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Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth national park is Uganda’s second largest oldest biodiversity national park which is set in the low lying rift valley that crosses the equator south of Rwenzori Mountain. The park is undoubtedly the most famous national park and Uganda traveler’s destinations that protects a fabulously diverse landscape of Tropical habitants. Queen Elizabeth national park supports a diverse range of 95 mammals and 10 primates to more than 600 species of birds, rolling grassland, moist acacia woodlands, Tropical rainforests, sheer sided volcanic calderas and a variety of wetlands including the open waters and swampy shores of Edward and George.

Queen Elizabeth national park has a variety of wild animals that can easily be spotted like Elephants, buffalo, Uganda kob, giant forest hog while at the top of the list is the Tree-climbing lions found in the south of the park. You can also do boat cruise to see hippos and crocodiles. Hike through the rain forest to find chimpanzees.

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What To Do & See In Q.E.N.P

Queen Elizabeth national park supports a diverse range of Flora and Fauna with its habitat for over of 95 mammal species, 10 primates to more than 600 species of birds. The park features top best destinations in Uganda with famous Tree climbing lions and the equator line. Set out to discover the Mweya peninsular, Kazinga channel for a boat cruise, scenic Kyambura gorge to see chimps, think Maramagambo Forest, scenic Kasenyi plains, salty Katwe plains and the Tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector.Many activities can be enjoyed like Birding, caves, Chimpanzee trekking, park Game drives, watch Tree climbing lions, Launch boat cruise and wild life like elephants, Buffalos, Uganda Kobs, Crocodiles and lions

Mweya Peninsular

Mweya Peninsular-main tourist attraction in Queen Elizabeth national park, Mweya peninsular has an elevated arrow head of bushy land connected to the northern  mainland by a natural isthmus little wider than the road that traverses  it. The most sightseeing activities like overlooking Katwe bay of Lake Edward. The majority guests that visit Mweya enjoys the sightseeing of Buffalos, elephants milling around the lake shores with a glimpse of snowy Rwenzori peaks.

Kazinga Channel

Kazinga channel is about 40m a long adjoining Lake George to Lake Edward and the plains are about 10m to the north from Queen Elizabeth the main focus for tourists. The area incorporates Mweya peninsula, Kasenyi plains the western shores of Lake Gorge, the northern shores of Lake Edward and the katwe Crater Lake where the animals can be viewed well by the Nile cruise. Travelers on a Uganda tour do tracking as the only way see all the wild animals like buffalos elephants, on the grass thickets of the northern Kazinga close to Mweya.

Equator & Queens Pavilion

The equator passes through Queen Elizabeth national park that provides a beautiful place for craft shops, snacks, light meals, internet facilities and photo shooting by travelers on a Uganda safari tour. The Queen pavilion is a bandstand like set on a low ridge above the side of the Kasese-Ishaka road 1 km south of the official equator lay-by. The pavilion was built in 1958 to receive the British Queen Mother and Omukama Rukidi111 of Toro.

Ishasha Tree Climbing Lions

Ishasha sector runs south from Lake Edward through Ishasha River to the west and Ntungwe River to the east border of Congo. Ishasha covers an area of 1000km south of Mweya which gives an alluring game viewing areas to travelers. The best known tourist attraction include the savannah woodland, Ishasha River, Tree climbing Lions, Rare shoebill stork, Buffallos, elephants, warthog and many monkeys.

Kyambura Gorge – Chimp Tracking

Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park inhabits the only habituated chimpanzee community. The forest is 100m deep Kyambura River Gorge which runs for 16km on the park’s entrance boundary with Kyambura game reserve. Guided Chimpanzee trekking in the confined nature of forested gorge is easy. Chimpanzee permits to travelers on a safari in Uganda cost US$50 including the guide and must be booked and paid at the katunguru park headquarters 8km to the north. Chimp trekking takes about 3-4hours greatly depends on the weather.

