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East Africa Safari Accommodations

Slumbering in comfort in Uganda’s top notch and fine Safari accommodations and Lodges. We Have taken the initiative to visit all the hotels where our guests stay while on a Uganda, kenya, Tanzania & Rwanda Safari. We Have created a great work relationship with the lodges we partner with. These are hotels & lodges that never sacrifice safety & Comfort while impacting positively to the communities they are located.

Here are some of our well selected recommended Mid range and luxury Safari Hotels, Camps & Lodges we have partnered and worked with for a quite a time.

Uganda Safari Accommodations

Uganda is a land of Contrasts and so are the midrange and luxury lodges within National Parks and within communities Boardering the National parks.

We have Carefully crafted out and handpicked safari hotels, Lodges and camps that meet our Expectations which we absolutely believe are game changer on our Uganda Safaris

Kenya Safari Lodges

Kenya has variety and so are the accommodation options in the lands of Safari. The National Parks, game reserves and wildlife Conservancies are populated with Top Notch Luxury accommodations and more to choose from.

We have carefully selected and handpicked some of the best Accommodations and absolutely divine for our Kenya Safaris


Tanzania Safari Accommodations

Tanzania as the land of Safaris has a wide range of Top Notch Luxury Lodges for a divine and meaningful Journey. From Tented Camps, Safari Lodges and Hotels.

We have a great connection to Luxury camps and Lodges we have worked with with an absolute taste for Safari. Here are some of our Handpicked Safari Lodges With an absolute taste for Safari for a Tanzania Safari

Rwanda Safari Lodges

Rwanda has for the resent past years branded itself as a luxury Safari Destination and so are the mushrooming Safari Lodges and Camps.

Luxury and international hotel brands have established in Volcanoes national parks, Nyungwe national park and Kigali City.

Travel to Rwanda for the Mountain Gorilla Trekking and stay at some of our well selected Safari Lodges and Camps with devine and extraordinary Taste.

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