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The name Ruaha was derived from the hehe word called ”Luhava” meaning the great river which flows along its southeastern margin and is the focus for game-viewing. Ruaha National Park is the second largest covering an area of 20,226 sq.km located in south-central Tanzania. The park was formally known for its large elephant population but after the number declined.

The park has diversity of species including animals and birds. Wildlife include lions, wild dog, spotted Hynas, this is the place where visitors can see both Lesser and Greater Kudu because it is the southernmost limit for Lesser Kudu in African continent. More than 571 species of birds are found in the park. Like hornbills, European Roller, Little bee eater, fish eagle and etc.

Some of the attractions and activities in the park include wild life, baobab trees, Ruaha river and the shades, grassy plains activities include day and night game drive, cultural encounters, Nature walk, bird watching, balloon safaris, bush meals, star gazing and etc.

What to see and do in Ruaha National Park

Night and Day game drives:

Night game drives reward visitors with nocturnal animals and the day game drive reward visitors with animals like lions, antelopes, spotted Hynas, elephants and etc.

Walking safaris:

Nature walks are important in the park, it will give a broader picture of the land scape, small animals will also be seen, birds, Baobab trees and etc.

Birding safaris:

The park is a home to 571 species of birds and some are migratory. Concerning birds. This is the right place for birders, just grab your binoculars and others and proceed in the park for unforgettable moments.

Balloon safaris:

This involves viewing attractions from above. The balloon safaris are mostly done in the mornings and morning hours are great when it comes to animal viewing.

Cultural encounter:

Tanzania is rich in culture and there are many different tribes in this country: There is an option of exploring local people around the park and learn more of their way of living. This increases on sustainability of the eco system.


Best time to visit Ruaha national park

Ruaha National Park is best visited in the dry season months, during this period, the trails are passible, dusty and not muddy, but during rainy season, the trails are muddy. This is because of the loose Volcanic soil that it dusty during dry season and muddy during rainy season. The park can be visited all year round though a 4×4 safari jeep is highly recommended.

Our Hand Picked Luxury Camps In Ruaha National Park

jabali ridge lodge ruaha national park

Jabali Ridge

The lodge is located on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Mwagusi River and Ikuka escarpment. Jabali Ridge has 8 suites where you can relax and view the eco system. The facility has the infinity pool, spa, flushing toilets, private outdoor lounges, WIFI, ensuit bathrooms and etc. The suites have bird nest thatched roofs, wooden shutters for opening up rooms, king size beds, rain showers, decks where visitors can sit and relax in African wildness. Jabali Ridge blends with the environment and Remote. Visitors who choose this lodge are immersed in African wildness.

mwagusi safari camp

Mwagusi Safari Camp

Located in Ruaha National Park, Mwagusi safari camp blends well with the environment in the park, it was built using local materials like grass, timber, stones and etc. Each Banda has Ensuit facilities like flushing toilets, water supply, showers, sink, mirror and etc. All the Bandas were built into the sandy banks of the Mwagusi River, which guarantees private views, each Banda has verandah swinging Hammack, comfortable beds, safari style chairs.

mdonya old river camp ruaha ruaha national park

Mdonya Old River

Mdonya tents are comfortably built to cater for solo travelers, couples and families. The tents have ensuite bathrooms, open roofed solar heated shower, flush toilets located along the curving banks of Mdonya sand river. Mdonya Old River has 12 tents, Ensuite Bathrooms, Chest with lock in each tent, solar heated water for shower, Bar and laundry services are available at extra charge.

Our Most selling Trips That Include Ruaha National Park

accommodations in masai mara


Tanzania is endowed with many wonders, most of them can be seen in the several national parks and reserves around the country. The 8 days package will introduce to you about Serengeti national park and Ruaha and learn more about their attractions.

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