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Samburu National Reserve: 5 Reasons Why You Must Visit.

Unique, Beautiful and captivating is an understatement for the magical overview and awesomeness of Samburu national Reserve. Of course everyone likes to see wildlife and of course every traveller is looking forward to wildlife experiences in Samburu but there is more than just variety of vibrant wildlife accompanied by the Samburu specials. From the Photogenic landscapes to the meandering Ewaso Nyiro river, Samburu presents a captivating view of extraordinally wildlife encounters.

I have visited Kenya; I have visited many wildlife parks and conservancies but I find Samburu so special and different just because its DIFFERENT, Yes its D.I.F.F.E.R.E.N.T. I would like to share with you why I’m so in love with Samburu and why Samburu remains my all-time favourite Safari destination.


The Special Samburu 5 Sightings

Unique and special they are. The Samburu 5 are a collection of wildlife species only endemic to the northern part of Kenya and easily spotted in the Samburu reserve. Where else in Kenya would you spot a rare antelope walking on its hind legs trying to reach high branches of the shinning acacias or where else would you spot rare species like the stripped hyenas? The Samburu 5 are The Grevy zebra, Somali ostrich, reticulated Giraffe, Beisa Oryx and Long necked gerenuk. Surprisingly there are more wildlife species with high chances for sightings in the Samburu which include and not limited to civet cats, stripped hyenas and the ever looking forward to see wild dogs. The presence of the Ewaso Nyiro river is an advantage to the vibrant wildlife quenching their thirst so chances to see the wild dogs and other special wildlife species is up the game. YOU ARE NEVER WRONG WITH SAMBURU!!


Jaw dropping landscapes.

From the moment you start descending the Subuiga escarpment towards the junction left to isiolo, The scenery becomes different, from the moment you start the dry areas of Isiolo and beyond the landscape and feeling changes just like as a flip of the fingure, it surely feels different. The Samburu game reserve is a combination of jaw dropping landscapes and a brown meandering river between the borus trees. The Views presented from some of the lodges like Sayuni lodge, Elephant Bedroom camp and Saasab lodge are extra ordinalilly breath-taking. As if that isn’t enough, The best photogenic wildlife pictures and award winning photos have been shot in Samburu with wildlife and the landscapes in the background. Samburu is a typical presentation of Africa while the sunrises and sunsets  from rising and setting between the Samburu surrounding hills is magical and phenomenal.



Unique Cultural Experiences

In simple description: “a great sense of humor” describes the Samburu people and their culture. The Samburu National Park is managed, operated and controlled by the Samburu people and warriors under supervision of Kenya wildlife service. These are referred to as the Samburu Morans who man security at the lodges while also uniquely dressed. Maybe you would think seeing a cow on a safari is not a unique encounter but to the Samburu areas, this is spectacle. The Samburu area faces a lot of difficulties during the drought times while the Samburu herdsmen walk miles to fetch water for their cows… Here they sing while returning and the cows know these singing rhythms and come closer to the herdsmen providing water. The Samburu people really have a special attachment to their cows which come number one. Special culture encounters, isn’t that awesome to see while in the Samburu later alone the uniquely and dressed morans?


Super beautiful Lodges

Samburu being a special place with jaw dropping landscapes, It presents one of the finest lodges in Africa with exclusive treat in the wilderness. The saasab lodge, Saruni and elephant bedroom camps are a magical combination of luxury and exclusivity. There are other lodges for different categories and budgets to stay while presenting unmatched wildlife atmosphere & Encounters.


Unique & Less crowded

Samburu National Reserve is special, unique and less crowded. While many travellers opt for the southern national game parks as first timers and a desire for the awesome wildebeest migration experience with a combination of Amboseli national park, The northern area of Kenya is less thought about keeping its crowd minimal and less congested. A few or return guests make their way to Samburu while these are few in number. Being in Samburu is a special feeling as less vehicles roam the park or on special wildlife sightings. How special would it feel as other big tourists roam in other parks as you have all the needed space being few or alone in the national reserve? It absolutely feels very special, Doesnt it?

Where is Samburu National Reserve Located?

Samburu national reserve is located in the northern parts of Kenya about -/+6 hours drive from Nairobi shared by Isiolo county and Samburu county. The national reserve is bisected by the Ewaso Nyiro river meandering through the game reserve and is previously a grazing area for the Samburu cattle keepers. Samburu National reserve is a semi-arid area lying between 850 and 1250m ASL and sited on 165 sq.kms piece of wildlife land. It is warm throughout the year and rare wet seasons but the Ewaso Nyiro river brings in a lot of water from the mountains and surroundings hills.

How Do you get to Samburu National Reserve?

Everything becomes easy with accessing Samburu. One can access Samburu by road with a 4-Wheel Safari Landcruiser or opt for the fast means with e scheduled charter flight from Wilson airport to Samburu airstrip. The 355km drive on ground takes roughly 8 hours while the direct non-stop flight takes roughly 1 hour 40 mins. Technically there is saving 6 good hours between a drive and a flight from Nairobi to Samburu.

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