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Private exclusive Uganda safari involves organizing a perfect trip for not only wild life but also visiting the off beaten tracks, forests, water bodies and rivers, mountains, and also visiting community people. Uganda is blessed to have all what a client would need to explore, when you book a trip with us, we shall make sure we package everything up to your expectations by providing standard services.

On the private exclusive Uganda safari, prepare to fall in love with nature, by looking at some of the species hardly found elsewhere, distinctive wonders in different National parks, the eco system, the pleasing weather and also interact with communities around.  Uganda is gifted by nature; you will find some destinations and activities requiring to be booked in advance because of the high demand of tourists advancing to Uganda. The limit of number of visitors is for sustainability, to avoid mass tourism and putting pressure on wildlife and the land scape.

Below are some of the exclusive attractions and activities visitors can enjoy in Uganda.

The Ngorongoro Crater

Visiting the big five in Kidepo Valley National Park:

Kidepo is one those unique parks offering unique wildlife hardly found elsewhere. When you add the big chances of glimpsing the big five. Kidepo’s experience is superlative. Kidepo is the most isolated park of Uganda, but for those who make it to the north in Karamoja region confirms that kidepo is among the finest National Park in Uganda.

The park has the Narus valley Apoka which is the oases most especially during dry season. It a wetland with permanent water. This makes it prime for wild life viewing with concentrated population of buffaloes, Hippos, lions and etc. Among the big five which can be sighted here include, Elephants, Buffaloes, lions, and leopards. The Rhinos can also be sighted at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary which can be visited enroute to Kidepo.

Pain Upe game reserve

This is one if the unique game reserves in Uganda with some quirky attractions. It is located north Mount Elgon and connected to mechaniko game reserve. Most of the vegetation in the reserve is wooden savanna grassland with some forest in the north. Pain upe game drive cannot disappoint as it has a variety of species like lions, leopard, cheetah giraffe, buffalo, waterbuck. Uganda Kob mountain reedbuck and etc. some of the animals migrate to the area to breed from North Bokora and Matheniko reserves and then after they migrate north wards in the rain season.

The game reserve is worth a visit to birders. Among the bird species include ostrich Struthio camelus, secretary bird Sagittarius serpentarius, and yellow-billed shrike and many more. After visiting Kidepo, it is wise to also strike for this reserve. Among other things to observe here is the unique land scape and not forgetting the highest point in the reserve mount kadama near the border with Kenya

Visiting the primates of Uganda:

private exclusive uganda safari


One of the joyful news is that the great apes are available in Uganda and with the habituation process, they can be seen by humans. They can be accessed by foot not by car that’s why the activities are called Gorilla and chimpanzee Tracking. Prepare to penetrate the thick forests of Uganda like Bwindi impenetrable National Park in search for Mountain gorillas, appreciate different plants in Kibale forest National Park for chimpanzee Tracking.

Permits for these primates are purchased prior because of availability. The chances of seeing the primates are excellent since there is an advance team who goes very early in the morning before visitors to locate where the primates slept. The experience is super and you will leave the forest promising yourself to come back and spend some more time with the primates.

Spend some time on Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria is the biggest water body in Uganda. The highest percentage of its waters is got from direct rain fall, additionally it gets water from many streams, and rivers. The lake is drained exclusively by river Nile near Jinja. Other rivers include sio, yala, Nyanda and etc. on Kenyan side. Lake Victoria is the source of the longest branch of river Nile.

Take a boat cruise and enjoy the fresh waters of Lake Victoria, different fishing methods, different Islands and way of life of people.  Enjoy mammals like Hippos, mongoose, sitatunga, defassa water buck, crane rats etc. Those above live in the regions of the lake and wetlands. The reptiles include, crocodiles, African helmeted turtles, etc. some types of fish in the lake include Tilapia, Catfish, lung fish and Nile perch which was introduced in 1950” s for fishing purposes.

Private exclusive Visit at Toro Semuliki game reserve.

This is located in the western Uganda between Ntoroko and Kabarole districts. It’s a must visit reserve basing on the unique wildlife it offers and other features.  it was one of the first gazette protected area. The governing vegetation here is open acacia woodland and grassy savanna. Among the local communities living around the area include, Rwebisengo, karugutu- kyabandara, Ntoroko fishing community and etc.

Among the secretes of Toro semuliki game reserves include, chimpanzees, baboons, red-tailed and black and white colobus, elephant’s warthog, Uganda Kob, water backs, Giant Forest hog and etc. Activities in the reserve include game drives, nature walks, primate walk, Community tourism, Boat ride on lake Albert where you can have a glance at African pygmy goose, Shoebills and etc. Another interesting activity is Hiking the Nyaburogo gorge which is most liked by birders.

Exploring the tree climbing lions and the game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Queen Elizabeth is among the popular National parks in Uganda, the diversity of species present here, the beautiful savanna, well established forests. Wetland and distinctive lakes, Queen is with no doubt a worth a visit.  The parks’ tree climbing lions is an attraction which can be seen only here. Enjoy the lions climbing the fig trees in the regions of Ishaha sector. The reasons for them to climb trees remains unclear, but probably to run away from flies and other insects, to enjoy the cool breathe or else, looking for good view of the prey and so on. Take good pictures of these animals on the game drive in Ishasha sector to take the memories back home.

Private exclusive Lion Experience,

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the only place in Uganda you can have Lion Experience. The process involves researchers who locate the lions through radiation collars. Enjoy the lions while taking unforgettable photographs, the researchers will explain to you some of the behaviors of the carnivore group, you may also have a chance to locate some of other animals in the park.

The park is rich for other animals like elephants, buffaloes, the elusive Leopards, warthog, antelopes, and etc. Hippos and many different birds’ life can clearly be seen on the boat cruise on Kazinga channel between lake George and Edward. Queen Elizabeth also gives an opportunity to enjoy the Katwe Salt Lake. Forcuss on the way the local people mine salt from this lake. Interact with the communities around and learn their way of life and their perception of different matters.

Points to note

Uganda has a lot to offer on private exclusive safaris, our safari experts can help you organize some activities of your interest. It is true that some destinations are quite far like kidepo National Park, this long distance can be solved partly by connecting by domestic flight. Another way of connecting is by safari Land cruiser jeep, with a well-maintained car and an expert driver guide, all destinations in Uganda can be accessed.

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