Gorilla Walking Safaris

What is A Gorilla?

A Gorilla is an ape the largest living primate in the world. They are next animals close to human relatives with about 95-99 % DNA and weighs about 150-350 kilograms. These are mostly found in the sub Saharan Africa. Gorillas are described as the low land gorillas in the central African countries of Congo and the high land or mountain gorillas of Uganda and the Virunga’s shared with both Uganda , Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

If you chose to describe it personally I would say the long haired man of the jungle. After all they do all a man can do apart from walking for long distances on foot.  Because of having a lot of resemblance and similarities with man, Gorillas are much more in danger to poaching, diseases, forest destruction as well as humanity itself.

With a population of more than 200000 the gorillas are critically endangered animals in the whole world. This has led to a lot of research and protection of these giant apes.  Most of the Gorillas left now are in protected areas and you face a lot of penalties including death if found with anything that comes off a gorilla or killing if for any rituals or money. At least according to Ugandan laws.

What are the physical features of mountain Gorilla.

  • With up to 5 ft. tall when standing on its legs and an arm stretch of about 7 ft. a gorilla weighs about 150-300 kilograms.
  • Gorillas move by knuckle walking in most cases though which they can walk on their feet for short distances most especially when carrying food or defending themselves. It is said when angry or fighting for a child it can walk for about 40 kilometers.
  • All haired body, most of the mountain Gorillas of Bwindi are not dark colored like the eastern Gorillas. Apart from the face and fingers and foot. Like humans they have independent eyes and finger prints.
  • Males are characterized with testes and large chests as well as being giants while females are much lighter with breasts
  • They have a life span from 35-50 years and can leave much longer in the zoo.
  • They are herbivores, meaning they take a lot of foliage such as leaves, steams shots and roots. Gorillas do not eat animals or fresh foods with blood. May be they eat ants and termites. They really drink water because their food composition is actually half water from leaves

Gorillas in Their Natural Form

Gorillas live in families with a head and mothers and kids, the elder or head is silver back characterized by a silver line in their backs. Most of these troops have got a lot of females and young ones. When a gorilla matures it will move out of the family to go form his own family. And here some females are seen shifting from their original families to new ones.

A silver back in the head of all things in the troop. He takes all the big decisions, mate with the females giving protection and also mediation between the internal conflicts. Female gorillas take care of the infants any they will stay so close to mammy until the age of 2 years.

Uganda and Rwanda with the respective Government wildlife conservation bodies created a chance for guests around the world to get up close and personal with the gentle Giants that find homage in Bwindi impenetrable national forest and Virunga Ranges and  Be guided in the gorilla jungle to find a habituated gorilla family and spend close to 60 minutes for Gorilla Tracking and 4 hours for Gorilla habituation experience in their presence.