Gorilla Walking Safaris

Walking safaris in Uganda

Walking safaris have become more increasingly popular in African and most especially Uganda because of our land scape, nature and the embraced climate that gives you much more energy to keep walking.

Experiencing Africa’s wilderness areas on a safari needs more one on one, and there’s no better way than on foot. Walking safaris in Africa are completely different from the game drives, fly in safaris to bike/ quad safaris; being on foot brings about a totally new way of understanding your surroundings.

It is the only original and authentic safari you can have in Africa more so on a Uganda safari and remain the purest form of walking safaris. Because you are on foot and in touch with nature it brings you a new feeling of the real adventures of Uganda.

Uganda walking safaris

Away from the comfort of the 4WD safari vehicle, Uganda is originally made with a few hills and landscape is fine for walks. This awakens the real feeling of a safari where your senses suddenly awaken as the bush becomes more ‘real’. Meeting animals on their terms as a participant in their world can be far more rewarding than just spectating.

Walks usually last for about two to four hours, Depending on your personal needs tailored to suite your needs, and there may be a single safari guide and a national park’s guide, or even two guides. Certainly in most areas where walking safaris may encounter dangerous big animals most of the park guides will be armed.



Where to go for Gorilla walking safaris in Uganda.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Bwindi is the home of world’s half remaining mountain gorillas, with nine habituated group’s gorilla tracking safari around the forest will also depend on your fitness. You can choose your gorilla trek according to preferences and the size of your party – the groups live at varying distances from the base, with treks ranging from one to eight hours.

The most popular and highly recommended walking safari in Uganda is the Gorilla Habituation Experience, run by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, available in the southern part of Bwindi in Rushaga, You get to spend about 6-8 hours with the mountain gorillas of Uganda.

Kibale Forest

Kibale forest national park is famous for chimpanzee tracking, However, this forest in Uganda has the most primates including Columbus monkeys and red-tailed monkeys, amongst others. With over 300 bird species to see as you walk through the forest.

This park also has amazing walking safari adventure in “swamp walk” through the wetlands to visit local communities living in the area, spotting rare wildlife along the way. It’s a great way to appreciate the smaller wildlife, which can’t be so easily seen from a vehicle, as well as to experience the buzz of being out with the big game.

Kampala City center.

This is the only walking safari that will bring you close to the real daily mood of not only  Kampala City but the real feeling of what happens in Uganda Have ever seen real culture, entertainment, religion, business, transport systems all in one sentence? “If not this one then what else would you do really”?

Your walking safari guide will usually identify; highlight interesting tips; talk about fascinating stories behind some things; and discuss the ecosystem in general – as well as sometimes tracking some of the small animals leaving with us in the city.

Never leave Kampala or Uganda on walking safari without tasting the great authentic traditional meal the luwombo.

How to combine a walking safaris with Gorilla habituation in Uganda.

Tailor made safari give you an upper hand in doing what you want to do most. At gorilla walking Safari Company we may be able to adjust a little bit most on the movement on which one comes first, but all can be done as you please.

You can combine your gorilla trekking tour with a walking safari in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Buhoma, Rushaga, Ruhija and Nkuringo in Bwindi have got the most popular trail there. On your walking safari you will be in position to find Black and white Colubus monkeys, un habituated chimps, birds, butterflies and waterfalls.

After the gorillas the next day can be a walking trail of the Batwa local experience down there in kisoro or Buhoma for village walks to the firms, coffee roasting and tasting, Herbal medicines being made, local beer brewing and a lot of local experiences.

Do not only think of Bwindi, Walking safaris are everywhere in Uganda and can be done at any time most especially if planned well with your travel agent.

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