Masai mara, one is a witness to beauty, Vibrant wildlife, exotic aura, adventure, all of these and many more in just one single location. Isn’t this magical or do we

Kenya Luxury Safari

If you have already set your heart for Africa, with no doubt you have your mind set to the right adventurous Kenya safari and fun of a lifetime when you finally decide. Ohh and have you made up your mind for which African safari destination you have opted for, maybe

Gorillas Africa

Gorilla permits cost in Uganda for Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park apparently go for USD $700 per person (As of June 2020) while a Rwanda gorilla permit for Volcanoes National Park costs USD $1500. This was increased a few years back from $750 in case you’re wondering.

Kenya Safari

Gorilla Safari and wildlife safari cost? Ever heard or felt the desire for a thrill of an African safari or are you planning for one soon? Are you however wondering how much it would cost you? Have you had the chance to find out how much it would cost you

Gorilla Safari

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda or Rwanda? Gorilla trekking in Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills can be seen only in the volcanoes national park at $1500 per person on a one time basis. Driving from the capital kigali/ the international airport of Rwanda to the volcanoes national park takes

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What is A Gorilla?


A Gorilla is an ape the largest living primate in the world. They are next animals close to human relatives with about 95-99 % DNA and weighs about 150-350 kilograms. These are mostly found in the sub Saharan Africa. Gorillas are described as the low land gorillas in the central

Luxury Safari Uganda

Family Uganda Safari? Oh Yes that sounds awesome, Doesn’t it? Ever envisioned an African Family safari with your siblings somewhere in Africa or Uganda, somewhere in the middle that seems to be nowhere and in a complete new environment, Places that inwardly bond you with Family or have you envisioned

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