Maramagambo Forest

Maramagambo Forest reserve in Bushenyi District runs west from katunguru-Ishasha road as far as the shores of Lake Edward. Many travelers on a Uganda safari vacation tend to go for wildlife encounters in this rainforest in the Albertine rift valley in south western Uganda. The forest is a home to some primates like the chimpanzees, the Red tailed monkey, Blue monkey and nocturnal primates. Set out to discover Bat watching experience in the caves and spot a big python that feeds on these bats. Explore the scenic beauty of the largest forest in east Africa with kilyantama waterfalls, the river which leads to Kajojo River.

Lake Katwe

Lake katwe is kasese District is situated north of the impressive Mweya Penisula in Queen Elizabeth national park. The Crater Lake drive that runs 27km which presents distant sights of stunning views on the lake while on your way. Enjoy a game drive and get a chance to see plenty of wildlife like the buffalos and elephants. Along this drive you will be rewarded with sights and sounds of the great western rift valley escarpments, lake George, Rwenzori mountains of the moon, the kazinga channel.

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How to get to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is located about 410km south of Kampala. The direct drive takes at least 7 to 8 hours on your way from Entebbe international Airstrip. You can reach Queen Elizabeth national park from Kampala a six (6hr) drive, through Masaka Mbarara and Bushenyi town to Kasese. You can also use another route to reach Queen Elizabeth National Park from Kampala to Mityana through Mubende then Fort portal town to Kasese town a distance of approximately 360km.

Fort portal town is strategically located in a medley of tourist’s attractions that is next to Uganda leading tourist destination Kibale national park, Semiliki national park and Rwenzori Mountain National park ranges.

Queen Elizabeth National Park can be accessed by air from  Entebbe international airport by a domestic flight to Kasese airstrip near the kasenyi areas of the queen Elizabeth national park or kihihi airstrip on the southern Ishasha sector. This can be arranged with a choice from our outstanding luxury Flying safaris or tailor-made safaris.

From both airstrips, Queen Elizabeth national park entrance whether ishasha gate or kasenyi gate are only -/+ 30minutes from either ways of the airstrips.

Queen Elizabeth National park can also be accessed on a self drive trip with a car rental agency like Auto Rental Uganda, a company affiliated to Gorilla Walking safaris Ltd.

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Safari Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National park

Kyambura Gorge Lodge

Kyambura gorge lodge is a luxury outfit perched on the edges of Queen Elizabeth national park and on the nature edges of the amazing Kyambura gorge. A gorge full of wonders, great views, home to the chimpanzees and a river full of wildlife.

Kyambura Gorge Lodge has 8 unique luxury bandas with a traditional touch whose names are named after the chimpanzees just below in the gorge. The views over the gorge and the Queen Elizabeth are amazing and jaw dropping. The lodge is suitable for solo travellers or Family safaris.

Mazike Lodge

Mazike Lodge is a midrange option on the edges of Queen Elizabth National Park overlooking the vast plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The 8 exclusive cottages offer unlimited privacy, exclusivity and quietude.

Also being in the heart of the Kyambura Gorge, Home to chimpanzees, there are occasional wildlife visitors to the lodge including chimpanzees, red tailed monkeys, velvet monkeys and abandunt of wildlife. The lodge is suitable for solo travellers or Group Trips

Ishasha wilderness Lodge

Ishasha wilderness camp is a luxury outfit in ishasha sector part of queen Elizabeth national park. The exclusive lodge offer a wilderness feel of the wilderness with wilderness views next to the Ntungwe river in Ishasha.

The luxury Cottages are set alongside the Ntungwe River, within the riverine forest while each of the luxury tents are stylised rooms with a private verandah overlooking the silent flowing river. The lodge is suitable for solo travellers or Family safaris

Enjojo Lodge

Enjojo Lodge is a midrange locally thatched safari lodge in southern sector of Queen Elizabeth national park. The Lodge is a 5 minutes drive to the entrace park of ishsha sector_ home to the climbing lions and abundant wildlife.

The 7 grass thatched cottages are surrounded by accasia trees with own unique charm and setting. The Lodge also offers different types of accommodations with ensuite Safari tents and thatched bandas at lower rates. The lodge is suitable for solo travellers or Group safaris


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