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Murchison Falls National Park_ A World Natural beauty under threat

Ask me about the most beautiful place in the world, I would say Uganda, Ask me about my favorite place in the Pearl of Africa_Uganda and i would proudly say Murchison falls National Park. Uganda is the pearl of Africa, I guess this you know but what makes us pride with this name are some of the beauties not found anywhere else in the world and yes, Murchison falls is part and very exceptional.

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12 years back when i joined the tourism industry, my first place to visit was the Queen Elizabeth national park (But that’s because it’s near my village home, but i completely fell in love with Murchison falls. The moment you enter the wildlife protected area from all the 4 and more entrance gates, The scenery is different, the vegetation is different, the wildlife is different, the feeling is exceptional and above all the FALLS are extraordinally beautiful. The falls from where the park enherits its name stands_out of the many national reserves practically due to the presence of the thunderous falls: so we ask, Would this still be called Murchison falls national park? I keep asking and bleeding inside me_ Its under threat & extinction.

Regrettably, the government of Uganda in collaboration with the Electricity Regulatory Authority and in partnership with a South African Firm are planning the construction of a hydro power plant. My heart is bleeding and my heart is falling apart. According to the Electricity regulatory Authority, Bonag, A South African firm was planning on building a new hydropower dam at Uhuru falls, But do we rilly need it? No I don’t think so, Uganda lies just right at the equator where the use of solar and so many options of power generation would surely come in handy other than destroying the one and only natural feature Uganda prides in. (My personal logical thinking)

The construction of the Dam has raised eyebrows and has been bitterly rejected by many conservation stakeholders  including the Association of uganda Tour operators where Gorilla Walking Safaris is a member and many conservation organizations stating that the construction of a dam at this very spot will not only destroy the magical beauty but also affect wildlife including the crocodiles, the hippos and other water life like the fish in the lakes. This same bitter reject from the public has seen over 2,533 people sign a petition to stop the planned contruction of the hydro electric dam.

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So Why should Uganda Government Save Murchison Falls?

Apparently Murchison falls National Park formerly known as kabalega national park was historically the first game reserve to be gazeted into a national game park in 1952 when the british administration established the national parks act of Uganda, Isnt this one that moves us you and something to be proud of? ok lets see more:-  The park is about 3840 square kilometers making it the last most protected wildlife reserve in uganda, Adjacent to Bugungu and Karuma reserves which are also 748 sq.kms and 720sq.kms respectively. It Was also the most visited national game reserve in Uganda last year by both domestic and international tourists, That means it significantly adds big portion to the income generated and addition to the GDP of the country.

Murchison Falls National Park is a good combination with other protected areas in Uganda for tourists. Murchison comes in handy for wildlife lovers who have already done the Gorilla safari uganda in Bwindi impenetrable national park, south of uganda. This is for variety and keeping tourists in Uganda after the Gorilla safari excitement, a fact that adds revenue of the country.

Uniqueness/What to see and do in Murchison Falls national Park Uganda

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The Vibrant Wildlife in Murchison Falls.

With a remarkably 76 mammals species, Murchison fall ranks as one of the best wildlife populated areas in Uganda’s protected areas. From the huge herds of Elephants roaming both the northern and southern Banks of the Nile, Murchison prides in having a big population and special wildlife that can easily be sported. Four of the Big Five on an African safari can be found right here. The Elephants, buffalos, Lions and leopards are easily spotted making it one of the best wildlife safari Destination in East Africa.  The best place to view the beautiful Giraffes in big numbers is absolutely Murchison falls National park.

Other wildlife species that can be seen here are Warthogs, bushbucks, heartbeats, olive baboons, oribi, Uganda kobs, jackals, hyenas, hippos, porcupines, patas monkeys, black and white colubus monkeys with lots of aquatic species like the crocodiles and hippos found in the river nile while it finds its way northwards to Egypt.

The kaniyo Pabidi

A Rainforest in the savannah park? Doesn’t this sound awesome? The kaniyo Pabidi is an eco forest system found south western of the park connecting with Budongo forest and a home for human’s closest relatives, The chimpanzees. Chimpanzees can be visited and trekked on foot here while the walk in the rain forest is absolutely awesome. The forest is also home to a staggering 24 mammals species, 465 plant species and 360 species of birds.

The birdlife of Murchison falls

With a wide range of habitats from Savannah to grassland and to rainforest, Murchison hosts an enriching 450 bird species including the rare shoebill stock and the Uganda national bird the crested crane. With this staggering bird species, Murchison has attracted a big number of international bird watching tourists and famously branded as a birders haven.

The Murchison Falls.

Imagine a 50m wide river squeezing itself in a 6m Gap and falling 45m down? That has also been recognized as the strongest and thunderous waterfall in the whole world. In 1962 when Uganda got its independence, the river nile over flooded and broke its bunks forming another waterfall 200m to the right named “Uhuru” a Swahili word to mean independence. While this waterfall is the world’s famous, Strong and Thunderous water fall, it has also featured in the Humphrey Bogart film titled the “African Queen”. The falls form thunderous but so beautiful scenic views which can be hiked from the bottom to the Top.

How to visit Murchison Falls and its combination

Mentioning a Safari in Uganda without including Murchison is a minus, Reason: It defines the beauty and magic of safari in Uganda. For many safari lovers, Murchison is a wonderful and magical paradise to include on any Ugandan Safari including the mountain Gorilla Safari in Uganda. Here are some of the safaris in Uganda that include this fascination destination in Uganda.

For Uganda and my country, Gorilla Walking safaris as a conservation Travel Agency strongly condemns and stand to save Murchison Falls National Park. We say no dam should be build on the natural beauty. You can also be part of this petition to save this awesome natural beauty. At least conserving for the future generations

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