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Amidst the current Covid 19 pandemic Travel, Gorilla walking Safaris team primary focus is making sure our Guests are safe and healthy during their trips with us. We are taking the initiative getting ready for post corona travel… Here is how we are ready…

Gorilla Walking Safaris and our new flexible booking policies, you can peacefully plan your 2021, 2022, 2023 and  future travels with complete peace of mind. Book your Gorilla Safari and Wildlife Safari through East Africa with options to change or cancel up to 20 days prior to departure due to COVID-19-related reasons. You would automatically receive from us a travel credit for future travels. These are on addition of our normal Terms and Conditions. to see our normal policies Click Here.

Safety And Health Guidelines On Our Trips

Adhering To All Health standards Of Disinfection

In Addition to the health guidelines with SOP’s of Ministry of health, We are 100% adhering the guidelines of major health organization in the curb the spread of corona virus exposure. We have at All time hand sanitizers available, constant cleaning of the camps and lodges, vehicle sanitation at arrival& departure with more focus on frequently touched areas like door handles, rest arm and safari vehicle hatch holders while also keeping distance during meals time from other guests.

Working With A Great Team Behind the Scenes

Gorilla walking safaris staff has created a long lasting team and working relations with our service providers including Lodges and hotels where our guest stay. Our staff has visited and approved the hygiene standards in these establishments which surely comply with the regulations of ministry of health and World health Organization.

Physical distancing Standards.

Gorilla walking Safaris is keeping its commitment to the social distancing standards during travels in the vehicle and in the hotels/camps/lodges. Our 7 seater land cruisers will now focus on carrying a max of 5 max while easterly places in camps and lodges will have the social distance niche.

Wearing protective Gear

During Our trips With Gorilla Walking safaris, its a requirement by all our guests to wear face masks at all times. You may want to make use of these masks or hand gloves even in your well sanitized rooms. You will always have an additional or extra face mask, gloves, hand sanitizer from Gorilla Walking Safaris if you need extra of these. You might want to bring your personal protective Equipment (PPE) or you will definitely find all with us.

Our Guides Are trained in Health & Safety

All Our informative and professional Safari guides have undergone a well conducted safety precaution on corona virus and first aid. You will be always have the guides check temperatures, sanitize or spray the vehicle when deemed fit. Our guides have all the necessary contacts just in case something needs to attention to the higher health authorities. You can absolutely trust our guides.

Commited To Provide 24/7 Support

Gorilla walking safaris is commited to a standby support to all our guests and on time. We have a connection of teamwork support like Doctor visits (If necessary) or Medical evacuation. Our Team and guides has a hands on to answer to address any concerns from our guests whenever necessary.

Gorillas Africa

Flexible Date Changes

Flexible Trip Changes

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Booking Policy 2021 & Beyond

Free Cancellation & postponing: All new tours booked and confirmed for travel time between 29th June 2021 until 31st December 2022 shall be allowed for free cancellation and postponed to a favourable date of your choice. No cancellation fees shall be charged for the already confirmed tour for any Covid related reason.

A Forever standing Deposit: Your confirmed deposit payments for a trip between 29th June 2021 until 31st December 2022 shall always be valid even when you ever cancel or postpone the trip for a any reason related to Covid 19. This Confirmed booking can also be passed on to a friend, relative or can be partly passed on as a donation to one of our conservation & Sustainability initiatives. Whichever choice you opt for.

Open Booking dates: A booking for a trip with Gorilla Walking safaris can be made and re-booked for any favourable or flexible dates again between 29th June 2021 until 31st December 2022 at no extra costs with Covid 19 related reasons until a guest is ready and comfortable to travel.

More Flexible policies….

1. There is a free cancellation or postponement until 30 days before the travel date, with 100% deposit refundable. Specific itineraries may be excluded from the policy, and your Travel Expert will advise you of any particular terms relevant to your booking during the consultation phase. Where suppliers offer postponement but not a refund, we will only pass on the supplier charges applied.

2. Within 40 days of the travel date, if travel bans relating to Covid-19 remain in place, we will work with our suppliers to extend or revise these terms. Otherwise, our standard cancellation terms apply.

3. For any bookings cancelled, we will apply cancellation policies of the booked properties.

4. Regarding gorilla & chimp permits, The Authority has reviewed its reservation, booking, and cancellation guidelines as follows:

a. Travellers whose travels have been affected by coronavirus will not be charged for a reschedule at a later date. Provided, the request is made before the tracking date. Only two reschedules will be allowed for any activity, the reschedule of permits is subject to availability

b. As Usual any cancellation request will follow the existing cancellation policy from Uganda Wildlife Authority

– More than 90 days before the tracking date, a 25% cancellation fee

– 89 to 46 days before the tracking date, 50% cancellation fee

– 45 to 9 days before the tracking date, 75% cancellation fee

– 8 to 0 days before the tracking date, 100% cancellation fee

Gorilla Trekking Uganda

What are the COVID-19-related reasons for cancellation?

• Global travel Advisories or the government in the guest’s country of residence restrictions on travel to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania or Rwanda where we operate.

• If the destination guest is traveling has entry restrictions that prohibit guest from traveling to that particular country, such as closed borders or extended quarantine requirements and or Total Lockdowns.

• A Do not travel due to COVID-19 for the destination guest is traveling to (Uganda Kenya, Tanzania or Rwanda) or the government in the guest’s country of residence issues a comparable advisory.

• In cases where International flights are cancelled completely without alternative routing available for guests to use to reach the destination (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania or Rwanda)

Considering the dynamic nature of the current covid related situations, Gorilla walking Safaris team will keep monitoring the developments closely for an updated situation at hand. Gorilla Walking Safaris reserves the right to make changes to the above policies from time to time and notify guests in time.

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