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Truth about gorilla permit Updates in Uganda

A Gorilla Permit is a document that allows one access to mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park and mount Mgahinga gorilla national park, either for habituated gorilla or gorilla tracking in Uganda.

Are you thinking of how to book a gorilla permit?  Acquiring a gorilla permit or pass to watch mountain gorillas is one of the most important things to consider when planning to go on a gorilla safari in Uganda now.

You need to book your gorilla permit as soon as you make the decision to track the gorillas. You cannot confirm travel dates without first securing a gorilla permit. All tourists must have Gorilla permits while entering the park and are advised to obtain one at least 5 months before traveling.

Yes you can try your luck in the last minute travel deals just in case your travel agent had some reserved and booked or some clients cancelled and they can sell you those one if they much your travel dates that is.

Booking a gorilla permits particularly during the peak season can be very competitive. But the question is, can you acquire the permit by your self without any tour operator?

Here is the use of Gorilla walking safaris ltd, to help you sort out all this and tailor your gorilla Uganda safari

Booking Gorilla Permits Uganda

Uganda is a home to about 700 mountain gorillas left in the whole world as of now though in the last census still Uganda had half of the world’s left mountain gorillas.  This has brought up increased protection and much more efforts to consider while protecting mountain gorillas.

Recently the government of Uganda has come out to stop the entire personal gorilla permit booking through UWA, because they face a lot of problems with client complaints and all the I have paid and now I don’t know what to do.

You can only reserve a gorilla permits in Uganda a now through only registered tour operators under the Uganda Tourism Board and the Association of Uganda tour operators. Those tour operators like Auto rental Uganda are full registered and recognizes and can be held responsible for the client has any complains

This was also considered after very good thought on how to help tour operators during these very hard times of theCovid-19 recovery season.

It is important to book your gorilla permits and safari months in advance before traveling. This is particularly important during the peal seasons. If you get a gorilla permit in June or August without prior booking, then you should count yourself lucky.


Price of Gorilla Permits

Tracking gorillas is done in Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park with 12 Gorilla groups in Uganda, Bwindi has11 gorilla families while Mgahinga has only one large gorilla family.

The cost of trekking gorillas is $700 per day in Uganda. And id determined by the Uganda wild life authorities as well as getting advise from the several state holder bodies. Uganda has benefited a lot by maintaining a low price for its permits. It receives far more visitors than it used too, compared to its neighbor countries that also have mountain gorillas.

Mountain gorilla habitation is $1500 per day per person, even though mountain gorilla tracking and gorilla’s habituation is quite the same; they have a difference in time spent with the gorillas and also their availability. Habituation gorillas mean getting the gorillas to get used to people and also learning their behaviors as well.

What is included in the price of a gorilla permit?

The price of a gorilla permit includes park entrance fees and the services of the Ranges and Guide who will be taking you to track the animals. The rangers protect you from any wild animals by scaring them away with gunshots (rarely). The price of a gorilla permits exclude accommodation, transport, porters and tips.

Gorilla permits can be paid directly to UWA accounts sent to you by the tour operator of your choice or send it through together with your safari moneys and the tour operator pays. Never accept to pay a different price as that stipulated by UWA. DO ENOUGH RESEARCH BEFORE SENDING THE MONEY.

The peak seasons include the months from June – September, December – February when it’s less rain. They enable the trekking in the thick, rain forest and make it easier. However much the seasons keep changing the rains in Bwindi have never stopped raining out of the blue it will rain on you because of the thick forests.

We always advise our dear clients to book in advance with us in order to secure your Gorilla permits.

While during the low seasons which run from October-Nov and from March to May the prices are always the same with no reduction at all. This does not stop you from tracking gorillas if its the time you have got. After all it’s the same price.

The fee is always not refundable, but they can always reschedule and can be booked two years ahead with 70% fee deposits this fee is paid at the Uganda Wildlife Authority