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What do Mountain Gorillas Eat? More Fascinating Facts

Mountain Gorillas are the largest living primates occupying rainforests of Bwindi impenetrable national park in Uganda, the Virunga mountains bordering Uganda and Rwanda and the extended Virunga’s in Congo possibly a total of about 1041 mountain gorillas still found on planet earth. Mountain Gorillas are mostly found in the dense jungle forests of east and central Africa while the biggest population find homage the west and eastern central parts of Africa. Other than the Mountain Gorillas, East and central Africa is home to Lowland Gorillas found only in Congo while the rest of the population of lowland gorillas is found in West Africa.

Mountain Gorillas call Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo and the Congo Brazzaville’s nature forests where they find a comfort home and these countries are proud homes the to the worlds remaining Mountain gorillas while the impenetrable forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda shar and the volcanoes of Rwanda are comfort homes of the endangered mountain Gorillas.  But what do Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and in the Volcanoes national Park Eat? How do they survive? And what are the other interesting facts about these Mountain Gorillas

One can easily identify Adult male silverback mountain gorillas with the physical looks when you go Mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable national Park in Uganda or Virunga national park In Rwanda.  Its noticeable with estimation that an adult Mountain Gorilla weighs up to 440 pounds and can reach a height of six feet when standing on two legs, Isn’t this an awesome imagination of a mountain gorilla? An ape sharing 98% DNA with Human race? Mature male mountain Gorillas are known as “silverbacks” for the white hair that develops on their back normally at about 14 years of age, Kind of  welcomes these silverbacks into adulthood and ready to take on the mantle of leadership at any one given opportunity time. OH That doesn’t guarantee it the powers to control the rest of the family or have rights to mating with the female, On the same note, this prepares it to take on the leadership just in case the group breaks up or separates or if the main mountain Gorilla silverback passes on.

Mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei ) is the common type commonly found in the Volcanoes national park Park and Bwindi impenetrable national Park forests of Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills and Uganda the pearl of Africa. Mountain Gorillas live in Bwindi forest national Park and Volcanoes national Park including the virungas in Congo because of the high altitude in the forest while they take advantage of the wild fruit’s growing in the high altitudes of the montane rainforests consuming a wide range of plant species, shrubs of at least 142 plant species in the forests are at bliss availability seasonally.

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Mountain Gorillas consume about 86% of their diet from leaves, shoots, and stems, roots, flowers, fruit, ants, snails, while they grab and break open termite nests to eat the larvae beneath. Would be nice to see while on a gorilla trekking safari to Bwindi or Virunga volcanoes

Mountain Gorillas are able to survive on vegetation such as leaves, stems, roots, vines, herbs, trees, and grasses but such vegetation has relatively low nutritional quality. Therefore, they must consume a larger quantity to fill up their huge protruding stomachs. This is one of the sounding reasons why Mountain Gorillas spend more than half of their days eating.

An adult male Mountain gorilla may consume more than 18 kg of vegetation per day. The good thing is that their food is always available in the forests. A Mountain Gorilla rarely takes water because they eat too much leaves that have got large quantities of water. On record, Mountain Gorillas rarely drink in the wild because they consume succulent vegetation that is comprised of almost half water including the all around morning dew.

So How do Mountain Gorillas Collect their Food?

Very interesting fact but mountain Gorillas are very selective in what they eat in the forest. On a given type of tree or plant Mountain Gorillas choose to eat leaves, roots, steam, roots or flowers. There are some types of vegetation and plant species where mountain Gorillas will actually eat the whole thing, from leaves, stem, roots and fruits.

And because of their strength Mountain Gorillas tear apart a certain plant or some plant species using their strong teeth, let’s say, the wild banana plant commonly found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Volcanoes National Park. The Mountain Gorillas would tear it into pieces to eat the soft part only, full of water and sweet for the mountain Gorillas.

Mountain Gorillas do not over exploit an area for food. They crop the vegetation in a manner that allows for quick replenishment to occur. Gorillas have been documented using the hair on the back of their hands to absorb water and then sucking it. Such and many facts on a gorilla tracking experience make this as one of the best wildlife encounters in the world as Gorilla trekking Experience.

Gorilla Walking Safaris prides in organizing tailor made Gorilla safaris to Bwindi impenetrable national park with sustainability and conservation initiatives. For Mountain Gorillas to thrive and have them conserved for future generations, sustainability practices with community sustainability have seen the population of mountain Gorillas soar from 800 individuals to now 1041, all thanks to Gorilla conservation practices that we proudly associate with.

Our Gorilla Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda are designed with an interest and well selected best ranger guides that share overwhelming information with facts about these mountain Gorillas in both Bwindi impenetrable National Park and Virunga national park in Rwanda.

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Gorilla walking safaris has a wide range of programs that would definitely get you up-close and personal with the mountain Gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda. For any of the Gorilla permits purchased from Uganda wildlife Authority or Rwanda development Board, a percentage goes towards the conservation of mountain gorillas in both countries while the Gorilla Doctors and the Gorilla fund give a great hand in the conservation of mountain Gorillas.

