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Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East natioanl Park is the largest protected area in Kenya with about  13,747 sq. Km, known to be home to larger mammals, the long yatta plateau which is the longest lava flow in the world, the Athi and Tsavo rivers form the Athi galama Sabaki river. All these makes Tsavo East National Park extra ordinary. The theater in the wild, the park is home to animals like red elephant, Buffaloes, leopard, lions, water bucks, lesser kudu and not forgetting the bird life.

The park has endless wonders which makes it not to miss on the list of safaris in Kenya. The Mudanda Rock offers excellent views of thousands of wildlife, which come to drink water from the rock catchment. There is a Lugard fall with white water rapids, it is very unique and attractive. When you add the Mountainous nature of the park with swamps, Lake Jipe and Mzima springs, being home to black Rhino sanctuary, 500 recorded species of birds, make Tsavo East National Park exceptional.

What to do in Tsavo East National Park

Game drives:

This activity is one of the major ones in this park. Games drives of Tsavo East National Park are so rewarding and you will see wonders like red elephants, Kudu, lions, Buffaloes, wildebeest, cheetahs and etc. Besides that, the park is home to 500 species of birds, of course you will not miss sighting some birds in the game drive.

Walking Safaris:

This is very possible in this park though there are dangerous animals like lions, leopards and cheetah. It is done under the guidance of the park ranger who moves with the visitors, the ranger is armed to ensure security. This will make you feel African wilderness a little bit closer, the rangers know better the trails for the walking safaris. Feel free to ask any question.

Bird watching.

With 500 species of the birds present in this park, visitors who are bird lovers will automatically find a place not disappointing. Look out for birds like kestrels, buzzards, starlings, weaver birds, kingfishers, hornbills, secretary birds and etc.

Cultural Encounters:

Cultural tours are common in this park, the Masai local people with their unique culture never stop entertaining visitors, when you look at the way they dress, songs, dance, their houses built is a local way using local materials, all these will leave a visitor filled with memories.

Best Time To Visit Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park is best visited in the dry season from Mid-June Until September when kenya experiences No rains. The wildlife is spectacular in the dry season as they can easily be found on watering holes or come to the luxury camp waterholes for a drinkup. The Grasses are low and so is the clear views for spotting wildlife during a kenya safari.

Between Apirl until Mid June, Tsavo east experiences heavy rainfalls and the grass goes up. There could be lesser than expected wildlife sightings as wildlife can find water anywhere in the park while some tracks are restricted on the main drive roads.

The advantage about Travelling in the seemingly rainy season are the advantages that come with low accommodation rates in low seasons and less crowds in the park. Feels a little bit special having part of the park to yourselves.

Our Hand Picked Luxury Camps In Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East Safari kenya

Satao Camp Tsavo East.

Located in Tsavo East National Park, Satao Camp is the best choice for luxury in the park. The camp’s 20 safari style Ensuit tents are all built with African design. The camp has its own watering hole and this attracts many wildlife. The experienced chefs at Satao prepare tasty fresh dishes. Enjoy fresh breakfast, lunch can be served from outside in the Tamarid tree while viewing wildlife coming to take water in the hole. Dinner can be served in the restaurant with campfires

Tsavo East Safari kenya

Ashnil Aruba Lodge

Comprised of 46 Rooms and 6 tents, Ashil Aruba Lodge is a perfect choice for clients visiting Tsavo East National parks, being established in the park and surrounded by watering holes, this attracts much wildlife around the lodge Beautifully designed in African style, with sitting area, wodrope Among other services here are Buffet platforms, wooden Decks which allows visitors to seat while viewing nature.

Tsavo East Safari kenya

Galdessa Camp.

The lodge provide spacious and luxury services to visitors in Tsavo National Park, the lodge has beautiful views of yatta plateau, Galana river, this makes successful sightings of many wildlife like Hippos and elephants. The Camp has a capacity of 10 people who can fit comfortably in 5 tents. They are Luxury with elevated wooden Decks. The food served is Nice and healthy.

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Tsavo East Safari kenya

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Tsavo East Safari kenya

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