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Akagera National Park is found in Eastern side of Rwanda bordering Tanzania. It is named after the Akagera river which flows and empties in Lake Ihema and other small lakes. The park is the only wildlife national park in Rwanda with diversity of species. After the introduction of lions, white and black Rhinos, Akagera national park is now home to big five.

Animals in the park include, Lions, elephants, black and white Rhinos, Buffaloes, Giraffes, antelopes and etc. Since African Parks assumed management of the park in partnership with the Rwanda Development Board in 2010, tourism has dramatically increased in this park and yielding good results.

What to see and do in Akagera National Park

Game drives:

Game drives can be done very early in the morning and in the afternoon. Some prefer to do the whole day game drives. The activity may reward you all the big five elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes and Rhinos or other animals like antelopes, giraffe, and etc.

Boat cruise on Lake Ihema:

The activity is fun cruising on lake Ihema, enjoy the cool environment and different aquatic attractions like Hippos, and etc.

Bird watching:

The park has 525 recorded birds. This confirms that birding safaris in the park are so rewarding. Some of the birds in the park include shoebill, marabou stock, great cormorant, African grey hornbill, African fish eagle etc.

Best time to visit Akagera national park

Late June through early September is dry season and high season at Akagera National Park for a good reason: animals are easier to spot because the bush thins out and wildlife concentrates around the lakes.

The best weather for photography and nature gazing is from June to August when there’s the least rain. During June to September, it’s peak season, and the park is busiest at weekends. The low season is during March, April, October, and November;

Our Hand Picked Luxury Camps In Akagera National Park

magashi camp rwanda

Magashi Camp

Magashi is strategically located savannas and the water of Rwanyakazinga. The lodge is the perfect place to witness the secrets of Akagera National Park. Akagera National Park is a park of variety and after reintroducing the Rhinos and Lions. The big five list is complete. The elephants are sometimes visitors near the lodge they submerge in the lake’s blue waters.

ruzizi tented camp

Ruzizi Tented Camp

Located on selenkay conservancy, visitors at Porini Amboseli camp enjoys, privacy, offroad and off the beaten tracks game viewing, a place away from many safari vehicles and vans. The conservation is an important dispersal area where wildlife moves out of Amboseli national park. The camp has over 10 tents and can accommodate 20 guests. They are mobile tents, fully furnished and display traditional styles. The tents have ensuit bathrooms with showers and water tubs. Each tent is solar powered and the lightings.

Mantis Akagera Game Lodge

Mantis Akagera Game Lodge

Decorated in contemporary Rwandese style, the rooms are all fitted with modern amenities, and offer suitable workspace and Wi-Fi for busy travellers. Rooms can be booked with twin beds or a double bed. The downstairs rooms are larger, allowing space for children under 12 to share, as well as an option for families to book inter-leading rooms.

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rwanda safari

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