Gorilla Walking Safaris


As mentioned by many writers Uganda is heavily equipped with many wonders when it comes to Tourism. That’s why it’s the ultimate landing places for all sorts of safaris, these may include Group safaris, couple, solo travel and etc. walking safaris are copy book to explore the off beaten tracks because it involves traversing by foot.

With the well confirmed forests, hills, savanna, different National parks, picking out Uganda on your walking safari is the fore most option to consider. Uncovering many attractions on foot is something quite different from game drive, Horse riding, Bicycle rides and etc. It is coming into direct contact with nature. Imagine ascending in step by step into the Impenetrable National Park, visualize the memories and experiences felt. No wonder I picked Uganda as the best Destination for my walking safari.

Uganda Walking Safaris

Here below are the activities and attractions I traversed on my walking safari in Uganda

1 Step by step with the mountain gorillas.

My interest was tracking mountain gorillas in Virunga massif, so I picked Mgahinga National Park for gorilla tracking experience.  Though it is one of the smallest National parks in Uganda, the park has exceptional to offer to tourists. Did you know that this park is made up of 3 Volcanoes which are part of the Virunga Forest shared between Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, Tracking Mountain gorillas in this park is enjoyable as the forest is not so thick like the impenetrable Bwindi. Gorillas’ rules are the same, you will spend 1 hour with gorillas after finding them before sloping back to the park headquarter.

2 The park is also a home to another endangered species called the Golden monkeys.

This is another interesting activity after gorilla tracking in Mgahinga National Park. They are quirky attractions when you look at their color and way of life in this forest. It’s among the Albertine rift endemic species and only found in Virunga Forest. This is among the reasons why you should stay longer to experience this park.

Uganda Gorilla Safari

3 Volcano Hiking in Mgahinga National Park.

It’s another Highlight for this park beside Mountain gorillas. My interest was Hiking Mountain Sabyinyo and to stand on top which means standing between 3 countries, Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s a day visit and the park guides will escort you while directing you the trail and also explaining different attractions on the way.

4 The Batwa Experience in Mgahinga National.

Experience some time with the indigenous people who used to stay in the forest. The Batwa trail is a demonstration of how these people used to stay in the forest, the Batwa guides will lead though to Garama cave which was regarded as the Hiding place for the Batwa, they will show you the hunting recipe, how to make fire in the forest and so on. Another part of the experience are the songs and Dance for the Batwa with different meaning. Doing such an activity, you will be contributing directly to well being of this community around the park hence creating more awareness to protect the park and the attractions.

5: Nature walks in Bwindi.

Do not miss out to walk in this impenetrable forest with different obstacles. The trail might be rough and tiresome but the different attractions you will encounter will bring back your mind and regain energy to go further and take more photos. Do not be surprised to come across different types of Monkeys, Different bird species, water falls, medicinal plants, and etc. Some trails can be long almost taking the whole day but others can take half day. Liaise with the tour consultant on which trail will be appropriate for you.

6: Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale National Park.

Kibale is with no doubt the foremost place to track Chimpanzees. Besides being popular forest and investigated for its 13 species, Kibale is regarded as the national park with the highest population of habituated Chimpanzees in Uganda. Thanks to Chimpanzees habituation process, tracking these apes is simple as they are already familiar with human presence. Though they are familiar but the nature of chimpanzees, they tend to move first and jumping around. Unlike the gentle Mountain gorillas, for Chimpanzees, be ready to follow them is the rugged forest as they move and proceeding with their daily life.

7 Bigodi wetland walk.

This is found near Kibale National Park. The wetland is blessed with many attractions which will be encountered on forest pathways, board walk and a tree house in the canopy. Known as the home of great blue Turaco, this place is perfect for birders. Be ready to encounter birds like Turacos, parrots, kingfishers and etc. Before I left the wetland, I saw different types of monkeys and baboons, antelopes; like sitatungas, bush backs and so on. The walk is guided and the sanctuary guide will explain to you each every and attractions you come across.

Experience a village walk where you will spare time and look at the hand craft demonstrations, the 150 weavers in bigodi women’s group have more to show the tourists they weave and sell baskets, mats, bags, jewelry, and etc. Buying some souvenir to take home will be helping directly the local communities.

A culture walk is also something not to miss around Bigodi, spend some time with the traditional healer who will disclose to you different magics knowledge about herbs, different medicinal plants and other traditional way to heal diseases. Visit the homes of elderly women and men, they will narrate to you stories of traditional marriage, clan, different cultural ceremonies and etc.

Conclude the Village walk with Traditional meal. This will be prepared in a traditional way, enjoy organic fresh food sitting under a grass thatched roof. Learn more about the Kitooro way of life, stories traditions and etc.

8: Ziwa Rhino sanctuary.

Africa Safari

This is the only place in Uganda where you can encounter Rhinos, the activity is done on foot guided by trained rangers through the bush to find the Rhinos. While on the walk, do not get surprised to encounter some other animals like oribis, bush bucks and water bucks, Kobs and etc. For bird lovers, the place will not disappoint.

Points to Note on a walking safari in Uganda.

Some walks like Gorilla and Chimpanzee Tracking need to purchase the gorilla permits prior to your trip. This is important as the demand is high.

For walking safari, make sure you have good walking shoes because some trails in the forests can be muddy and slippery.

Best time to do the walking safaris.

Walking safaris can be done any time but the best time is the dry season mostly known as high season. These include months of June, July, August, September, December, January and February.

Other months are regarded as low season months, but still walking safaris are possible.


Where to sleep on a walking safari

There are many accommodation facilities in and around protected areas of Uganda.  With different stars. Depending on your preference, the tour consultant will give options to choose or mentions some the names of the lodges of your interest to be considered in the Itinerary. Some of the good lodges include, Gahinga lodge, primate lodge, Ndali lodge, Amuka lodge and etc.

How to access the Destinations for walking safaris.

The destinations can be accessed by air transport where domestic flights are booked to different air strips in the country, like Kisoro, kihihi, pakuba, Chobe, Mbarara, semuliki, kasese air strip and etc.

Itineraries to suit the above package

4 Days Gorilla safari Uganda

The 4 days gorilla safari starts From Kigali Rwanda and ends in Kigali Rwanda but trek the mountain gorillas in Uganda. This Gorilla Uganda Safari is an ultimate short trip for those that want to have the gorillas off the bucket list and prefer to do it in style. It also presents an opportunity for authentic local encounters.

6 Days Gorillas and Classic Uganda safari

Embark on a journey towards Bwindi Forest trekking the mountain Gorilla. The Gorillas and Uganda Safari presents a chance to Trek Gorilla but also see more wildlife in the awesome Queen Elizabeth National Park including the Kazinga Boat cruise. You can also Trek chimpanzees in Kyambura Gorge if you so like.

12 Days Fly in style safari

Embark on a journey towards Bwindi Forest trekking the mountain Gorilla. The Gorillas and Uganda Safari presents a chance to Trek Gorilla but also see more wildlife in the awesome Queen Elizabeth National Park including the Kazinga Boat cruise. You can also Trek chimpanzees in Kyambura Gorge if you so like.

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