Here are a few well-designed programs that include Mountain Gorilla Trekking with some extension to wildlife encounters in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.


4 Days Fly-in Double Gorilla Trekking

Fly into the jungle destination of Uganda & Discover the pride of Uganda _The Mountain Gorilla. This package allows you to exhaust the urge for being with a mountain Gorilla as it allows you an up-close encounter with these gentle giants twice. One being the Trekking experience and the other being the Habituation experience where you spend about 4 hours with the gentle giants trailing or trekking them down deep in the forest. This trip includes slumbering in Uganda’s best finest safari lodges.

Trip Starts: Entebbe

Trip Ends: Entebbe

Destinations: Entebbe & Bwindi Only

What to expect & Inspirations: Scenic Aerial Views | Gorilla trekking | Gorilla Habituation | Top notch Lodges.


5 Days Chimps & Gorillas Luxury Uganda safari

Follow in the footsteps and cross paths with Humans Closest relatives and in Uganda’s pristine rainforests. These 5 days fly in to destinations trips offers utmost encounters with Chimps in Kibale National Park and ultimate Gorilla tracking in Bwindi impenetrable National Park while staying at top Notch luxury Lodges.

Trip Starts: Entebbe – Kibale National Park

Trip Ends:  Bwindi National Park  – Entebbe

Destinations: Entebbe | Kibale National Park | Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

What To Expect: Aerial Uganda Scenic Views | Chimpanzee Tracking |Ultimate Gorilla Tracking


10 Days Primates Wildlife & Nile

Discover the highlights of Uganda in style and be rewarded to an inspirational journey. The 10 Days present a more relaxing time and maximizing time spend at lodges. Flying above Uganda’s scenic views, being rewarded to vibrant wildlife, getting up-close and personal with Humans closest relatives while relaxing at the River Nile and slumbering in Uganda’s Top-Notch Lodges.

Trip Starts: Entebbe – Murchison Falls National Park

Trip Ends: Wild waters Lodge Jinja at The Nile – Entebbe

Destinations: Entebbe | Murchison falls N.Park | Kibale N.Park | Queen Elizabeth N.Park Ishasha | Bwindi Forest | Jinja

What to Expect: Scenic Flight Views | Spectacular Wildlife | Boat cruises | Chimpanzee trekking | Nature walks | Tree climbing Lions | Gorilla Tracking | Relaxing on The Nile.


11 Days Primates, Amboseli & Masai Mara Luxury Safari

Marvel through East Africa Tracking chimpanzees in Kibale National Park, arguably the primate capital of the world, Get Upclose & personal with the mountain Gorillas and Visiting Kenya’s Iconic destinations that include Amboseli & The famous Masai Mara. This trip also allows staying at Top Notch Beautiful Lodges.

Trip Starts: Entebbe – Kibale National Park

Trip Ends:  Masai Mara Kenya – Nairobi Kenya

Destinations: Entebbe | Kibale National Park | Bwindi Impenetrable National Park | Nairobi | Amboseli N.park | Masai Mara

What To Expect: Aerial Uganda Scenic Views | Chimpanzee Tracking |Ultimate Gorilla Tracking |Amboseli Wildlife with spectacular Views | Masai Mara Expedition or Great Migration


9 Days Uganda & Kenya Safari Impressions

Travel in style through Uganda and Kenya tracking Uganda Chimpanzees and mountain Gorillas, Flying in style with Uganda Airlines to Nairobi and connecting to the famous Masai Mara reserve while slumbering in Top Notch Luxury Lodges.

Trip Starts: Entebbe – Kibale National Park

Trip Ends:  Masai Mara Kenya – Nairobi Kenya

Destinations: Entebbe | Kibale National Park | Bwindi Impenetrable National Park | Nairobi | Masai Mara

What To Expect: Aerial Uganda Scenic Views | Chimpanzee Tracking |Ultimate Gorilla Tracking  | Masai Mara Expedition or Great Migration


7 Days Bwindi Gorillas & Kidepo Safari

Exclusive 7 Days of ultimate Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi forest, Community tours with the Batwa people who double as the God fathers of the forest. Rough up the Trip in kidepo Valley National Park, The undoubtably hidden treasures of the wilderness. All Private & exclusive.


7 Days Bwindi Gorillas & River Nile

Fly into the Bwindi forest On the remote, beautiful and intimate Clouds Lodge for the Ultimate Gorilla trekking while Roughing it up listening to the silent flowing river Nile on the beautiful Wild waters lodge in Jinja. 7 days of uninterrupted peace of mind to reflect on an inspirational journey.


6 Days Ishasha Wilderness & Bwindi Gorillas

Be rewarded to an exclusive wilderness experience in ishasha sector with awesome safari encounters including the tree climbing lions while slumbering at ishasha wilderness camp. Double the exclusive experience with the ultimate Gorilla trekking while slumbering in the clouds at the Nteko ridge.